I’ve been home from NYC for a week now, and have been reviewing photos and preparing posts about my adventures. However, I found that I was unable to move forward without devoting today’s post to Lynn Dell, The Countess of Glamour.  Her story became a part of the trip because I learned of her hospitalization during the time that I spent in the “city of dreams.”  By the time I returned home she was gone.

It was a surprise to me because she seemed invincible.  But I have come to know that disbelief lies in wake when a beloved soul leaves us behind to collectively weep.  Bold, beautiful, energetic, full of life, glamorous, charismatic, powerful.  When she entered a room all eyes were upon her.  Almost always wearing headwear and accessorizing with flair, she was a continual and evolving work of art.


Photos By Ari Seth Cohen

Brought to life by Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE, through his blog, book and documentary, the world came to know her as a symbol of aging with style and glorious self-expression.  The tribute that Ari wrote HERE is deeply moving and the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas wrote a beautiful post in her memory HERE.

I was enamored with her ability to live life to the fullest and of her accomplishments. As the proprietress of Off Broadway HERE, a boutique on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, her window displays were dramatic and enticing.

I had the privilege of meeting Lynn several times over the years, but didn’t know her well.  I admired her from afar. I began frequenting her boutique in 1999, when my daughter Camille moved to NYC to attend college.  She was usually sitting near the entrance as I passed by, greeting customers with an endearing smile and a compliment, always making me feel special.  I loved going to the back of the shop, which was filled with previously worn treasures.  I usually found something wonderful to add to my collections.


Photo By Daniel

This skirt was purchased at Off Broadway during my most recent visit.  Lynn wasn’t sitting in her usual spot as I entered the store. From this point on, I will always remember her when I wear this long, full black beauty, cut on the bias with scalloped hemline.  It’s perfect for twirling and it reminds me of her, with its wide-reaching swirls of luxurious satin.  It’s generous enough to allow star pose in prayer position, in honor of a spirit who profoundly inspired me.  She will always be remembered for the life that she lived, changing how our culture views aging.  It was an honor and a privilege to have been in the presence of Lynn Dell.

I’m taking my Off Broadway skirt over to the gorgeous Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.  Miraculously, I ran into Patti in NYC over a week ago, and will be blogging about that cosmic meeting over the coming weeks.







22 Responses to “A Tribute to Lyn Dell, The Countess Of Glamour”

  1. Anniefashionsprite

    Judy. I’m sinking into your words and pics.
    The feeling here contagious. I feel more
    Alive and inspired!!!!

  2. Mary James

    Beautiful tribute, and having some special from her store will remind you always of the vibrancy in her life. Twirl away as she would. You said it so beautifully.

  3. Tamera Beardsley

    Such a beautiful post my dear … Just beautiful.


  4. Patti

    Wonderful and moving tribute to Lynn! And that gorgeous skirt will help you remember her in all her splendor. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  5. Susan

    Judith, This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful and stylish woman. This is the best inspiration for me. I will remember these images always. I hope they inspire me and change me to be more stylish.

  6. Curtise

    What a striking and stylish woman Lynn was, and your tribute to her is very touching. Yes, the skirt from Off Broadway will serve as a wonderful reminder of a very beautiful and inspirational woman. xxx

  7. Elke Kuhn

    Hello Judith,

    You write so beautifully!! Always, so meaningful and fresh.
    It was a shock and does not seem plausible that Lynn is gone…and I really did not know her well…Just to exchange greetings. I loved her energy.

    My very best greetings to you my dear,


  8. Jazzy Jack

    What a lovely tribute.
    I’m adoring the pink and green, and the tassels.
    Your skirt holds wonderful memories as do all the best clothes!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  9. Mountain Thyme

    Please don’t be sad. What a wonderful life she had! Oh, my goodness, all of us mortals can only hope to see and do and be what she was! RIP!

  10. Jean @ DrossintoGold

    Although i never had the pleasure of meeting her, her presence on Advanced Style was profound. I loved her sense of drama and her unerring choices when selecting the perfect accessories for any ensemble. She clearly loved life and dressing up as an art of self expression. She served as an exemplar for those of us who find joy in doing the same. You honor her spirit every time you select the perfect hat. I think she’ll like that. Let’s pass it on. XXOO

  11. Vix

    What a lovely tribute to Lynn. She had wonderful style and poise and so have you. x

  12. No Fear of Fashion

    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. We will all miss her and the joy she brought to the world.

  13. Jill

    A heartfelt tribute to a wonderful woman who inspired us all with her unique style. Your skirt will be a gentle reminder of her with every outing.

  14. LA Contessa

    A lovely TRIBUTE……………glad you have a souvenir from her shop!Will the shop continue…………do you know?I know I could find a goody or two for CERTAIN!
    Love the skirt………….almost as much as I LOVE THAT OTHER SKIRT…….YOU KNOW the BLUE BALL GOWN!

  15. Judith Boyd

    Hi LA Contessa, I read that the shop will continue. And yes! I know that you could find treasures at Off Broadway!

  16. Shelley

    The tributes to Lynn have been wonderful. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her at the premiere of the documentary. She was such a dynamic presence, and her energy and glamorous style made her a force to be reckoned with. We should all live as fully as Lynn did.

    Your skirt is gorgeous – I love garments that have been cut on the bias for the graceful drape.

  17. Denton Taylor

    My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have met her and chat with her a number of times, as we live near her store and have shopped there on occasion. I am a bit of a photographer and whenever I have run into her at various fashion events, she was always pleased to take a minute for a photograph. The Upper West Side will not be the same without her.

  18. Anne-Marie Bruun

    I do not know how to write this, but I try. Dear Judith you write always as we understand it.
    I think when I see the young bloggers – it is forever. When I follow Ari Seth Cohens blog and all the beautiful and amazing (you included) women, something marvelous wonderful happens. I think the same – it is forever.
    I think not – that they or we will disappear one day. That’s because there is so much strength, grace and beautiful life in these women. When one of these magnificent women are gone, it can not be understood. I wish I could say I had met Lynn but I have not only through the strong, beautifuld personality in the photos.

  19. Spashionista (Alicia)

    Thank you for sharing your tribute of Lyn with us. I didn’t know her but, for obvious reasons, I feel a special connection with fashion bloggers who are “different”. I’m sorry Lyn has left us. Her legacy will endure, and her influence on many of us will never die.
    Live each day – passionately and completely – as if it is your last. It’s up to us to continue her mission of being stylish at any age.


  20. Sheela Goh

    What a beautiful soul.

  21. Sheela Goh

    Oh I read how you and Patti bumped into each other on her blog, serendipity indeed 🙂

  22. Carol Markel

    Written with you own brand of sensitivity and comforting style.

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