In NYC With Advanced Style

June 20th, 2015


Photo By Ari Seth Cohen

It was a thrill to meetup with the brilliant Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE and Debra Rapoport, artist, hat maker extraordinaire and regular on Ari’s blog.  I was honored to have this photo appear on Advanced Style HERE several weeks ago.


Mr J and I had great fun roaming the streets of the Upper West Side with these two creative, warm, accomplished and interesting people.


Photo By Ari Seth Cohen

The last time that I saw Ari and Debra in NYC, Debra and I applied lipstick after lunch. I think it’s become a ritual, as documented in the above photo.


Debra creates or upcycles almost everything she wears, unless it’s thrifted or gifted, and this closeup reveals her talent and boundless creativity.  Many of her hats are made from paper towels and much of what she designs is made from trash.  Read more about Debra on her website Debra Rapoport, Better With Age, Better With Style HERE.


I love this handsome photo of Ari, with his blue glasses and expressive face, which reveals the creator of The Advanced Style Movement to perfection.  Besides Ari’s blog, you can find his book Advanced Style HERE and The Advanced Style Documentary HERE.

I am wearing a teal feather toque which was discovered at C. Madeleine’s Vintage HERE, a long teal/turquoise skirt upcycled from a gown from the 50’s, a black top from a yard sale, and vintage pumps with beaded trim purchased at an estate sale.

19 Responses to “In NYC With Advanced Style”

  1. Beverley

    Thank you for sharing some moments of your NYC trip. The photo of Ari, one of my heroes, is one of the best I have seen. What are some of your favorite places to visit in NYC?

  2. LA Contessa

    YOU are having some AMAZING trips…………
    AS you already know I am batty about that SKIRT!!!

  3. No Fear of Fashion

    How on earth do you find a hat and skirt that match so well. And in such an unusual colour. I love both. And the shoes although I would have liked a close-up. It is wonderful that you met these creative people, must have made your day. Featuring you at Advanced Style is an honour. Congratulations and well deserved.

  4. Jennifer

    You look fabulous!! Love the hat and I’m with Contessa on the skirt! Fabulous.

  5. Jazzy Jack

    Just adore that crazy hat! And the skirt is so glamorous and yet funky. Bravo!
    Been having a lovely poke through Deborah’s website. Thanks! Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Patti

    Wonderful to see you and Debra together! Your skirt is art. xox

  7. Cheryl Tucker

    Wow, you all look so amazing! The color of your hat and skirt is so vibrant and beautiful! You look like you have so much fun! Peace! Cheryl

  8. Melanie

    The lipstick shot, oh, how I love that one. Well, and of course that outfit, yesh! The skirt has a fantastical origami structure that seems to fly straight out the top of your head through that beautiful hat.
    And Debra, a truly creative soul. Her talents are unfathomable.
    And my favourite shot I think is the group photo. Mr. J is so tall!
    How ironic that it took Ari, who is a relatively young man, to kickstart such an inspiring, exciting advanced style movement. I’m so happy he did!!!

  9. Shelley

    My, Mr. J certainly is a tall drink of water 😉 Turquoise is a beautiful colour on you, especially when it’s a wild and wonderful hat like that one!

    I love the lipstick shot – a moment captured that connects all of us who wear lipstick! Debra’s creativity knows no bounds when it comes to her wearable art. Lots of fab “Blues” in this post, from Ari’s glasses, to Debra’s lipstick and your glorious outfit.

  10. Rosanne Hart

    These ladies are such an inspiration! Thank you Ari Seth Cohen for keeping style alive for women of a certain age.

  11. cherie james

    What a treat to spend time with Ari and Debra in NYC. I love your turquoise look – both the hat and the skirt are incredible and you look radiant in the outfit Judith. The lipstick tradition is such a great one too!


  12. Jill

    Your skirt and hat are simply fabulous and such stunning colour. I too love the photo of you and Debra doing the lipstick touch up. Debra is such an inspiring creative soul, she must be a joy to share time with. Love your photo of Ari.

  13. Curtise

    You look stunning in turquoise, Judith, and I love all these photos, especially the lipstick shot!
    How great to be featured on Advanced Style. xxx

  14. Penny

    What a great and really stunning colour that turquoise is and amazing to have both the skirt and the hat in it! You look wonderful as usual!

    And I’m a great admirer of Ari Seth Cohen and Advanced Style. I was amazed to find out from you that Debra often makes her own hats – wow, that’s true creativity!

  15. joni@artfulcloset

    These blogger meet ups always make me smile. I’m so glad you had all these opportunities!

  16. PinkCheetahVintage

    You look gorgeous!!! What a cool meet-up!

  17. Sydney Fashion Hunter

    All sorts of fabulous! I host a fashion link up each week and would love you to stop by and add a link 🙂

  18. Anne-Marie Bruun

    I am thrilled every picture. Your hat Judith, is like a crown beautiful and such meetings must be amazing.

  19. merle weismer

    Hi Judith, somehow my comment did not appear. The photos are great, put you on my fb page. wish we could have met, hope you return. When work slows down, hoping to get to the green fleamarket.
    Safe travels.

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