Last week Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE flew into Denver for her annual visit.  Her husband Joey Sommerville HERE was scheduled to perform at the Keystone Wine and Jazz Festival HERE and she arrived a few days early so that we could play.  Play to us means hitting the thrift shops, estate sales and consignment stores.  We discovered treasures at every destination!


Jean’s visit coincided with Daniel’s return as Style Crone photographer, so there was much to celebrate.  Our photo shoot took place in Keystone following Joey’s show-stopping performance.  Keystone, Colorado HERE is a resort town with breathtaking mountain views.

In the photo above, Daniel captured the spontaneity of our attempt to strike a precarious pose!  It’s so good to have him back and feeling good.


Blogger meet-ups are the best!  Every blogger that I have met has possessed beauty, brains and compassion.  Jean is no exception.  She is also talented and creative, as evidenced by her skillfully crafted upcycled jacket. Her signature sterling silver bangles frequently accessorize her stunning ensembles, and we share similar interests and passions.


Thank you Daniel, for the direction. Who wouldn’t want to be framed by Jean’s intricately designed kimono!  We didn’t plan for our outfits to be color coordinated, but the fact that they did only added to the enchantment of the afternoon.


Joey’s performance was dazzling.  He plays a variety of trumpets, but this red instrument is my favorite.  Backed up by a three-piece ensemble, he played and sang a mixture of smooth jazz and the blues. The crowd was entranced, and dancing was impossible to resist.


The artists Jean and Joey exude a radiant and magical energy.


Photos By Daniel

Fortunately Joey performs in the Denver area again in 2017, so until next time! There’s another adventure around the corner.

Vintage straw hat adorned with fruit – gifted,  vintage jewelry and vintage black sheer underskirt – estate sales, belt and silk patterned skirt – consignment shops, black tunic and orange platform sandals – summer retail sales years ago.

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22 Responses to “Jean Of “Dross Into Gold” Visits Denver”

  1. suzi click

    You are always so gorgeous and so is your friend – love it!

  2. Jean @ DrossintoGold

    This was so much fun!! I’m still remembering when Daniel told us to be serious and it proved IMPOSSIBLE!! I’m so glad you could join us at the show and were able to capture this special moment in time. I love the photos!!

    Somehow I’m not surprised that we “coordinated” our ensembles, either. One more example of our connection and synchronicity. The necklace you gave me was perfect with the pieces I made, and I deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    I loved the “cherries on top” hat you wore to compliment your beautiful festival outfit!! It was fun to see how you styled the skirt you found when we were hitting the thrift stores and consignment shops.

    I think what I love the most though is when you throw your head back and laugh.
    You are truly beautiful, inside and out. Love you. xoxo

  3. Lee

    You two ladies are astounding. What an eye you have! I would never have believed the items you put together would work, and yet the outfits are both marvellous. You even co-ordinated with Joey’s shirt! Kudos to both of you.

  4. Jean

    P.S. Also meant to mention what a cutie your grandson is!! Such a joy. xo

  5. Amber of Butane Anvil

    Oh dear ones, you are spectacularly radiant!!! Sending all my love from the ether.


  6. Elizabeth g. Arthur

    What two stunningly beautiful, creative women! I want to go and drape my arms in silver bangles and adorn my hats with fruit (when summer arrives!). Thank you for a fabulous post, and for introducing me to Joey too. I love your blog, Judith and eagerly await the next adventure.

  7. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    There aren’t words…you two are just that fabulous together! Yep…it was no accident that you dressed so complementary to each other…kismet! Thanks for sharing the beauty!

  8. Jolanta Pawlak

    I admire Mrs. and Mrs. all the hats.

  9. Jill

    The bond of friendship shines through in these joyous shots.You both look simly stunning, I so love tour hat with as Jean described the cherries on top.

  10. Miss Heron

    Will you both be my new BFFs? I love how you laugh together–deep, bent over, achy tummy muscle laughing, so lady-like 🙂

    And I’m gonna steal that two skirts idea (once the weather cools down here).

    Happy that your photographer is back in action.

  11. Shelley

    I commented on your IG feed about how beautifully coordinated your outfits were, and now that I can see larger photos it is even more evident. You two really were in sync! I’m happy to hear that Daniel is back behind the camera again, and I LOVE the photo of you framed by Jean’s marvelous sleeves.

    How wonderful that you and Jean can look forward to an annual get-together when Joey plays in the festival (great shirt Joey!).

  12. Suzanne

    How funny that your outfits were so similar!

    So happy that you had a fun meet-up and that Daniel is back in form.

    You both look fantastic!


  13. Penny

    Wow, you not only co-ordinated outfits – Joey also had a co-ordinating shirt. Lovely to see you together – you both looked amazing x

  14. Nancy Tracton

    You look so beautiful with the hair natural. Always beautiful, but now so much more so.

  15. PInkCheetahVintage

    These pics are so incredible. Both your styles just mesh or maybe offset each other so well. I love the candid shot 🙂

  16. No Fear of Fashion

    What a joyful site. You two stunning ladies (indeed what a coincidence to have colour coordinated outfits haha) are clearly having a ball. The picture of Joey with Jean and you bookending him is such fun. I can imagine he smiles.

  17. Jazzy Jack

    Tell Daniel to take more shots of you laughing. Such energy!
    Totally gorgeous shoot. Xo Jazzy Jack

  18. HeatherMac

    Thank you for your post! It brought me a smile and I loved seeing the beautiful pics of you and Jean and Joey. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  19. Valerie

    Don’t you two look great. I mean you three. I’m seeing a lot of orange going on there. A hard color for many people to wear, but all of you do it more than justice! Rock on with your bad selves!

  20. Vix

    What fab photos! I can feel the love between you. Two of my favourite bloggers for the price of one with added Joey, too! xxx

  21. LA Contessa

    YOU TWO HAD FUN that comes through in the PHOTOS!

  22. Carol Markle

    What a fun trip. Love the Montecristi hat. Jean and Joey look great.

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