The First Snow Of The Season

November 21st, 2016


The weather has been unseasonably warm and the Colorado earth is parched.  The dry wind whips through my garden, and takes everything in its path that is available and ready for a ride to another location.


And then it snowed.  Daniel and I took off to play at the Cheeseman Park Pavilion, which provided shelter from the white winter wonderland and the wind.  We had to keep moving because it was bone-chilling cold and the wind cut like a knife.  The day before had been 80 degrees.  I was in denial that it was time to search through my winter coat collection for something warmer.


So out the door I went with my recently acquired “estate sale of the year” Victorian jacket which covered the gifted wine colored Victorian silk velvet top and the estate sale black turtleneck.


I grabbed the gifted wine colored silk velvet vintage turban with rhinestone trim and threw on an estate sale rhinestone belt as necklace and a pair of estate sale rhinestone earrings.  The wine colored estate sale vintage suede gloves got in on the act.


The wine colored skinny jeans and burgundy booties were retail sale purchases.  It’s always fun to mix vintage with contemporary.  It’s my specialty and I’m offering up another serving for public consumption.  It’s my version of celebrating the first snow of the season.


Photos By Daniel

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25 Responses to “The First Snow Of The Season”

  1. Janine

    Love the belt as necklace!! This whole ensemble is so classy, inspired, lovely and FUN! Like you 🙂 You always serve up such inspiration!

  2. LA Contessa


  3. Susan B. (une femme)

    Love those dramatic sleeves and the shape of the hat. Now go inside and warm up! 😉

  4. Beth M.

    This is such a fabulous, flattering, incredibly-cool outfit, Judith! Really love the color combo, too.

  5. Marilee Gramith

    Wow!!! You are my new role model! What an incredibly chique woman you are Judith!

  6. Patti

    So cool (and warm!) and it makes me so happy to see you play in the first snowfall! Thanks for linking up and stay fabulous, xox


  7. Vix

    That Victorian jacket is glorious, I love it on you! xxx

  8. Jodie filogomo

    Lovely, lovely, lovely, Judith!!
    It is always amazing to me (and I’ve been here over 30 years) at how it snows after such a warm day!

  9. Cheryl Tucker

    This is a lovely post; you look so beautiful! I can’t believe the weather changed that fast. We just got our first dusting of snow here in the Idaho mountains with much more expected this week. Have a great holiday! Peace! Cheryl

  10. Geneva White

    Beautiful and Stylish as always….

  11. Suzanne

    That jacket is insane!!! Wow! What a score!

    We had almost the same weather, I was in a t-shirt two days ago outside and now we are expecting snow.

    You look like a kid playing in the snow.


  12. Linda Henderson

    You look absolutely marvelous!

  13. Sally-Jane

    You are fabulous is this, but then you are fabulous in everything. Wow which I had your talent for putting and outfit together. Colour me envious 🙂

  14. Frances/Materfamilias

    You’re too fabulous! Love the clothes, the pose(s), the snows… 😉

  15. Gail

    Love the drama of this outfit! You have such a wonderfully distinctive style. A great way to welcome the arrival of snow.

  16. Anna Parkes

    This look is right up my street Judith. I love the mix of new and old done in your very particular style. Fab, just fab x

  17. Mage Bailey

    How I missed your verve and imagination, I don’t know. Your stuff is marvelous. I’ll return often.

  18. Melanie

    Oh Judith, I imagine those bits of nature preparing themselves for their upcoming trips on the wind. Such beautiful writing.

    And you have definitely brought your Victorian jacket right smack into the 21st century and it seems to be enjoying it. Smashing! – the whole thing and how you’ve mooshed time periods together. High drama with real down-to-earth warmth. Thanks.

  19. Elizabeth g. Arthur

    I’m sure a line or ten of Shakespeare is going to burst forth! Thank you for a stunningly beautiful, striking, bold post, Judith. The first snow fall in Denver…here, were are experiencing the driest Spring on record, temperatures around 30 deg C and today level 3 water restrictions begin…

  20. Rylin

    Judith, the jacket actually reminded me of a men’s Renaissance jacket, in fact the entire ensemble feels very Renaissance to me! Absolutely stunning!

  21. Shelley

    We had the same thing happen here – it was about 75 degrees on Friday, and then a bitter wind and snow on Saturday, and it appears winter is here to stay. That jacket is positively scrumptious – what a marvelous find! You are an expert at mixing vintage and contemporary, as this outfit demonstrates.

  22. Katrina From Georgia

    I had to drop a note on this particular posting because I think it caught more emotion in these frames than I have seen in a long time. I just felt your joy, wonderment and freedom of life. That is hard to accomplish, so well done to Daniel. I have shared this one more than any other you have ever done. As a bonus the outfits was just too perfect too. I love gloves and that color. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing your life with us.

  23. No Fear of Fashion

    What a great items and what a wonderful outfit you made with them. A sudden drop in temperatures from 80 to snow… wow. Unbelievable that this is possible.

  24. 1010ParkPlace

    As always you look so smashing and chic! What fun you have with styling your outfits! I never would have thought of the rhinestone belt as a necklace! I do have an older Ellie Tahari embroidered black jacket that reminds me of your Victorian treasure. You’ve inspired me to style it with something special. I’ll color outside the lines like Judith. Brenda

  25. DesignersAndYou

    You looking so great…every combination is different and best styles made with your fashion…best collection ever…keep on…

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