Every birthday offers a transition into a new era! Similar to passing through the New Year every January 1st, I feel an awakening that offers hope and renewal.  I don’t make resolutions or set in place a plan for the next 12 months, but I have been known to throw a huge party or travel to a location that is meaningful to me.


It’s the only day of the year that belongs just to me, and I love to celebrate with family and loved ones, creating memories that will be with me for a lifetime.


This year was relatively quiet and subdued, but not without fringe, rhinestones and a vintage pillbox embellished with a veil.  I’m grateful for my health and the relationships that add so much to my life every day.  For that is what enables me to have the energy and focus to live my life with passion.


I’m looking forward to developing the projects that I envision, and bringing new energy to my blog and the beloved sanctuary that I call home.  And traveling to new and unexplored territory, both physically and emotionally.


This is the year to practice “Age Pride,” as discussed in Ashton Applewhite’s new book, A Manifesto Against Ageism.  That in itself is something to celebrate and to toast, with a glass of Prosecco and a flash of fringe flying about my vintage silk fabric covered pumps!


Photos By Daniel

Open weave dress and overlay trimmed with fringe – consignment shop years ago, vintage pillbox with veil, vintage pumps, vintage slip, vintage rhinestone covered clutch, and vintage jewels – estate sales.

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41 Responses to “Toasting To My Personal New Year And “Age Pride””

  1. Jodie filogomo

    I love the term “age pride”!! You are always so eloquent in both your verse and attire!! Hooray & bravo Judith!! jodie

  2. Nancy

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Joyce

    Happy birthday ! Ýou certainly do it well. ! MAZOL TOV !

  4. Sue S

    Just had my birthday – didn’t celebrate it so elegantly dressed as you, but managed to be with all my family.
    Love your hair, I went “natural” 2yrs ago and love it, but think it does give some people a licence to patronise! “Are you alright dear, do you need any help?”

  5. Patti

    Happiest birthday, and you look fabulous, Judith. Age Pride is a much needed concept, so let’s spread the word! Best to you,


  6. ParisGrrl

    Bon anniversaire! I hope it’s a great year for you!

  7. Isabelle Vaillant

    Happy Birthday from Canada! I love your energy!

  8. Geri deGruy

    Happy birthday dear Judith! You’re beautiful and getting more so each year. xoxoxoxo Ger

  9. Anonymous

    Simply gorgeous

  10. Anna

    Judith – MANY HAPPY RETURNS! I know “you’re such an inspiration” is the biggest cliche…. but you really are!

  11. Tamera Beardsley

    Judith you continue to be a constant inspiration!! Age Pride … I will definitely be lingering over this fabulous concept!

    Happiest of birthdays to you darling!!


  12. Annette

    Congratulations, dear Judith, you look absolutely stunning!

    xxAnnette | Lady of Style

  13. Lee

    Happy birthday, beautiful lady! You look smashing, as always.

    Judith, how does that pillbox hat stay on? Are there combs or an elastic on it, or does it just stay in place through friction? I am a beading fanatic and I want to make a pillbox hat for myself using bead weaving. It will be a bit on the heavy side, so I need to figure out how best to make it stay in place once it’s done.

  14. Helen Dehner

    This is a most scrumptious post!!

  15. Alison

    Happiest of birthdays! As always you look utterly gorgeous!

  16. Curtise

    Loving the swish and sway of that fringing! Happy birthday, Judith – you look wonderful as always. xxx

  17. Anna Parkes

    Dear Judith, Happy Birthday all the way from the tiny island of Tresco on the Isles of Scilly in the UK. You are a continuing ispiration to so many, including myself. I love that you exude such peace and joy, that you know how to live an harmonious life, that you create happiness through sharing the pleasures of your life, that true balance and goodness are your everyday fare. Hurrah for the Style Crone!
    Anna’s Island Style

  18. Suzanne

    Wow! What a stunning outfit! You have such an amazing collection of vintage items.

    This is fringe done very well indeed.


  19. Geneva White

    Dear Judith;

    Belated happy birthday! Love the veil so much I am going to add a touch to one of my own hats…I love your take on fringe!!

  20. Jill

    All my best wishes for your birthday and for your year ahead. Your wise words and enthusiasm are always so inspirational, to say nothing of your wonderful style, always so wonderful. Age Pride , as Patti mentions is a much needed concept and really should be embraced by us all.

  21. 1010ParkPlace

    Hello Gorgeous Lady! Here’s to “Age Pride” and a glorious year for all of us! Brenda

  22. Merle

    Judith, just beautiful. I just bought my first pillbox with a veil. Love your whole
    Ensemble. Have a wonderful Easter holiday! Debra is coming the following weekend to give one of her hat workshops and we have 11 participants!
    Best to,you,

  23. Vix

    What a fabulous ensemble, Judith.
    I’m glad you accessorised it with a glass of fizzy stuff. xxx

  24. PJ

    Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration!

  25. Jan Jeremiason

    You are beautiful!! Your photos bring a smile to my face and your positive attitude is contagious! Love You!! Janet

  26. Connie*

    Happy Birthday, Judith. You just exude joy and elegance. “Age Pride” Heck Yeah!

  27. Anne-Marie Bruun

    Congratulations I wish you the very best. You have from the beginning I started to block been a great inspiration for me. You look amazing.

  28. Chris

    You look like a Dream Come True!!
    Happiest Birthday and Happy Age Pride Celebrating to my favorite role model!!

  29. Anonymous

    Age Pride I like that and YOU wear it WELL.
    I found myself nodding my head to everything you said!
    Happy Year to You and I agree it is the connections we are making that makes every day a GIFT!
    Happy Birthday week!

  30. Shelley

    If we can celebrate Gay Pride, we should definitely celebrate Age Pride. Your birthday outfit is elegant but also sassy, just like you. Love the fringed overlay on the dress, and the way it swishes when you walk. I hope you had a lovely birthday, and this year is full of adventures with friends and family (and that new grandbaby).

  31. Heidi Blanke

    What a gorgeous dress on you. Happy birthday. I just celebrated the birth of my second grandchild, so congratulations to you on becoming grandma, nana, bubbe, nona, or whatever name the little tyke gives you.

  32. Val S

    Happy Birthday! Luck and good genes are a big part, but it’s your attitude that makes your life wonderful.

  33. Carina Simeon

    Happy Birthday – ….looking great, lady!!! Btw, follow you now.

  34. Jennifer Sinclair

    Happy birthday! I am enjoying your blog, thanks so much for making it!

  35. Lisa

    Happy Birthday; you look gorgeous and have an equally beautiful outlook on life. I thought this was particularly brilliant, “And traveling to new and unexplored territory, both physically and emotionally.”

    I wish you all of these things!

  36. Suzy Turner

    That’s one killer outfit! You look gorgeous, absolutely love it!
    I’ve always thought birthdays are special, I think it’s because my mum died when she was so young (33) so I can honestly say that each birthday becomes precious. You never know what’s going to happen so they should celebrated not mourned.
    Wonderful post.
    Suzy x

  37. Sheila (of Ephemera)

    Happy Birthday, Judith! I love your wonderfully fringed outfit – so very you! Wishing you a year of good times with good friends.

  38. Fran

    Thank you for the book recommendation, Judith, a lot of what she says is quite thought-provoking.

    I like the way you celebrate birthdays. For my sixtieth, I’m going back to school to get my esthetician’s license, then will take a course in makeup artsistry as that’s what I want to do most. I guess I should plan a big party, too 🙂

  39. No Fear of Fashion

    Looking vibrant, lovely and full of plans.

  40. Heather MacDonald

    Love your site! Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

  41. virtual voyage

    nice black appareal and nice photography

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