I love the art created by my friend Carol Markel, talented milliner, artist and blogger at Femme et Fleur HERE, I have a small collection of her hats and manikin heads.  They are statement pieces and I wear her headwear frequently.  They are treasured for their vibrant colors,  unique shapes and impeccable workmanship.

During my most recent visit to NYC, I was in search of one of her amazing necklaces. I chose the black and white beads with the “diamond bauble” in the middle.  It caught my gaze instantly, but I examined several other pieces that were of varying colors.  In the end, I went back to my first love!

I wore the necklace as wearable art to a New Year’s Eve party, framed with black sequins.  The beret and bolero jacket were estate sale finds.  The asymmetrical wrap skirt, evening clutch, and the heeled tall suede boots were recently purchased at a consignment store sale.  The estate sale rhinestone earrings and bracelets added their own special shine!

It’s become perfectly clear that I collect “all things Carol Markel.”  And at the age of 73 I’ve fallen for statement necklaces.  It’s never too late to embrace a new category of accessories.

Photos By Daniel

About the Necklace by Carol Markel

The necklaces are made from wood beads that I hand lacquer using a proprietary method.

I love so-called “statement” jewelry for its drama. I also love color. I use the large beads because they make a statement about the wearer. The necklace says that the wearer is an individual and enticing. Also you can really see the shiny color. Like my hats, dresses and paintings, I am responding to color choices when I paint the beads based on an instinctive reaction “of the moment”.

Judith’s beads are black and white with a big diamond bauble in the middle because sometimes black and white is the most dramatic choice. I name all my necklaces and this one is called “Comtesse Cartier”….Carol Markel

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25 Responses to “The Statement Necklace By Carol Markel”

  1. Sandy Ransom

    Love this statement: “It’s never too late to embrace a new category of accessories.”. You were absolutely stunning NY Eve!

  2. LA Contessa


  3. LA Contessa


  4. LA Contessa

    NO ADVISE………that is her BLOG!

  5. Lisa White

    What a fabulous necklace! It works with your stunning sequins bolero, skirt, and hat so beautifully. This is true Style Crone high style! GORGEOUS as always, Judith!

  6. Sally Olsen

    Judith, you amaze me! I wish I had your talent! Since you buy so many items from consignment stores and estate sales, you probably save money to pay for your travels. Of course, being gorgeous doesn’t hurt either!

    Keep the beautiful emails coming. I enjoy them so much.

  7. Susan B. (une femme)

    Judith, this whole look is perfection! Carole is very talented, and your outfit complements and showcases her necklace beautifully.

  8. Theresa Campbell

    What a great outfit for NYE. Love all the shimmer. And that statement necklace is fabulous. It really pops nicely against the black background of the clothing and emphasizes your pretty blue eyes!

  9. Gail Hanlon

    Incredibly glamorous! Love the necklace. Thanks for the intro to Carol.


  10. Frannie Pantz

    Absolutely stunning!

  11. Patti

    What a splendid necklace, and it’s perfect surrounded by sequins. You’re such a beauty, in-and-out. xo


  12. Fifi

    You look so gorgeous in your NYE outfit. Like a star. I so look forward to your posts; they inspire me to make more effort to get outside my “schlumpy sixties” comfort zone. The necklace is awesome, too.


  13. Jennifer Lively

    I’m new to your blog! I find your sense of style and ability to find unique accessories to glamorize your looks to be amazing! I also admire your ability to pose for the camera seemingly so effortlessly, which then shows the clothes in the best light. That’s one thing that I’m working on, when I create my fashion posts.
    I so enjoy following you!

  14. Carol Markel

    Thank you for this fantastic post which features my necklace. You look absolutely stunning, but one would not expect anything less. I am so privileged to have you as a friend.

  15. Anna Parkes

    You are a chameleon Judith and an elegant one at that! It’s always a source of great pleasure to see your latest outfit ( I wish I could think of a better word to describe the drama, the narrative, the joy you bring to your ensembles).
    Thank you for sharing the spirit that is you adorned by all that glitters!
    Wishing you a wonderful week x

  16. Merle

    Hi Judith, Necklace is wonderful. Debra and I are having a show here in Naples. Debra is showcasing her hats and I am showcasing my statement pieces!

  17. Suzanne

    What an outfit and you’ve chosen the perfect neck candy to go with it!

    I used to wear lots of my own handmade statement necklaces. Seeing you in yours makes me think I need to take them out again.

    All the sparkle in this outfit is wonderful!


  18. jj

    Great and insightful blog

  19. No Fear of Fashion

    Oh.. now you have fallen for my love: statement necklaces. You might recall I have many of them. Even did a blog post on them called “Chunky necklaces”.
    I love yours. Of course I do. Excellent workmanship.
    As usual you look so good. The sequins, glitter, shine and you are a perfect match. Love that beret on you as well.

  20. Hollie Ramsey

    Holy moly that necklace is amazing. I’m a sucker for black sequined anything so that outfit is making my heart race!

  21. Annabelle Stratford

    This is such a beautiful look. You should try Susurro Ldn accessories I would love to see how you style it with you glam!

  22. Geneva White

    As always, on trend, but with great personal style…love it, Judith!!

  23. Shelley

    All of Carol’s work has such a bold graphic quality to it. The shapes and the colours she chooses are marvelous. I love the photo of you where you look like you are dancing (you’re wearing the perfect outfit for it). So graceful, and so sparkly!

  24. Elizabeth g. Arthur

    Comtesse Cartier – fabulous! What a dazzlling, happy post this is, Judith. I love the asymmetrical skirt and bolero – the whole outfit, actually! xx

  25. Lisa

    Absolutely Stunning!You can check the collection of necklaces & pendants at Zoranda .Just fab and moreover at sale prices which we all of us looking for .

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