The SC was thrilled and honored to be contacted by Sacramento of Mis Papelicos HERE to be her partner in Share-In-Style: Denim, which is her link-up project that takes place every other Monday.  How fortunate that I had composed this ensemble for the last evening out to dinner with Mr. J in Vail several weeks ago.  It was barely unpacked from its last adventure.


The gorgeous and creative Sacramento is wearing a fabulous denim dress for her Share-In-Style event!


My denim contribution is a pair of skinny jeans that I purchased at a retail sale years ago. I’ve worn them in the past on Style Crone, and if I were a more efficient blogger, I would provide the links.  I focus on details with outfits, but let others go in the process.  There’s so much living to do and decisions to be made about priorities!


The estate sale vintage black velvet bolero jacket embellished with rhinestones plays nicely with the small rhinestone encrusted clutch,  estate sale vintage earrings and bracelet.  The SC’s gifted watch has become her constant companion.


Photos By Daniel

The estate sale vintage headpiece trimmed with rhinestones was worn two months ago HERE, which was recent enough for me to find the link without difficulty.  Rhinestones have the ability to travel from day to evening or dressy to casual without a moment’s hesitation.


Photos By Daniel

The SC’s outfit has been grounded with consignment store Prada black suede booties, which I’m sharing on beautiful  Sheila’s Shoeshine HERE at Emphemera.  I’m also linking up with Spy Girl’s 52 Pick-Me-Up HERE, which is about ‘transportation’ this week.  Anne always provides interesting challenges!

Though summer has arrived, the weather in Vail was chilly in the evenings, and the black turtleneck purchased retail provided welcomed warmth.

Now it’s your turn to share your denim style!  Thank you Sacramento, for the opportunity to participate in your bimonthly creation.

25 Responses to “Share-In-Style: Denim With Mis Papelicos”

  1. joni

    You really know how to snazzy up a pair of black skinnies!

  2. Greetje Kamminga

    Judith, you never cease to amaze me. Whether it is “all out, silk, layers and evening gown” or a pair of denim jeans…. you look fabulous in it. I love this outfit on you.

  3. Romy / Hippy at heart

    Absolutely love your look!!

  4. Pam@over50feeling40

    Gorgeous lady, gorgeous style, gorgeous jacket…you wear denim better than most I know! Amazing!

  5. Rosy

    Wow! You are a master to look elegant with simple jeans, dear Lady! All my admiration for you!

  6. déjà pseu

    Judith, you look amazing in this outfit! The bolero is gorgeous and the hat a work of art. Stunning!

  7. Jazzy Jack

    I love seeing how you and Sacramento blinged up your denim. Rhinestones never looked so good…or denim come to that! I’ve shared the same post as hat attack because it was actually written for this:-) See you again soon.XO JJ

  8. Patti

    This is a wonderful series, I love seeing my old friends and meeting new ones here. You look so terrific in black jeans, Judith!

  9. Vix

    You’ve dressed those jeans up wonderfully! i love the opulence of the 1980s blouson and the simplicity of the denim. xxx

  10. Rosanna

    Thank you Style Crone for making my day, my month, my year. I am a middle 60’s old bo-ho hippy living my dream on a farm. I love your hats and your wonderful, happy style. I went back to March posting with this black hat and really respect and admire your willingness to be you and embrace your age and time. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many of us old hippies who also love hats and style! Rosanna of Iowa

  11. Curtise

    What a wonderful outfit, the glamour of the jacket and hat, with the casual denim, just gorgeous! xxx

  12. Shelley

    Now THAT is how to wear black denim and make it look elegant with a touch of velvet glamour. Dressed up or down, you are a feast for the eyes.

    I haven’t worn any denim for quite a while so I have nothing to contribute to the Share-In-Style.

  13. Trina

    Great contribution, beautiful lady. Leave it to you to show and tell how to b=make denim become elegant.

  14. Jacqueline

    Ahh, these jeans are awesome, and your black sweater is lovely too. ‘if I was a more efficient blogger I’d provide links’ made me giggle out loud because I too skip on back linking often. x

  15. Melanie

    Your hat with this couldn’t be better with this outfit. And wow, your jeans look fantastic on you. I wish I hadn’t packed away most of my denim. All I had left out was this little denim jacket, and I just slipped this photo in as a two-fer with your Hat Attack, but I’m happy I made. Thanks for hosting these lovely link-up. Everyone here looks great.

  16. Monika Faulkner

    How fun!! I’ve never dared to join a “Link-up” before…but after writing my own blog post today (the one I’ve linked to!) about the courage to try new things, I gave it a go!! And it was so easy!! Thank you, Style Crone and Mis Papelicos, for this opportunity!! P.S. Dear Judith, you look like a rock star in your black skinny jeans and embellished bolero…as does Sacramento in her denim shirtdress and blinged-out sunnies!! 🙂


  17. Sheila (of Ephemera)

    Judith, you look fabulous – I would kill to wear jeans that well! Linking up with my denim jacket.


    Two ladys amazing and so beautiful!!! kisssssssssssssssssss


    My dearest Judith what a pleasure and honour it has been to share with you.
    I do honestly hope to hug you tight one day.
    tons and tons of love and ADMIRATION

  20. Susie

    Love this look! Especially love the hat, sparkles and the boots!

  21. Uahuahuah??? Kim Rosario

    We love how you make wearing jeans so classy!!!
    Top elegance!!!

  22. Judith Boyd

    Thank you Sacramento. It was so much fun to join with you and partner with Share-In-Style. I too hope to meet you in the near future. Much love to you!

  23. Underemployed1

    I cannot believe you are 71-years-old. You are now, officially, my new idol.

  24. Joan Wells

    Love the look of casual elegance! Denim and velvet. The hat is great, too!

  25. Diana

    Nice watch. Gifted?

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