Last week was Diana’s 60th birthday, and has become the tradition HERE in my orbit of friends, a croning ceremony took place as part of her celebration.  In honor of this glorious transition, The SC chose to wear the Lisogorsky elevated crone crown, which was purchased in NYC while hat shopping with the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas HERE.


The multicolored draped velvet chapeau immediately sparked a ‘hat attack.’  I know when I’ve been smitten by the beauty of headwear, and in this case I couldn’t possibly leave the shop without this hat in my possession.  Every angle has its charm and distinctive appeal.


I just happened to have a gifted vintage wine-colored silk velvet top with rhinestone closures to play with the colors of the hat.  The black background of the estates sale vintage pencil skirt, Fluevog boots and consignment store sleeveless turtleneck gave the hat its proper place as the focus point of this ensemble.


Photos by Kelsey


Diana pensively cut her birthday cake, adorned with feather fascinator.  Because every crone needs a break sometimes, Diana is taking a well deserved winter vacation.  She will be deeply missed!


I’m sure she will be trying out her new walking stick, decorated with meaningful trinkets from friends and family.

I’m taking the crone crown over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style. This celebration is not to be missed, no matter one’s age or choice of self-expression.



29 Responses to “What To Wear To A Croning Ceremony”

  1. Leah H

    What fun! And you look smashing!!

  2. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Splendid celebration, by the looks of things…and the cake looks yummy!!!

    Ah…you had me at silk velvet. Decadent sounding, and if ever there was someone deserving, it is you. You look lovely!

  3. Chris

    Fabulous Hat!! Fabulous Outfit!!! Looks like a Beautiful Celebration of Life.

  4. Vix

    Your velvet blouse and turban are just sublime! You and Diana both look incredible! I love your Croning Ceremonies, I can’t wait to have one myself! xxx

  5. Curtise

    Happy birthday to Diana, I hope she is having fun celebrating her Croneship while on holiday!
    Your hat is a stunning piece of millinery, the texture and folds and colours are beautiful, and of course work perfectly with the velvet blouse. Elegant and wonderful as always, Judith! xxx

  6. Pam@over50feeling40

    The blouse is so gorgeous, Judith and it looks like it was the perfect celebration! Have a safe and warm week!

  7. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Your hat is wonderful, Judith! Both you and Diane look fab, and happy birthday to her. Thanks for sharing the event, and the styles, with Visible Monday.

  8. Welovefur

    I really like this velvet shirt. So simple so chic

  9. Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

    LOL! I could see right off the bat that that was a very difficult hat when we were in Gallery Vercon, but I had NO NO NO trepidation at all at your buying it. In fact, I KNEW you would have something in your wardrobe that would suit it perfectly, even not knowing what’s in your wardrobe. And voila! Here it is! Fab, Fab, Fab! – Valerie

  10. Beata

    Fantastic look! I love velvet and love your top – it goes perfectly with your hat! Hope you had a splendid time 🙂 hugs, Beata xxx

  11. Tamera

    What a fabulous hat-and the top is stunning!!

    I totally want a croning ceremony for my 60th birthday!!

  12. Shelley

    Please wish Diana a very happy belated birthday from me, and I hope she gets some much deserved fun, and rest, on her vacation. My God, that is one helluva hat, and few people would be able to work it like you can. I love the gorgeous silk velvet blouse (Puffed Sleeves!!).

    I think I need to plan a Croning Ceremony for my 60th, and of course, you must be included 🙂

  13. Paula

    Hat is truly fetching! I turn 60 also this year–would love to have you at my party (if i have one!) xoxo

  14. Jean

    How wonderful to have such a community! Diana looks beautiful in her embellished jacket and I love her hair. I’m sure you miss her artistry but I’m happy to see you in all your glory nevertheless. 🙂 I totally understand why that hat had to come home with you.

    Much love to you and Camille, and anyone else you’d like to share it with. As we know, the more you give it away, the more you have. XXOO

  15. Emalina

    What a fabulous idea a Croning Ceremony is! You and Diana are resplendent in your beautiful finery. I adore that crown with the velvet blouse, they look as if they were designed for eachother and make you look positively regal!

    Thanks so much for your kind words on my news dear Judith!

  16. Veshoevius

    You look wonderful! That velvet blouse is just divine!
    This is the first I’ve heard of a croning ceremony – but it looks to be a very stylish and dressy affair – happy birthday to Diana.
    And thanks for your email – wonderful to hear your news xx

  17. Susan Partlan

    I love how your hat picks up some of the colors in the painting.

    Belated Happy Birthday to your friend Diana!

  18. Beth Waltz

    The hat and the blouse remind one of Queen Alexandra: splendidly, regally beautiful.

    And what a marvelous feast for the eyes is that cake!

  19. Val S

    Absolutely gorgeous outfit – so luxe in that velvet jacket and the Vog boots, and the crone crown atop it all! What a wonderful party outfit!

    I also like the candles in the colors, presumably signifying the decades, and the trinkets on the walking stick. Very special.

  20. Mrs D

    Ooh, all the velvet is just lush.
    You look wonderful!

  21. ariane

    Hi Judith!

    A happy birthday to Diana!
    Your chapeau! is divine Judith- The colors, fabric are exquisite, one my favorite so far
    And isn’t wonderful that you have that top, perfect!



  22. Jan Graham-McMillen

    I, for one, am happy to see lovely Crones like you … it’s a word that needs taking back from our cultural biases. *Crone* is not synonymous with *hag.* No one seeing you in this beautiful ensemble could think that, and you are a living tutorial on why our maturity means power and glamour at it’s permanent zenith. I’m so happy to see longevity celebrations that are about much more than just another year or decade survived. No over-the-hill black balloons allowed. Every morning I am reminded of all those who haven’t had the privilege of making it this far.
    Know you’ll miss Diana for a little … and know you’ll celebrate her return. What a lovely event you made for her. Divine looking cake!

  23. Melanie

    That walking stick will be a protective force, what a great gift. Here’s to a fulfilling new year for Diana.
    That is truly a hat worthy of a coronation. Your top and hat look like they were made for each other, and then you spice it up with your skirt and boots. Beautiful!

  24. Senior and Stylish, Modest and Modish

    […] Read more – What To Wear To A Croning Ceremony […]

  25. Robin

    That vintage top is amazing, and it really sets off the hat.
    The croning ceremony is genius.

  26. jess

    Hi there. New to your site. I love the outfit, a big fan of burgandy and love the style. I am 40+ and just began my blog if you would want to stop by:

  27. Carol Markel

    Love that chartreuse and violet.

  28. Greetje Kamminga

    Beautiful hat wrap. And you just “happened” to have such a lovely top lying around to match it. Woman… Your closets must be bigger and more of it than mine. And I have a lot as you know haha.

  29. Geneva White

    ..A “croning” ceremony!! what a wonderful and inventive idea….As always, you look fabulous and are superbly styled.

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