Falling For Fall

October 27th, 2014



I’ve learned that no matter how wonderful the time away from home has been, I greet my sanctuary with a new appreciation for the life that I’ve created in Denver; my friends and family, both face to face and virtual; the everyday beauty that surrounds me; my yoga practice, my music and my routines; and my expanding feelings of peace with “what is.”


I feel grounded, and from here my next adventure into the unknown will unfold.  I have a new understanding that the journey here in place has its own excitement.  Its own thrill.  Its own creative energy.


It is with amazement that I view the change of seasons; the weeping willow tree a block from my home is an expression of the extraordinary fall colors that welcome me daily.  I have returned home to nature’s transitional display of glorious splendor.


I have embellished crone hands and wrists with adornments which have been lovingly collected over the years.


One can never go wrong with rhinestones, during the day or the night.


Or polka dot pumps, which make a swishing sound in the fallen leaves as I walk through the neighborhood with Dan, not wanting to wander far from home on this first photo shoot since the trip that opened my eyes and all of my senses to the new.


Or twirling in the alley accompanied by a mountain mural painted on a garage door.  I really should get to know these neighbors!


 Photos By Daniel

Today I’m grateful to be alive, as I toss my polka dot silk scarf into the wind that carries the organic scent of fallen leaves through the autumnal air.  I have completely fallen for fall!

Long sleeved sweater with polka dot insert and rhinestone buttons – Paris street vendor; jeans – Paris boutique; beret, vintage polka dot pumps and scarf, vintage rhinestone earrings and pendant – estate sales; bracelets, bangles and rings – from everywhere.


I discovered my new jeans (though I seldom shop retail) in the shop across the street from our hotel, which was in a predominantly residential neighborhood in Paris.  The beautiful boutique owner, in photo above, was fun, interesting and helpful, though we were unable to communicate verbally due to language barriers.  However, as I found to be true during our entire trip, we had a fabulous time together as we connected around a focus of mutual interest and fascination.  As the glamorous Jean of Dross Into Gold HERE has been known to say, “Like music, personal style is a universal language.”

I’m linking up with Sacramento’s Share-in-Style: Halloween HERE on Mis Papelicos.  The weeping willow tree in the background is my expression of the season.

29 Responses to “Falling For Fall”

  1. Pam@over50feeling40

    Love this top so much Judith…another stunning outfit…I am so jealous of your autumn leaves!

  2. Mercedes

    Love, love, love this outfit!!! What a gorgeous top, you always know exactly what to wear. Thanks.

  3. Claire

    Beautiful photographs and your words are poetic! It is always nice to come home, even when you have had a dream of a holiday, home truly is where the heart is.

  4. Jennifer

    You look smashing! I love those polka dots. Your thoughts of fall are inspiring Judith. Jealous of your pretty leaves too !! xo

  5. anne-Marie Bruun

    Coming home from a trip and fall, it’s almost the same feeling. The French look suits you well dear. I am always in love with dots. The back is an exciting surprise.

  6. Cheryl

    This outfit is so creative and really works! You have inspired me again. I also love how you found and recognized such beauty in your own neighborhood. We do not have to travel to find beauty, do we? But it helps…..

  7. Veshoevius

    What a wonderful way to welcome Autumn. I love the way you’ve styled polka dots here and your joie de vivre shines through your writing. Am catching up on blogs – your trip to Paris looked magical and I’m glad you got to visit Nice. I went many years ago and loved it.

  8. Chicatanyage

    Very chic indeed!

  9. Vix

    Liked how elegant you looked in that first shot but the cheeky polka dots you surprised me with in the second photo I loved! xxx

  10. Accidental Icon

    Love the peek a boo polka dots. The nail polish is great too.
    Accidental Icon

  11. LA Contessa

    STYLE CRONE……….we share the same nail polish color!YOU look lovely in your FALL outfit………isn’t it fun to collect over the years?I do the same……..and wear my stuff daily……….YOu have a VERY GOOD EYE…….BUT YOU KNOW THAT!XX

  12. Linda

    Beautiful outfit on a truly beautiful lady. Your Paris trip was such an inspiration for me. I have always wanted to go to Paris, but it seemed almost unattainable . Now I know that even though I am 65 years old and living in Nova Scotia, I just might get there yet! I am making an effort to be more like you, Judith, trying to wear the hats I do so love and have purchased over the years. I look forward to your posts and you never let me down. Thank you, beautiful style crone.

  13. Jazzy Jack

    Lovely golden leaves polka dotting along with your dotty outfit. I can feel your joy shushing through the leaves!
    Coming home has a wonder all its own, doesn’t it? xo JJ


    Every shot is a master piece just like you, my dear friend.
    I have spend 4 days with a blogger friend from Chicago,it had me wanting to meet all my dear friends.
    Thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family

  15. Vena Haller

    Your entries just make my day. You are so Beautiful inside and out and love Beautiful things as well. My son would say that I do to. I appreciate Lonnie hooking me up with your e-mail. So Pleased your Dream trip was a Dream.

    I got a new knee when you were gone and I am a new person too although I do believe I would have rather went your way, I had a very successful surgery and fast recovery. Thanks you again for sharing your Beauty.

  16. Greetje Kamminga

    Where to begin? You look terrific! That is a good start. I think you hair looks edgy, very nice. The French hat looks wonderful, the jeans and shoes too. And the sweater I would love to own. How beautiful!! (Don’t send it to me as it is not my size hahahaha.)
    Give my compliments to Daniel as well as the photos are beautiful. A sight for sore eyes. (In case this is different in America, it is a compliment in England.)

  17. Ana María

    You look perfect from head to feet. I love your outfit.

  18. Shelley

    I know what you mean about needing to have a home base to return to from a trip, and that being away can open your eyes to a new appreciation for your everyday surroundings. I didn’t feel as disappointed about returning home this time after my trip to New York, and am trying to focus on the things that I enjoy here, instead of the things I’m missing there.

  19. beth waltz

    Thank you, dear Judith, for sharing with us the joy of swishing through colorful leaves wearing jeans and basic black — and then the delight of a surprise polka-dot insert that twirls with the scarf and matches the shoes. Fall can be FUN!

  20. Curtise

    I’m glad you feel happy and content to be home; I often experience a real slump in my mood after a wonderful trip away, and I was wondering how you were feeling about being back at home.
    Of course you look beautifully elegant in monochrome, polka dots and rhinestones, Judith, and the autumn leaves make a fabulous backdrop! xxx

  21. Jess

    Hi! I love your style, your hats, and this all black look is fabulous. I am a fan of vintage or vintage style earrings, those are so pretty. I also love the shoes.
    from the link up,

    please stop by, jess xx


  22. Suz

    I have been away from blogging for weeks. But I am back. I had some struggles but they have passed. I have come back at a perfect time when you are wearing an outfit I would wear and you are doing it so beautifully. I love all black with a touch of style.

  23. Michelle

    I am absolutely loving this look. Simple and elegant from the front, you turn around and BAM! Perfect.

  24. Aya in Couturgatory

    I am so happy for you that you had an amazing trip, and thrilled that you are back and sharing your breathtaking style with us once more. You are a breath of inspiration and crisp air every time you post, Judith. 😀

  25. cherie james

    You look so great in hats!!! I wish so much I could wear them. I love your whole look and those earrings are spectacular!


  26. kenju

    My mom had those exact same rhinestone earrings in the late 50’s and I borrowed them often.

  27. wardrobe experience

    wonderful black outfit. the details with the dots and butons are just fantastic!

  28. ANDREA

    I am so happy you were able to travel to your kindred city Paris. I love the city and the fashion, life, and confidence the city exudes!

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