November 24th, 2014


Goddess Pose

My love for the practice of yoga was inspiration for today’s post.  I was planning on photos in my traditional yoga attire, but when collaborating with Daniel, the usual is not the order of the day.  He suggested an outfit, and my brain took over from there.



I have never practiced in a hat, or in an estate sale vintage black silk chiffon maxi skirt with lace trim accessorized with ruby-red floral embellished satin slippers, vintage clip-on earrings and ruby-red satin belt.  One should never say never about “What To Wear To Yoga.”


Figure Four

Yoga provides a continual challenge in all areas of my being; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  It has been a lifeline for me during difficult times. And an addition to my well-being when life soars.

Every class is different, but intriguing.  Teachers vary.  The music diverse and enhancing to movement.  The class may be crowded and mat to mat.  Or small with unlimited space.  Yogis practice at every level, but competition does not reign.  Rather, there is a vision of what’s possible, based on experience and factors having little to do with age.



Yoga is an analogy to life off the mat.  I strive for balance and mindful flow.  I long to stretch and grow, with attention to the power of the breath and the profound opening of the heart.  If I enter a zone of pain, it’s time to draw back and assess, but then try again with a renewed focus on correcting my position or making a small meditative change in my approach.


Entering Dancer

I want to express myself with flexibility and strength.  My poses are far from perfect, as compared to the masters that I have observed.  But yoga and life are not about perfection. Rather, a space for experimentation and exploration, at times loosing one’s balance and making mistakes, always moving toward connection with intention.



As in life, even the smallest shift can produce significant change.  And when holding a pose becomes difficult, that is when it has just begun, with the knowing that it will not last forever.  It comes down to me, my mat and a knowledgeable guide.  And a respect for limitations related to injury prevention, knowing what’s best for my body.


Crescent Lunge

My daughter Camille introduced me to yoga in my 60’s, and at first I had difficulty completing a class.  I persisted in level one, and she encouraged me to try level two heated after a year.  I never turned back.

Exercise has always been important to me. But never before have I loved a form of movement to this degree, looking forward to every class no matter what’s happening in my life.  Now at the age of 71, I continue to make progress and realize benefits that I can see, which is its own reward.


Reverse Warrior

Months back I decided to focus on the physiological changes that my body experienced during yoga, and I became aware that my response was the same every time.  The poses and twists produced  droplets of sweat that appeared in the same places and in the same order without fail.

If this was happening to me physically, I wondered about the internal process that was taking place as a result of my practice.  Research has shown that it’s a positive transformation with many benefits HERE, and I hope to continue to practice until I wear my last hat.



Photos By Daniel


Yoga Part II – Later

I’m taking yoga over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style and Sacramento’s Share-in-Style HERE at Mis Papelicos.  I’m looking forward to both parties, which always contributes to my well-being and quality of life!

49 Responses to “Yoga”

  1. déjà pseu

    I loved this post! I really want to learn yoga, as it’s my kind of non-competitive, meditative form of movement and conditioning. And in a top hat…well that takes it all to a new level!

  2. Janine

    These are stunning, and your words so moving and profound. thanks as always for the reminder to live life to the fullest. You are an inspiration and a monument to grace and style, xoxo

  3. Patti

    I love this photo shoot, Judith – your grace and strength shine through. These are some of my favorite poses too, although you look much more serene! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xoxo and Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Vix

    These photos would be wonderful in a yoga manual, beautiful, elegant but with humour and wisdom, something great yoga teachers always impart. xxx

  5. Jess

    Great photos! I love it especially with the elegant outfit, hat and shoes! Enjoy your week!
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  6. Cheryl

    Amen, sister!

  7. LA Contessa

    I ADORE THIS………The outfit is a SMASH!
    You are VERY graceful……….71???Really………………I would NEVER have guessed that!I bet you can thank YOGA for the way you look and feel today!
    A beautiful Post by a Beautiful woman taken by a MAN who knows his OBJECT!The yoga attire just wouldNOT have been the same……………..this is truly WONDERFUL!

  8. Christina

    Wow, I love this Judith! This is a beautiful expression of a love for yoga and how yoga truly expresses itself through our entire life. It is a joy and inspiration to know you. Namaste.

  9. Pat T-S

    Thanks for the wise words on yoga and life. Your fitness and philosophy speak well of the benefits of yoga for body and mind.

  10. Cyndy

    You inspire me with your insight and honesty. When I read your posts I think it might be possible to age gracefully and beautifully. Thank you.

  11. Natalia Lialina

    What a fantastic post! Whimsical and beautiful, and truly inspiring. I started taking hot yoga classes last winter when I was not feeling well both physically and emotionally. It helped me in tremendous ways. I am not the one who sticks with a routine though, and now I do yoga sporadically, but every time I am so grateful that I discovered this particular kind of yoga, it’s really wonderful and so rewarding.

  12. Krista

    I absolutely love this post! I think you dressed like this has in a weird way made me beauty in the poses. The wisdom you have gained over the years in both looking inward and outward is the most graceful display of living and learning I have ever seen! You inspire me to be still and grow inside while seeking new stimuli.
    Your a beauty honey, inside and out!

  13. chicatanyage

    Lovely photos. I too adore doing yoga unfortunately I am not able to practice at the moment due to “sciatica” and disk problems in my lower back. I have to stick to gently pilates. Hope the osteopathy and acupuncture I am having will solve the problem.

  14. Sue

    Very beautiful!

  15. Curtise

    What wonderful photos, Judith, and a thoughtful exploration of what yoga means to you, its place in your life. I always like to hear how you approach things – with grace and realism and style, obviously!
    That skirt is utterly beautiful. xxx

  16. Christie

    My spirit has been inlighted. Thank you for sharing your beauty. Christie

  17. Mercedes de Marchena

    Love it, love it, love it!!! The outfit is perfect and the poses just right. Great minds think alike, I am working on a post about yoga…..unfortunately my photos will not be as gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this, Judith.

  18. Mascha

    You looks great like always, but this post is really – wow!

  19. Pam@over50feeling40

    Your photos have almost convinced me to try it…my husband just started. Maybe I will add it in with my strength training next summer! I loved this post and the way you did the photos.

  20. Suzanne

    What a fab idea for a post! That outfit was a perfect choice. Great shots!

    You are always such an inspiration Judith.


  21. Alison Cosier

    Hello Judith, A seriously inspiring post and fabulous photos, you look so lithe! I do Pilates and would like to try Yoga too, especially if I can wear pretty outfits like yours!

  22. Kezzie

    You are so wonderfully original and youthful! I love this!

  23. Margy

    Breathtaking! You are such a wise, aware woman…I salute you!

  24. Señora Allnut


  25. Anne-Marie Bruun

    You are incredibly inspiring.

  26. Accidental Icon

    You are absolutely stunning in this photo shoot!!!! What a gorgeous way to engage people with Yoga. You are truly a goddess in that goddess shot pose.

    Accidentla Icon

  27. Leslie in Oregon

    An inspiring and lovely post…thank you!

  28. Melanie

    This is the best yoga wear I have ever seen. Wearing something unexpected shakes up my perception of the practice and elevates it to art the way you present it. Thanks too to Daniel.

  29. Lyn Preston

    Such a beautiful inspirational blogger. Thank you Judith, I read and reflecton
    everything you write about.
    Warmest greetings from Australia,

  30. Tamera Beardsley

    My dearest Judith … this post is a masterpiece on so many levels … I just had to share it! Thank you for sharing your heart and soul! I am ever inspired by you!


  31. pao

    Namaste, for sure Judith. You’re awesomeness has blown me away again. Everything about this post is a masterpiece, so beautiful, wise and inspiring. I am thankful for you, yoga and Daniel, your photographer.

  32. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Well, of course! Are you saying you don’t always doll up this way for yoga class? You’ll start a movement if you’re not careful, Judith! Chic-ram Yoga! Hatha-Wardrobe Yoga! A new pose … The Clothes Horse! Your hat must present challenges during inversions, but you’ll conquer that, given time, I’m sure.
    Seriously, I enjoyed this so much, and what a brilliant idea to show the yoga body in another context. Classic Judith … and as lovely as ever! It is clear that your beauty does originate from within. Always an inspiration.

  33. No Fear of Fashion

    Probably very unpractical to wear this to yoga, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody looks this classy?
    I have tried yoga a couple of times, but could not agree with it. Perhaps I should have persisted more.
    I do however, follow fitness classes twice a week.


    My dear Judith, what a fabulous way to practice Yoga, yeahhhhhhhh

  35. kim rosario

    Very refreshing!!!
    Yoga and Elegance together!!!

  36. Theressa

    Gorgeous! And now I’m inspired to get back into yoga. Thank-you!

  37. Shelley

    What a wonderful post – I love the outfit, and your thoughts about the relationship between the practice of yoga and the rest of your life. I’ve taken yoga classes on and off throughout my adult life and mostly enjoy it. It has certainly been helpful for maintaining strength and sense of balance but I should be doing it more often. I’d love to do a yoga class with you the next time I visit.

  38. Jill

    Wonderfully inspirational Judith, thank you .

  39. Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle

    Lovely, inspiring article Judith. You and Daniel make a good team! You look fabulous!
    I have been doing yoga for many years and have a love/hate relationship with it. I really want to love it much more than I do. And sometimes I do. But most of the time I just find it hard work! Still I persist as I know how good it is for me. Today I did a class called body balance and it mixed yoga with tai chi and music and I actually really enjoyed that.


    Hello again dear Judith, please don´t forget to vote tomorrow for your favourite look tomorrow ( Rosy and I are not included in the voting. This is all about you all)
    Tons of kisses

  41. Joan

    These pictures are beautiful. I can see the focus of your practice through the beautiful but impractical yoga ensemble. You have inspired me to take up my practice once again. Looking forward also to reading your blog.

  42. Claire

    What beautiful lines you create and although the outfit isn’t what you would wear, it somehow doesn’t look out of place. Very elegant.

  43. La Pantigana


  44. Rosanna

    You are my hero! I love your posts…………..

  45. Jazzy Jack

    I just love your sense of play! And the previous dotted outfit is so fun as well.
    Clothes should be fun and played with…you do it so well.
    Hope you didnt get frost bite in the park! xo JJ

  46. lizzie

    postures r very bowie-esque circa 1970

  47. cherie james

    Spectacular photo shoot and so creative. I love the fact that you wore a sheer black skirt over your black yoga clothes and the wonderful red touches. And, of course, a perfect hat!! Love it!


  48. Valerie

    If everybody on the planet saw this post, everybody on the planet would take up yoga. And they would rush right out to get the requisite yoga hat and diaphanous yoga skirt. Fabulous, fabulous photos! Congratulations to you and Daniel for a great collaboration!

  49. Elke Kuhn

    Spectacular AND impressive!!!

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