I Made This Hat

September 5th, 2016


I made this rose-colored straw hat in the 90’s when taking a millinery class taught by a talented milliner who had graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and was living in Denver. The hat was first blocked and then I molded it into a free-form sculpture.


This is not the first chapeau that I had created.  I experimented with blocking during my hat shop days in the 80’s.  There’s not a lot that I remember from that time of learning and expansion.  I would have to practice and repeat to improve, just as with any practice, art or skill.


Over the years I’ve thought about becoming a milliner or hatmaker.  I’ve never moved forward with pursuing the magical art that has been the object of my passion and interest since the 70’s.  Currently I love to seek out the work of others, admire and collect favorites and wear them with abandon and joy.


I don’t know what the future will bring or where life with take me as it organically and mysteriously unfolds.  At the present moment I’m content and happy with where I am in relationship with the world of my favorite accessory that brings me immeasurable pleasure and adds to the quality of my life every day, in every way.


Photos By Daniel at City Park Denver

Rose-colored straw hat – by Moi, Vivienne Westwood multicolored patterned two-piece dress – consignment store sale years ago, jewelry – estate sales and gifted, vintage burgundy heeled sandals and vintage burgundy patent leather bag – estate sales.

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25 Responses to “I Made This Hat”

  1. Cynthia Ruhoff

    Judith, I would love to see photos of the closets where you store all your vintage fashions and accessories. Any chance you might give us a peek someday?
    Thank you.

  2. Patti Keyworth

    Judith, my fondest memories of you were the times spent in your closets! Visiting them is like playing dress up as a child, only ever so much better because of your choices and style. Hope to visit again one day!

  3. Anna

    Vivienne Westwood in a consignment store sale? Gasp! So lucky! Just beautiful.

  4. Margy

    Stunning! both you and the hat!

  5. No Fear of Fashion

    Wow you have a Vivienne Westwood. It is a beautiful dress. The quality can be seen from afar. And your hat suits the dress so well. Clever girl you are.

  6. Patti

    Beautiful outfit and a stunning (and meaningful) hat, Judith. As we’ve discussed, life still has plenty of surprises and adventures ahead (no pun intended : >) Thanks for linking up, xox


  7. Mary Chapman

    Beautiful photos. You reminded me of the hat class I took with you many years ago. It is fun to see how you have continued your passion.

  8. Chris Klein-Goss

    Beautiful hat, dress, accessories, and lady…. so lovely…. so inspiring.

  9. Jackie

    You are an absolute doll!

  10. Lisa White

    I am very impressed! WOW! I am inspired!!!!!! You look gorgeous

  11. Suzanne

    You sure have some incredible pieces in your wardrobe. Museum quality.


  12. Lady Byron

    I was reading the other day, about the origin of the word ‘milliner’: Now I am guessing as you had a hat shop you know the answer…

    Its from ‘Milan’ in Italy where all the best hat makers were in the 1700s. They were ‘Millaners’ which got shortened into milliner.

  13. Jill

    The Vivienne Westwood dress is stunning on you.I am impressed with your ability to create this pretty hat. I too have considered taking a millinery course, though none are close by so this is on the backburner for now.Your collections are so impressive , they must bring you so much joy.

  14. Merle

    Hat is beautiful.

  15. Merle

    Hat great, my iPad is acting up. I found a collapsed Chinese lantern out of bamboo and red thread, going to fiddle with it and put elastic in back. Thinking about taking a hat class myself. Your shots are marvelous!!

  16. Vix

    That’s one fabulous creation. How wonderful to have made it, it certainly fits like a dream.
    I met a milliner at the weekend, he’d been offered a 150 year old ribbon making machine from a Victorian factory – just the thing to trim his hats to perfection. xxx

  17. Trina

    My lovely friend, seeking and admiring the talents of others and then wearing them like you do (with pure joy) is not only a great tribute but a gift as well.

  18. Jodie filogomo

    What a memorable activity!!
    Do you keep a log of all of the hats you have in your possession, or do you just have an amazing memory??

  19. Nicole

    This hat is awesome and perfect with that dress!

  20. LA Contessa

    I have a VERY similar HAT…………
    I understand you NOT wanting to DIVE into what makes YOU HAPPY.
    Makes perfect Sense to me!

  21. amwfashion

    Such an edgy look … Cool and creatively beautiful! 🙂

  22. pao

    I can never think of words to capture the effervescence of how you look (or spell them either)!

  23. Shelley

    The shot of you with one hand on the sculpture, leaning backward is beautifully editorial. The outfit shows off your gorgeous figure and the hat is just the right addition. I really like the accordian-like pleats you worked into it.

    I think you would make an excellent milliner, but as you said, sometimes it is enough to admire and wear beautiful things that others have made. You certainly have one of the most impressive hat collections I’ve ever seen, and you do wonders promoting the wearing of hats on your blog.

  24. Valerie - Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

    Well, I can’t add anything to what’s already been said! It IS a great hat – in a lovely color – so congratulations to you for making a great piece that you still wear decades later! And yes, that is also a fabulous dress, with a very interesting and flattering cut, and a very feminine print. Almost anything I bought “years ago” will not fit me anymore, so kudos to you for that as well!

  25. Elizabeth g. Arthur

    A beautiful hat, topping a fabulous dress and outfit. As always, Judith, you’re stunning. xx

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