Saturdays With Mr. J

April 25th, 2016


Every Saturday Mr J and I go out for breakfast, and for months we have made a ritual of shooting  photos for Instagram as part of our weekend.  During the week I search out backgrounds as I drive through the city, and If I don’t have a location in mind by Saturday, there is spontaneity.  Something always pops up that catches my eye.

The pale blue hat in the photo above was created by the talented Juliane Gorman of Felt Happiness HERE.


This weekend morning interlude sparks my creativity in a new way, and is a practice in playful interaction with Mr. J behind the lens.  It also draws my focus to the landscape of the beautiful city that I call home.

The hat above was created by a NYC street vendor and was purchased years ago.


All photos were taken in neighborhoods surrounding the area where I live and then shared on Instagram, a fascinating platform where I have met many creatives. I have been introduced to new milliners and hat lovers from many countries across the world.

The above hat is by Amy Downs HERE and was purchased at The Hat Shop NYC HERE years ago.


This alley shot allowed for the lime green and fuchsia felt hat by Guy to be featured against the white wall.


This white vintage chapeau has graced the hat room since the 80’s.  It has been worn infrequently, but it was the perfect topper for my vintage white spring coat.  As always, there’s a hat for every occasion!


I’m on my way to NYC as I write this post.  I will be attending the book launch for Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style: Older and Wiser, which can be purchased HERE.  It’s going to be fun!

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20 Responses to “Saturdays With Mr. J”

  1. hilda smith

    Love it all…backgrounds and hats x

  2. Jane Trombley

    The photography on your posts is exquisite!. Such great style, patterns, color.
    I’m curious if you have clothing with you – how does it all come together? I sense some advance planning…..

    Anyway, the outcome is superb.

    Jane Trombley

  3. Jane Trombley

    did you get my earlier comment? Not sure if it went through.


  4. Patti

    Oh, on your way to the greatest city in the world! Have a wonderful trip. These Saturday morning photos are so splendid, xox


  5. Chris

    Have a Blast!!!

  6. Geneva White

    Dear Judith;

    Fantabulous!! always..You are truly the most stylish woman I have encountered…a lesson to us all!!


  7. Lynn holland

    Wonderfully artistic and inspiring in that I will be looking at backgrounds in a different way now

  8. Vix

    Hope you’re having a fantastic time in NYC!
    Wonderful outfits and stupendous backdrops, art personified. xxx

  9. MisjaB

    Lovely pictures and backgrounds Judith.
    Have a wonderful time in NY and please send my regards to Debra and Joyce!

  10. Suzanne

    How wonderful that you are there for the book launch.

    Have a great time!


  11. Jodie filogomo

    The backgrounds can certainly make the outfits sings, eh?
    Have a fantastic time in NYC!!

  12. Melanie

    Seeing all these outfits together is quite powerful. Your eye for picking backdrops is keen. You inspire me to do more exploring.
    And the book launch will be so much fun! I’m glad you’ll be part of it.

  13. Sheela Goh

    Oh my gosh, Judith. That covershot. You look like the most divine tropical bird!! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING xoxo

  14. fiona

    I agree with Geneva…. but would also add elegant. The blue shot at the top is absolutely superb. I’m sure the book launch will be wonderful.

  15. Shelley

    You have such an artistic eye Judith – you selected the most perfect backdrops for each outfit. How fortunate you are to have a couple of creative partners in crime (Mr. J and Daniel) to accompany you on photo shoots.

    I am with all of you in spirit in NYC. Have a wonderful time (and how could you not). I’m looking forward to the photos.

  16. No Fear of Fashion

    I still don’t receive any email warnings of a new post… sadly enough.
    So I will be behind. I love all these outfits and hats. I would have made several posts with it haha.
    You found terrific backgrounds, you are outsmarting Ron.
    And I adore the white coat. I would love such an item. In my size haha. The hat is perfect with it. But that is always the case with you.

  17. Bonnie

    Hi Judith, in pic #4 your red boots remind me of David Bowie’s boots in his early 70s videos. So cool. Thanks for sharing.

  18. LA Contessa

    I hope NEW YORK was FABULOUS!!!!!!!

  19. That's Not My Age

    I love Saturday morning coffee/brunch with Mr TNMA – and am so pleased that you enjoy your creative interludes. These are some of my favourite photos of you, they feel relaxed and fun and the backdrops are fab.

  20. FeltHappiness

    Love how you combine planning with serendipity to create your marvelous hat photoshoots! Adore how your black and white hat interacts with the nearby patterning of your dress and painted background – an inspiration!

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