Thank you so much for the heartfelt comments on my last post, some of which brought me to tears. I would not be blogging if it were not for my beautiful readers.  I have known some of you through death and grieving, and blogging provided a support system that I would not have had were it not for Style Crone.  I cherish my blogging relationships, both new readers and those of you that I have known for years, which are an integral part of my life. I thank you from the bottom of my Style Crone heart.

Speaking of gratitude, Daniel discovered this feather covered vintage beauty of a chapeau at an estate sale, and called me immediately, guarding it with his life until I arrived breathless with anticipation.  He knew I would fall in love, which of course I did.  Not only is he my photographer!  He can spot a Style Crone hat anywhere!

Daniel and I traveled to Cheesman Park HERE for today’s adventure.  It has been the location of choice for several posts over the years.  As the seasons change, the setting looks totally different.  Spring is upon us in Denver, reflected in the budding trees and the increased activity in the park.

Almost everything that I’m wearing for this photo shoot was discovered through the wonderful world of estate sales.  The vintage black Lilli Ann suit.  The vintage white gloves.  The vintage pearl necklace and earrings.  The vintage suede black bag with gold trim. The black suede heeled boots were a consignment store find.  Shopping second-hand has provided me with years of never-ending entertainment and extraordinary additions to my collections.

It’s once again time to transition the hat room from fall/winter to spring/summer.  A monumental task! I may be wearing felt a little longer this year, because I’m already behind.  But then, I don’t really mind that much.  It’s not life threatening and all things happen in due time.

Photos By Daniel

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30 Responses to “Gratitude And Feathers In The Park”

  1. Jodie filogomo

    Well, Daniel definitely hit this one out of the park!!
    And those earrings? Gorgeous!

  2. Patti

    Daniel may be the Hat-Whisperer – what a gorgeous creation. Please know that I am always grateful to know you – you’re a treasure and a bright spot in my life. xox


  3. Carolyn Fineran

    Love the hat! and the post…keep being incredibly alive and vulnerable….

  4. Sharon Daly

    This outfit, head to toe, is just perfect on you. I seldom comment but love your wonderful, original, fun blog.

  5. Elva

    You would make any ugly old thing look beautiful. It doesn’t matter what you put on, it looks stylish and wonderful. Keep going and going and going. Brightens the day of your non-stylish readers like me.

  6. Anna Parkes

    What a glorious confection of a hat! It’s a true Easter Bonnet deserving of the prize usually conferred at the Easter Bonnet Parade.

    How lovely that your last post garnered you a wonderful vote of support and flood of love and good wishes so derving to you Judith.

    We bloggers are all revving up to our seasonal changeover currently – good luck with yours!

    Anna x

  7. Susan B. (une femme)

    Oh Judith, that new hat is exquisite!! Extraordinary! A Confection!

  8. Mary G

    That is one magnificent hat. Looks great on you, but then what doesn’t.

  9. Linda Bigelow

    What a classy look. That hat is FABULOUS!!

  10. Linda

    Wow, just when I think maybe you can’t “top” yourself you do. Such a joy to get this blog in my mailbox. Shared it with my sister recently who was over the top about it as well.
    Thanks you Judith!

  11. elizaduckie

    That hat is a total “wow” on you. What a great find. But then I have yet to see a hat I didn’t like on you. You do have a way of carrying them all off with your inimitable style!

  12. Tiffany Arey

    What a wonderful look! I especially love the second to last photo!! Should be in a magazine. 🙂

  13. Chris Klein-Goss

    Love the outfit and of course the hat!! The Last photo almost looks like your hair is composed of the white feathers, with a black rim, and floating little fans of black accents, like a crown….beautiful!!….( my mind is wandering….) But I do want to add that you, with your wonderful photos and writing have sustained me through loss of my Dad, my Husband, Surgery,
    my property damage from a hurricane, and loss of one of my very favorite musicians, all of which were painfully transforming. Thank You for giving of yourself, sharing your journey, and finding beauty in living each day. You continue to be an inspiration to me. Sending Much Love…

  14. Lark Ireland

    Perfection! Brava!!!!

  15. Lynda Ashley

    I am a total fan….have not commented much but savor your posts. So happy I follow your blog.

  16. Helen Marshall

    So good to see your wonderful outfit. My mother recently passed and I know that support is important. My sister and I have tried to be supportive of each other but living 250 miles apart doesn’t help communication much. Texting is a Godsend.

  17. Danette

    LOVE the Lilli Ann & LOVE the hat!!! You are a stunner!

  18. Alice Prier

    Delicious hat – but as a designer and pattern cutter my beady little peepers are drawn to those intriguing cape sleeves!
    Keep up the good work.
    London UK

  19. Vix

    Daniel knows exactly what suits you, you’ve trained him well. the feathery confection is fabulous.
    So glad you’re still blogging. Sharing frivolous outfit posts and reading other women’s musings kept me sane over the illnesses and subsequent loss of both my parents. xxx

  20. Sheryl Kinney

    You make my day, week! Love the anticipation of what you will be wearing, where will you be next? Keep hoping I will run into you both while you are shooting. Thank you for giving us all so much.

  21. Ana Paula

    You are simply wonderful!

  22. Barbara

    Breathtaking elegance in an extraordinarily beautiful woman. I am new to your blog and you astonish me with your creative finds and because I love hats (and
    wear them), I love all of yours- especially the one in this blog.

  23. Vintage

    I can just see those feather fluttering around in the wind! Wonderful!

  24. Cindy Smith

    I love the feather hat. It and you together equal gorgeous! Someday I am going to try wearing hats. I just haven’t found the right one yet. You inspire me with your fashion and your words. Thank you.

  25. Diana

    Remembering anniversaries and sending love your way. Beautiful post!

  26. Elizabeth g. Arthur

    Daniel certainly knows a Style Crone hat when he sees one! You look stunning, Judith, I love the combination of so many pre-loved items, re-invented and re-loved! Happy Spring, Elizabeth. xx

  27. No Fear of Fashion

    What a hat!! What a beauty. Kudos to Daniel for discovering and guarding it. Indeed it is a Style Crone hat. As usual you look magnificent. What a beautiful suit with those sleeves. You always make me hungry for estate sales (which we do not have here).

  28. Andrea

    How incredibly chic… you give me something to aspire to!

  29. Valerie

    I would say that’s the most astonishing hat I’ve ever seen, except I probably say or think that about most of your hats! And a Lilli Ann suit! Be still, my beating heart! Don’t you look fab! Don’t I state the obvious!

  30. Shelley

    I smiled at the thought of Daniel guarding that hat until you could get to the sale. He knows you, and your hat preferences, so well. Those black feathers are like little antenna all over the hat, sending out positive hat energy into the universe.

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