The Layers Of Winter

December 21st, 2015


Dan’s back and his mother is doing better.  He comes from resilience and longevity, and he brought all of that energy to our journey to the periphery of the Denver Botanic Gardens HERE on the day following a snow storm and a brief cold spell.  The temperature allowed for the uncovering of layers in winter.


I chose to wear the black vintage hat that I discovered at Off Broadway, the NYC boutique that was owned by the incredible Lynn Dell Cohen, featured many times on Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style HERE, who died this past year.  The drapey skirt that best provided the silhouette for today’s ensemble was also purchased at Off Broadway during that same NYC visit.

I wear both pieces in Lynn’s memory, as my thoughts turn to all of the people in my life who have left, as I continue to move forward carrying the extraordinary gifts that have been given to me during their lives here on earth.


The holidays tend to magnify all feelings and thoughts across the continuum.  From the sadness of loss to the appreciation and recognition of all that is new and brings me joy.


Recognizing and removing one layer brings forth that which is hidden from view.


I look at it all, from the front and from the back. I examine that which sparkles and all that touches the wounds that lie deep within my heart.


Somehow the stark chill of the air and the beautiful white of the newly fallen snow invite introspection. The short days with the early sunsets that silently fall into the Rocky Mountains in the distance as darkness descends and envelops my world.


 Photos By Daniel

I’m taking it down to the final layer for today, knowing that tomorrow could reveal another profound or subtle insight or opportunity to stretch.  Every morning I ask myself upon awakening, “What will happen today that will bring me a sense of wonder?”  I’m never disappointed, even in the worst of times, if I’m open to recognizing the little miracles when they occur.

Vintage white wool coat with faux fur trim, vintage pearl earrings, vintage long black gloves, vintage black suede heeled booties with faux fur trim and vintage black suede clutch – estate sales; vintage black hat and black drapey skirt – Off Broadway Boutique; vintage winter white jacket embellished with sequins and pearls – holiday market; black patent leather belt and black turtleneck – consignment shops, vintage pearl and gold necklace – Carolyn Fineran’s Gypsy Collection, Etsy HERE.

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35 Responses to “The Layers Of Winter”

  1. Penny

    Just stunning, Judith. What a lovely contrast the white and black of your outfit is set against the snow. Here in the UK it’s sooo cloudy, grey and wet, so much so I have a romantic view of the whiteness of the snow in those pictures. Bet it isn’t quite as nice as it looks!!

    And your musings on love and loss are so very poignant. Every best wish to you, Judith for the Holidays and the New Year. May 2016 bring you peace and joy x

  2. Carolyn

    Stunning Winter woman…how does it feel to relate to the mysterious Northern place on this Winter Solstice day…the longest night gives way to longer days, so elegant how the circle turns…

  3. Cheryl Tucker

    What a beautiful post. Each layer both visually and emotionally is perfect. You always touch me with your words and pictures. Thanks and peace! Cheryl

  4. Chris

    Timeless Beauty….. How Lovely…..
    Merriest Christmas and a Beautiful New Year to you and
    all those you love…

  5. Patti

    Stunning look against the snow, Judith. What a gorgeous ensemble of black and ivory. On this shortest day of the year I have a feeling of renewal, that Nature provides when the days start to lengthen. thanks for linking and Merry Christmas, xox


  6. Susan (une femme)

    Judith you are stunning! This time of year does evoke so many conflicting feelings; it’s a time to look back and then ahead. Your hair is lovely and suits you so well!

  7. Leah B.

    Stunning, positively stunning. There’s no more visually striking combo than black and white, and you’re always a vision when it comes to attention to detail.

    *raises glass* To Lynn and her memory, and may her son’s work continue to do her proud each day forward.

  8. Linda G

    “Every morning I ask myself upon awakening, ‘What will happen today that will bring me a sense of wonder?’ I’m never disappointed, even in the worst of times, if I’m open to recognizing the little miracles when they occur.”

    Words to live by. I would even say *especially* in the worst of times. Thank you, Judith, from this longtime reader. You are beautiful as always, inside and out.

  9. Barbara Harris

    That is absolutely gorgeous ! You are amazing !
    Here in New Zealand yesterday we had MidSummer Day, which was also the hottest day on record for some places–snow and fur are a long way away .

    I wish you a Happy and A blessed Christmas and may all your dreams be fulfilled
    in the New Year.


  10. susan

    Hi I’ve been following your post for a while now – this is my first reply, and today’s blog and photos are my favourite of yours so far, very lovely, thanks

  11. Tamera Beardsley

    Absolutely beautiful … on a continuum of levels! From your ever striking exterior beauty … to the loving explanation of juxtaposing holiday emotions.

    Sending you much holiday love my dearest Judith.


  12. Kaye

    I just started following your blog a few months ago, and am really enjoying it. Thanks for paving the way forward!

  13. Veronica


    Wonderful outfits and what a lovely contrast they make against the snow!

    Your hair is looking fab!

  14. Anna Parkes

    You and Dan are such a great creative team. The idea to have the Pampas grass as a backdrop for the cream bolero was truly inspired. Each layer you reveal is as unique and elegant as the last. You are a master at your craft. Thank you for sharing your style inspiration, and more importantly for sharing your inner thoughts, these words of wisdom.
    Anna’s Island Style

  15. Jewel

    Dear Judith,
    Thank you for the gifts you give to us. Your words, your images and your inspiration. To truly understand the element of darkness on the longest night is to be blessed with the ever expanding light that comes next. So often we want to rush through what we perceive as painful or dark to get to the other side- what we think of as the good stuff. You have shown us that both the dark and light have valuable lessons and gifts for each of us. I love how your beautiful outfit was a mixture of black and white- the yin and yang- your photos are always such an amazing reflection of your writing. It really is a gift I feel so grateful to receive!
    Happy Solstice, dear Judith! Much love to you! Your friend, Jewel xo

  16. Merle

    Just gorgeous!!!!! Merle

  17. Kezzie

    I’m glad that Dan is back and his mother is improving. Your thoughts on the awe and wonder of life are inspiring!x

    Your outfit is very dramatic, I love the hat of course, but the coat is amazing!x

  18. SJgal

    Love, love the black and white. It looks even better with your silver hair!!

    Happy holidays.

  19. Santa Napolitano

    Dear Judith, Recently my dear cousin sent me an attachment to your blog. She knows me so well. I enjoyed it immediately. Today’s post is beyond fabulous. Each piece is just wonderful and you wear it all perfectly. My favorite is the jeweled bolero. It’s stunning. Of course one can’t escape the nostalgia of a time which I remember as easy, simple and peaceful. So Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Peaceful New Year. Santa Napolitano

  20. Jill

    Thank you Judith for such a beautiful post. The images of you as you reveal the next layer are simply stunning but is was your words that really touched me and your recognition of just how difficult the holiday season can be for so many.Wishing you a peaceful and joyous holiday season.

  21. Jan Jeremiason

    Oh Judith, I especially like these pictures of you with the dry winter grasses. We are back in MN after a month or so in AZ. I love the contrasts! Here at the farm, we have hoar-frost on the trees. It is so beautiful, especially when a bright bluejay perches among the splendor.

    Happy Holidays, Love, Janet

  22. Shelley

    Very glad to hear that Daniel’s Mom is improving, and he is back to take your photos – he does a marvelous job!

    Every piece of this outfit is a statement maker and together, you are a living, breathing piece of art. Relating the removing of the layers of clothing to delving deeper into the layers of introspection is another example of your insightful and inspiring writing. Have a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family XO

  23. LA Contessa

    HONESTLY YOU just GET BETTER and BETTER with AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!This last photo my mouth was hanging WIDE OPEN!OVER THE TOP STUNNING!
    I love your thought upon awakening……….may I copy YOU?I had a customer once that when she walked through my shop said, “this is WAVES of WONDERMENT!”I thought that was such a delightful thing to say it really TOUCHED me!

  24. Suzanne

    Your writing is always so beautiful and poetic. It takes me on a journey.

    As usual I love your posts. They are inspiring both in the fashion sense and the spiritual sense.

    Happy Holidays

  25. Kathleen

    Gosh, your hair is absolutely stunning!

  26. Jody

    Oh Judith, I want to be you when I grow up. Your every post inspires me with your insight and elegance. Thank you for sharing part of yourself.

  27. Vix

    I’m pleased to hear that Daniel’s mother is feeling better, he has excelled himself with these photographs. The coat is wonderful and the braided bolero absolutely beautiful.
    Your words and sense of optimism are always inspiring. xxx

  28. No Fear of Fashion

    Judith, again you take my breath away. So… darned… gorgeous. The coat, the hat, the gloves, the booties (I see how the fur of the boots resonate the fur of the coat), the skirt, the bag, the jacket, the necklace. And the hair. I absolutely love everything.
    Really woman…. I should come over for a month to Denver, shop all the vintage shops and real estate sales with you, ship everything back in a big, big trunk but alas… that will not happen.
    Oh that coat… so nice.

  29. Anonymous

    What a glorious picture you cut, Judith, absolutely divine. Everything fits perfectly in this series of shots. From your garments and accessories, to your hair and boots, to the snow in the backdrop. Just lovely.

    Happy holidays, my friend, to you and yours xoxo

  30. Natalia

    White becomes you, Judith! What a stunning outfit, with many gorgeous sculptural details. I do appreciate your philosophy of staying open to miracles, small and big ones. Happy holidays!

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    […] Judith is never anything short of elegant, and she’s brilliant in ivory and black. The long gloves, dangle earrings, and furry ankle booties are swoon-making. Judith doesn’t mind saying she’s not only over 40, she’s past age 70 and stunning as ever. […]

  32. Melanie

    Layers and layers. I’ve always thought there’s something about the blue glow vibrations of snow that trigger introspection as well. It’s ethereal. The snow itself covers so much and it’s fresh and clean.
    Your vintage pieces here are beautiful. And your hair in your profile with your dark skirt and top – wow. Gorgeous, Judith!

  33. Stacey

    Stunning … happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and hope you are dealing with the loss in your life well, while enjoying the present company of family and friends. Hope 2016 is a great year for you!

  34. pao

    Profile / Portrait of a Strong Woman. That’s the title of the last picture. Standing on a manhole cover. I think I must have that image in my studio to remind me of what’s possible, what can be, what to aim for. You are the essence of awesomeness, Judith.

  35. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    Judith this outfit is incredible… You look so, so beautiful as always. The cream coat is such a beauty and you’re accessorised to perfection. Who needs summer when you can look this good in winter?!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #iwillwearwhatilike :))

    Catherine x

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