The Red Chair

February 23rd, 2015


Newsflash!  Daniel has recently become the freelance photographer for Mod Livin’ HERE , “the Rocky Mountain region’s premier outlet for contemporary and modern furniture designs and mid-century furniture and accessories.” This gig evolved from his photography for Style Crone, and he’s enjoying the change of pace, finding furniture as interesting as hats.  And outfits.  And poses.   Although furniture is less interactive and doesn’t participate in playful bantering.


In celebration of his new endeavor and the recognition of his talent, we traveled to Mod Livin’ for photographs.  The red chair, or The Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia HERE, caught our attention, and I settled into its contemporary and luxurious comfort.

“If you look at these chairs, they are mainly made of air, like sculpture. Space passes right through them.”
-Harry Bertoia


The red chair deserved red lipstick as an accessory to reflect its vibrant energy.


Mixing leopard and cheetah prints captured the mood of this mid-century modern afternoon.


Crone hands and wrist embellished with estate sale finds, resting next to the vintage leopard print belt.


Photos By Daniel

Daniel’s photo of the red chair can be viewed on 1stdibs HERE and is for sale.  Style Crone was not compensated for this post.  My reward was the excitement of Daniel’s new and well deserved success and expansion!

Black 70’s jumpsuit, leopard print belt, and jewelry – estate sales, vintage cheetah print tall pillbox hat – consignment store, black boots – retail sale over a decade ago.

I’m taking the red chair over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style. Today Patti’s wearing a stunning coat of many colors!  I’m also linking up with Cherie’s Shoe And Tell HERE at Style Nudge!  I’m also taking my cheetah print and boots over to Sheila’s Shoe Shine HERE at Ephemera and Anne’s 52 pick-me-up: Dots HERE at Spy Girl.

25 Responses to “The Red Chair”

  1. Linda

    Congrats to Daniel. Nice to now things can translate from the blog world.
    You found the perfect ensemble for this setting (of course). I’m not always fond of animal print but they add this outfit a certain “j’en sais quoi”. Happy Monday!

  2. beth waltz

    Congratulations to Daniel! It’s wonderful to see his talent recognized by others, especially when one realizes The Style Crone blog is an important part of his professional portfolio. Congratulations are due to the muse as well, dear Judith.

    The Bertoia chair invites one to lounge and to extend the limbs. What fun that your yoga practice enables you to accept the invitation while appropriately garbed in a cat suit with feline accessories!

  3. Penny Kocher

    Judith, hi
    You look wonderful as ever and I love the hat. And what a fabulous chair!

  4. No Fear of Fashion

    What a great chair. It would fit so well in my living room. Although that is already finished. You compliment the chair and the chair compliments you. A win win situation as we say. Nice for Daniel that an assignment like this derived from photographing you. A bonus.
    Looking swell Judith.

  5. Patti

    Big congratulations to Daniel. I am loving your chic look, complemented by that fantastic chair! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  6. Jennifer

    Congratulations to Daniel! Well deserved. You look stunning and I adore that hat!!!

  7. Curtise

    What good news for Daniel! Although as you say, photographing furniture won’t be quite as interactive as taking pics of you, Judith – less laughs, but is the pay better?! At least with these images, we have the best of both worlds, a great piece of design, and beautiful you; you’re rocking that jumpsuit, and of course leopard print and a fabulous hat can only make an outfit even more stylish! xxx

  8. Ana Paula

    Wonderful! I love you so much!
    Ana Paula
    from Brazil

  9. Pam@over50feeling40

    You would look fabulous in any chair…but this one is very cool! Great shots!

  10. Miss Cellany

    Absolutely fabulous! Love your styling/attitude/everything!

  11. PinkCheetahVintage

    You look fantastic and that red chair is incredible!!!

  12. Living with Essence

    Love the animal print with a shot of red. Hot!

  13. Miss Boom Baby

    That chair is the perfect foil for you – symmetrical but curvy, vibrant but not too OTT. Together you make a great style statement.

  14. Cheryl Tucker

    The chair is fabulous but could you be any more glamorous? What a beauty! Some day I am going to start seriously collecting hats! I am not a collector but I could wrap my mind around that one! Peace! Cheryl

  15. Carolyn

    Great shot, great chair, good for Daniel and what a good partnership idea…now about compensation…time for some!
    I would love a mod modern mid century one level ranch…could you and Daniel find one for sale and photograph it and let me know where to find it? XXXX

  16. Accidental Icon

    Congratulations to Daniel! I have to say that the addition of you and your hat to the chair makes it more attractive than it could ever be on its own Your styling as usual is perfection…the red bangle is what pulls everything together in the photo. Love how you played in the chair.

    Accidental Icon

  17. Melanie

    How wonderful that your collaborative labour of love has resulted in this fantastic opportunity for Daniel. It’s an inspiring story. The chair looks like a big red lips and your playful interaction with it brings out the best in you and the piece. Again, congratulations to Daniel!

  18. chicatanyage

    That sounds great news. Don’t think Mr. P is going to get such an offer. He is a rather reluctant photographer at times.

  19. Vix

    Mod Livin’ looks like a really cool gig, well done Daniel!
    Bet photographing you is a lot more fun, though. I bet you spend each session laughing and gossiping. It certainly looks like you do!
    Love the jumpsuit on you. xxx

  20. Suz

    Congratulations to Daniel. I am very happy for him. You look like a princess in this chair and outfit.

  21. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Mod Livin’ is lucky to have your talented friend! Congrats Daniel!

    I love how the red chair looks like giant lips…enveloping you in a big, happy kiss! You look vibrant Judith!

  22. Shelley

    Mid-century modern is my favourite design period and this chair is a perfect example of what I love about that era. Love the photo of you kicking up your heels in the chair!

    You never know what opportunities will arise when you put your skills out into the universe – that’s wonderful that Daniel’s new photography gig came out of shooting you for your blog.

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    […] Black, red, and leopard will always be one of my favorite combinations. […]

  24. Anne-Marie Bruun

    There is always something special about leo, black and red. Dramatic exciting and a little mysterious. You look radiant in the chair – a work of art. Wonderful design.

  25. Anne the SpyGirl

    What beautiful photos! The chair comes to life with you “wearing” it!
    Congrats to Daniel!
    Thanks for linking. xxox

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