Mexico I Love You

February 14th, 2017

Several weeks ago Mr. J and I traveled to Mexico for some warm weather and fun.  It was wonderful to escape the cold of our Colorado winter and to take in the colorful views and experience the warmth of the Mexican people.

I didn’t take photos of the sights, but I did keep up with Instagram along the way. Other than that it was a time to soak up the culture and be in the moment.

The wind on a rooftop revealed the Caribbean Sea in the background and took my scarf on a ride.

Photos by Mr J

A visit to Tulum, an outdoor museum and site of a pre-Columbian walled city and its ruins, was magical and inspiring.

There’s a lot to be said for reading on the beach and people watching.  Two of my favorite activities!  I seldom take time off to spend a day unplugged and let my thoughts wander.

Our last night out to dinner before returning to Denver called for a black vintage slip dress adorned by an orange vintage floral headpiece and purple silk scarf.  Creating memories is the frosting of life.

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16 Responses to “Mexico I Love You”

  1. Lisa White

    You are SO fabulous! Every picture is a visual treat…a work of creative vision…a statement of beauty! Love the Frida Kahlo flower in your hair..the bright colors and stunning silhouettes. Gorgeous and inspiring as always….

    Viva La Vida

  2. Jodie filogomo

    How fabulous you got to unplug and enjoy life, Judith!! It’s so refreshing to get away (especially to the beach!!)

  3. Carol Berger

    Crone is an extremely insulting word for women of a certain age. The women whose photos you are sharing are anything but crones!

  4. Kim Bellis

    Inspirational as always!

  5. merle

    Wow, Judith, wonderful colors, thanks for sharing!

  6. Patricia

    Stunning as usual Judith, am in awe of your style and creativity. Do you take tons of luggage on your trips? How on earth do you pack?

  7. Tina

    Wow – taking Mexico by storm. Love your looks – Happy Valentine’s – you so deserve all the love and adoration coming your way. I am proud to say I knew you when. . .

  8. Chris Klein-Goss

    You Look Luscious!!! And, HAPPY.
    Valentine Love to Both of You.

  9. No Fear of Fashion

    Again, some wonderful outfits. I love the blue and green ensemble against that beautiful mural.
    Glad to see you are having fun.

  10. Elizabeth g. Arthur

    Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday, Judith – looking radiant. xx

  11. Diana

    Thanks for taking us along!

  12. Sheryl Kinney

    So sorry we did not get a chance to talk at Carolyn’s! I so wanted to catch up. Love your blog, follow you, all the time…just not very good with posting my hats days! I do wear them often and think of you every time. You are an inspiration to all of us, so need to get together soon. Thank you for what you do to keep so
    many of us sane! Can not wait until we meet again…Sheryl

  13. Penny

    What lovely outfits – you look wonderful as usual. I must go to Mexico at some point x

  14. Shelley

    It’s so nice to see bright colours, blue sky, and blue water in the midst of winter. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, and that warm break should help make the rest of the winter bearable.


    What a cosmopolitan coupleElegant and eloquent, as always an inspiration …yes unplugging is so good for us! Spectacular orange head wrap ‍

  16. Vix

    Mexico’s your place, isn’t it? I remember loving your previous trips!
    These photos are stunning, you make a beautiful couple. No sign of the ubiquitous cropped beige cargo pants so beloved of travelers for you two, thank goodness! xxx

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