The Un-Vail-ing Of Mr. J

June 23rd, 2014

The SC and Mr. J traveled to Vail HERE, a breathtaking mountain wonderland just an hour and one half drive to the west of Denver.  We spent three days wandering around an area known for its skiing resorts and in the off-season continues to attract visitors to its majestic Rocky Mountain scenery, galleries, shops, and […]


June 16th, 2014

The SC and Daniel traveled the short distance from home to Cheeseman Park HERE for an afternoon of photos.  We started with the Cheeseman Park Pavilion HERE as background to an ensemble which was neutral based, but adorned.  Decorated.   Covered with ornamentation.  Accessorized.  Embellished. I began today’s composition around the 1930’s evening bag which instantly […]

The rain in Denver continues, and a series of technical difficulties caused challenges for The SC and Daniel during today’s photo shoot.  Just as with aging, adjusting saves the day.  Today’s frustrations were not an issue of life or death, and led to improvisation and an unexpected flow. Without a flash for the camera on […]

Hat Attack #11

June 1st, 2014

The SC is drawn to hats that allow themselves to be molded into many different permutations or personalities. The flexible shape changers of the millinery world! This black lacquered straw hat with patent leather band from my hat shop in the 80’s takes me as far as my creativity allows.  The possibilities are endless! This […]

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