In The Garden

June 14th, 2016


I was going to post yesterday, but my heart was heavy with grief as the reality of the Orlando atrocity hovered with horror.  These photos were taken before the shootings, and they didn’t mirror how I felt. My deep sorrow for the victims and their families was at the forefront and I wanted to honor the pain of their trauma.  Today I see the wisdom of moving forward and exploring how I can, in some small way, become involved in a movement to contribute to the prevention of this senseless violence.  Actions speak louder than words and the place to begin is within.


Style Crone is back to regular programming!  Daniel and I haven’t collaborated in a photo shoot since before my NYC trip.  We’d forgotten how much fun we have together, cavorting around Denver, laughing at the drop of a hat.

For this post we stayed close to home, in my garden, which has exploded with abandon, a bit overgrown and wild, into summer mode.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year!


Today I’m feeling grateful for my life and the good fortune of having a garden retreat. The outdoor sanctuary filled with perennials that bursts into bloom every year.


I’m grateful for the people in my life, including the bloggers that I have met through Style Crone.  The readers and commenters who enrich my life with every post.  Thank you!


Travel and new experiences are fun and exciting.  But it’s my home that I return to that provides the stability and the comfort that allows the “frosting” of life to enhance my journey.

Photos By Daniel

Vintage hat with ribbon trim and vintage pearl earrings – estate sales, vintage tulle top – Meek Vintage HERE, black circle skirt with gold embellishment – 50 Dresses by Tess Vigil HERE, nude pumps with silver strap – retail sale.

Linking up with Catherine’s #iwillwearwhatilike HERE at Not Dressed As Lamb and Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.

26 Responses to “In The Garden”

  1. Jodie filogomo

    You look beautiful Judith!
    I have to agree…it’s so fun to travel and experience other places, but when it comes right down to it, there really is no place like home!

  2. Jeanene

    You are so beautiful! Love your outfit.

  3. Guenevere

    Absolutely gorgeous…that skirt–I might need to copy that….

  4. LA Contessa

    I am a HAPPY CAMPER in MY GARDEN AS WELL………..especially come late afternoon.I do not even have words for you you look DIVINE.
    Do people stop YOU two and ask what you are up to?As you stroll DENVER shooting and LAUGHING?
    I have just done a POST moments ago about ME In MY garden………………
    wander over if you have a moment!

  5. Saeteesh'

    A genuine smile is a flower to add to your garden delight.
    The shooter had demons, the story unfolds.

  6. Sheryl Kinney

    Another uplifting post. Yes, we feel for so many and you expressed this very well. Thank you for your words, your thoughts your beautiful smile. I feel it.

  7. Jolanta Pawlak

    I love your blog. you’re beautiful. Your costumes are wonderful.

  8. Cindy Smith

    Beautiful pictures and your garden looks like such a lovely retreat. Someday I hope to have one to escape to as well. Our hearts are so heavy this week and your post helps us along. Thank you.

  9. Beatrice

    J’aime beaucoup ces photos.
    Vous êtes radieuse!
    Bonne soirée !

  10. Anonymous

    You are so beautiful and I love your outfits and your spirit!

  11. Dona Brandt Haire

    I love seeing your posts and outfits that you have so stylishlyand uniquely put together . You are a beautiful woman that radiates from your inner glow .
    Thank you for sharing yourself, your lifestyle and posts but most of all your eye foe the beauty in everything .

    Dona Brandt Haire

  12. Emma Peach

    A very beautiful and elegant look! Your garden is wonderful 🙂

    Emma xxx

  13. Tess Vigil

    Judith this is just perfect! I love it! You look amazing 🙂

  14. Patti

    Beautiful! I loved it when our cottage garden got wild and crazy! Thank you for your loving thoughts about the tragedy in Orlando, just 45 minutes away from here. So many beautiful young people taken. xox


  15. Tiffany Arey

    Great outfit and I loooove that fabulous hat!

  16. Anna Parkes

    Judith you’re so right to continue on your path of sharing love and joy with your readers. The attrocity in Orlando is incomprehensible, but we must try to keep on track, as what help would it be to flounder? My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones in this terrible tragedy.
    You are a source of light in such a dark time. Shine brightly dearest Judith. Your post can only bring good to others.
    Anna x

  17. Bronwyn

    Looking beautiful as always.

  18. Vix

    Your garden is always a joy, Judith. The fact you’ve let it grow wild whilst having the time of your life makes me happy!
    The outfit is fabulous and you radiate joy – something we all need in these dreadful times. x

  19. Geneva White

    Dear Judith; Thank you for the elegance and compassion in this weekly post; it really lightened my day from the heaviness of yet another senseless and horrific massacre.

    Both you and your garden look divine. The pictures and text were also a wonderful reminder that our home is a sanctuary. Thanks for adding a reminder that life has lightness and grace even in the midst of death and darkness


  20. No Fear of Fashion

    You look lovely as ever. This has your signature all over. Really feminine, unique, stylish, special and elegant.

  21. Sharon

    Exquisite as always. Such a pleasure to see you blossom and have so much joy
    In your passion! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt sadness about the violence that affects us all. I Pray that all conscientious people will be guided to right action to restore cceptance in our communities.

  22. Claire

    You look stunning as ever, your natural hair colour is so pretty and suits you well, and such fabulous photographs. Gorgeous garden too, I can almost smell that beautiful honeysuckle from here!

  23. Shelley

    I love your garden, and you are a beautiful blossom in your glorious swirling dress and tulle. Once again, I appreciate how you are able to articulate your feelings about a subject (this time a tragic one) in a way that touches all of us. I am still having difficulty imagining the kind of hate that would drive someone to kill all those people. Moving forward with gratitude for the love and acceptance I have in my life seems to be the only thing I can do. XO

  24. Elizabeth Arthur

    This outfit is stunning, Judith. Such flow in the dress and the cuffs of the cropped opaque top. With your beautiful face and self radiating from beneath that amazing hat, surrounded by nature, and sharing this fun, elegant, glamorous photo shoot, the world is enriched – and so I am. Thank you. A smile is contagious…

  25. Tami Von Zalez

    I saw you for a brief shining moment on national TV, a style-related show that focused on Ari – and there you were!

  26. Valerie - Idiosyncratic Fashionistas


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