The Playground Of Color

June 12th, 2017

Blogging has had a role in my evolution in many ways. Wearing color more frequently is one of the changes that I’ve noticed over the past several years.  I have been influenced by other bloggers and instagrammers and consider myself a novice.  I would love to list their names, but there are so many, and surely I would leave someone out in the process.

I will always be a fan of wearing black, but exploring and experimenting with color  has become a form of self entertainment.  I find it to be playful and exhilarating, and the possibilities are endless.

This estate sale multicolored maxi dress provides the opportunity to accessorize to my heart’s content.  There are so many hats to be considered!  Today the vintage yellow straw turban from Buffalo Exchange became the favorite after scanning the hat room. Speaking of color, my orange peep toe pumps and various shades of red lipstick have been getting a work out over the past month.

I didn’t know how growing out my hair from red to white would affect my color choices.  To tell the truth, it hasn’t affected my decisions at all.  I continue to wear what I love just as I did in the past.  And I’m having more fun doing it!

Photos By Daniel

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19 Responses to “The Playground Of Color”

  1. Jodie filogomo

    Gorgeous as always, Judith!!
    I find color to be the best way to elevate my mood!!

  2. LA Contessa

    I VOTE FOR COLOR!!!!!!!!!!
    JUST Did a POST on ENGLAND’S FLOWER SHOW and all were in BLACK!!!!!!!
    The SUN was OUT!!!!!
    Color makes us HAPPY!
    I VOTE COLOR……..but you knew that!

  3. Geri deGruy

    Love you in color! Vibrant like you.

  4. Linda

    Love how the orange is picked up in the background and vice versa. Definitely rock’n it.

  5. pao

    Wow! You’re a knockout in Kodachome, Judith.

  6. Linda Henderson

    Judith, I think you are so lovely and I enjoy your blog very much. Have a great day.

  7. Patti

    Fabulous! So vibrant and alive. I do think your silver hair has opened up more experimentation and even more creativity (if that were possible). xo


  8. Lesley Watson

    Love this dress Judith. Perfect for this time of year and it really reflects your vibrant and fun personality.

  9. That's Not My Age

    You wear colour so well, Judith, FABulous!

  10. Anna Parkes

    Whatever is the choice of the day, be it black or multicoloured, you continue to inspire me Judith. The fashion chameleon in you shines and delights me, always.

    Warmest wishes
    Anna x

  11. merle

    you are brave and look great, I am not quite there yet, but there was a time I did not wear hats!

  12. Fifi Foxfoot

    Judith, love the hat but sorry to say that the dress leaves me cold.

    The term ‘explosion in a paint factory’ comes to mind. But hey; as long as you love it, that’s all that matters, eh??

    xx FF

  13. PInkCheetahVintage

    I’m loving the color-block print!!!!!!

  14. Sheela Goh

    What you expressed is so true, Judith. Prior to entering the social media world, my personal universe was predominantly black with the odd spot of white or red. Two years later, and I can barely recognise my technicolour dream coat of a wardrobe GRIN I dare say I only began to know you after your colour adventures had already begun so I can’t remember seeing you in black at all, truth be told. And again, truth be told, you look spectacular in just about every colour xoxo

  15. Shelley

    I just adore this dress! The colours are wonderful, as are these photos Daniel has taken of you. I experimented with more colours for a while, but find myself reverting back to black and grey. Perhaps such things go in cycles and I will find myself wearing bold colours again. I know that if this dress was my size I would definitely borrow it from you!

  16. No Fear of Fashion

    Oh I love this dress. As you know I adore colour. And see, I would have not touched it because it has no sleeves, thinking that adding a T with sleeves will ruin it. But it doesn’t. It looks very natural. Of course you chose the neckline well. Love the shoes too. My kinda shoe.

  17. Suzanne

    Well I am also a HUGE fan of colour as you know and this whole outfit is so playful and perfect on you. Great location too.

    I’ve been very cautious about going back to my natural hair colour (blond) because I do fear that 90% of my wardrobe now works better with red hair. Maybe that is just my own personal perception though. I’m not willing to give up my red hair yet.


  18. SilverEdit

    Clearly rocking it!

  19. Elizabeth g. Arthur

    Dear Judith, It’s so lovely to see more of these gorgeous colours on you. This outfit is so much fun and it’s obvious you are doing exactly that – having fun! As always, loving your posts both here and on Instagram. Wishing you a beautiful week. Elizabeth. xx

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