Yoga: Part II

December 8th, 2014


There is a part of yoga that feels like art, or creative self expression within and between each pose.  The pieces that I chose to wear only accentuate what already exists for me in my practice.


Shavasana, or corpse pose, is the final pose of class, where integration occurs after the body has been active and engaged for an hour.  It is the most difficult pose, for to be still requires a meditative mind in a culture  that admires productivity.


The practice of yoga encourages stretching and reaching beyond boundaries that I may or may not know exist.


The rotation of this photo of child’s pose illustrates inversion, or turning oneself upside down on purpose.  Usually my life turns upside down by events beyond my control.  I have found that turning myself upside down by choice is beneficial, which by definition means the head is below the heart.  After all, I would like to involve my heart in all decisions.


Child’s pose is surrender, to all that inhabits my mind on any given day.  I release distracting thoughts if only for the length of the pose, which helps me to remember how it feels to liberate myself from life’s obsessive pull, without fear, in my life off the mat.


Yoga resembles the art of dance, with its lines and slow methodic movements, like moving through a room full of honey.


Embellishments honor my love for a practice that has assisted my growth and expansion through life’s many transitions.  It helps me to remain humble and to accept the adjustments that come with aging.  It also provides an environment where I can see forward progress and evolution, even though I’m in the final phase of life.


Satin slippers embrace my feet, as I ground myself to the floor, to the earth, and to all that has true meaning in life.


Photos By Daniel

And so I leave the studio once again, only to return on another day, again, and again, and again.  For as long as my body, my brain, my mind and my spirit will allow.

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28 Responses to “Yoga: Part II”

  1. Susan Chase-Foster

    Gorgeous! I am so loving your blog, your celebration of beauty, wise woman!

  2. LA Contessa

    This POST deserves an AWARD for BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!
    YOUR OUTFIT……..those shoes……I covet them!
    Is it too late for me to start YOGA??54…….is my age now.
    Just so, BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Pam@over50feeling40

    The way you have done these posts, Judith is so gorgeous and inviting.

  4. janine

    These are magnificent! As are you! Something so French about these photos and your lovely ensemble. Inspiring as always, Judith!

  5. Suzanne

    Wow! So beautiful and artistic. Very impressive.


  6. Lily

    I LOVE YOUR RECENT POSTS!!!!! It is like you took a leap off the others and this is a whole new phase of writing They are profound and insightful and you illustrate your words with the beautiful photographs! A perfect collaboration!!!!!!!

  7. chicatanyage

    Love the satin slippers!

  8. Joan

    So lovely — you, your writing, and the photos. You inspire me to think about possibilities instead of losses in my final chapter of life.

  9. Sue

    Absolutly stunning!

  10. Curtise

    Utterly beautiful photos, Judith, and as always a thoughtful commentary. Gorgeous! xxx

  11. Rebecca

    The photos are beautiful and in a way haunting. Only a couple of years behind you in age, I have just started a series of Gentle Yoga videos that were developed by Margaret Manning for her fabulous community Sixty & Me.
    I am still hoping that one day, you will publish a book based on your Style Crone blog. Any thoughts about that?

  12. PinkCheetahVintage

    Beautiful photos. I adore the satin slippers. I try to do yoga, but I’m so horrible inflexible!

  13. Patti

    Beautiful photos and prose, Judith. I love the analogies of yoga and life. I use the corpse pose to fall asleep most nights, and to slow down my anxious thoughts. Thank you for this post! xox

  14. Vix

    Gorgeous photos and I’m in awe of your flexibility! xxx

  15. Jennifer

    Thank you for sharing this visual and spiritual beauty. You are an inspiring lady of class, poise and inner brilliance that shines outward. I adore you.

  16. Accidental Icon

    These photos as well as the other set need to be a gallery show!The skirt and shoes are magnificent and the lighting is just beautiful. I really love this series of posts, it is showing a very dreamy and artistic side to you.

    Accidental Icon

  17. Jess

    Love this! So elegant, and I need the hat, and the shoes please 🙂 Looking marvelous!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess xx

  18. Judith Boyd

    Hi LA Contessa, It’s never too late to start! I started in my 60’s and have never turned back. Finding a class that’s comfortable is all that’s necessary. Have fun and thanks for your comment!

  19. Judith Boyd

    Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your comment and for your encouragement. I haven’t pursued the idea of a book, but who knows what the future holds.

  20. Pat

    You never cease to amaze me- you are astounding! Please continue- I love , love, love getting your photos.
    If you celebrate Christmas, my with for you is peace, joy and much happiness through the holidays and the New Year.

  21. Jill

    Stunning Judith, both this series and your previous post. Your joy for your yoga practice is so inspiring, thank you so much.

  22. Jan Graham-McMillen

    There is something so RIGHT about your whole relationship to the universe in your lovely yoga photos. I’m especially taken with the idea of grounding oneself through satin slippers. Of course!

  23. Spashionista (Alicia)

    Not only are you beautiful in these photos, Judith, you are also inspiring. It’s obvious from your posts that Yoga has been a great benefit to you on many levels, so I’m going to make inquiries to see if I can find a Yoga teacher that can work with my Cerebral Palsy. That photo of you in your lovely skirt stretching to reach those beautiful slippers speaks volumes!


  24. No Fear of Fashion

    Everytime I see yoga I think to myself “I should do that too”. And it stops there. Having many oblogations in life means I have to choose. But you look wonderful in all these poses. Indeed art. And apparently it makes you very flexible in more than one way.


    Thank you so much for joining Share-in-Style, my dear GODDESS friend.
    Today is voting day. A chance to look closer to each other and VOTE for your favourite look

  26. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Eloquently written, as always Judith. I will go into my next practice with greater appreciation. I so clearly remember my first yoga classes. My Mom and I registered together for a class at the local YMCA. I was probably about 15 years old. Although I never completely dropped yoga, there were definitely periods that my practice took a back seat. Over the past several years, I’ve come to fully appreciate how important my practice is to me. Even if I do only simple stretches followed by shavasana, I feel nurtured on so many levels.


  27. Suz

    What a beautiful yoga post. All dressed up for yoga. I liked it. I read the previous comment on a book of your blog. A splendid idea! You are inspiring
    and continue to inspire me.

  28. cherie james

    Ok, how are you possibly that flexible?! Incredible photos! I adore the fact that you wear vintage dresses to parties and I especially love the red velvet slippers – gorgeous!
    I, too, appreciate anything vintage – it’s just so much more fun and interesting, and the hunt is my favorite part. Lovely!


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