Hat Attack #7

February 1st, 2014


Hat Attack #7 inspired The SC to wear a hat by Patricia Underwood HERE, which was brought home to the hat room from my hat shop of the 80’s.  Ms. Underwood names her hats and the T.S. Elliot has a presence that has held my attention since the moment I laid eyes on its many charms.  I am of the opinion that Patricia Underwood’s hats are some of the finest in the world.


I adore the shape and the space that it assertively inhabits, making a statement that is difficult to ignore.  This hat is an extrovert, announces itself from a distance and remains true to itself up close!


The T. S. Elliot is a shape shifter and molds into as many hats as the wearer’s creativity desires.


This hat promotes dancing and other activities that encourage laughter and exuberance.


Wearing this hat requires commitment to visibility and all that comes with embracing life with gratitude.


Photos by Daniel N

The T. S. Elliot brings me great pleasure during the unpredictable month of February.  Wearing this hat is a celebration of all that the art of millinery brings to my life.

Please display your hat, headwrap, headpiece, fascinator, hair flower, headband or other adornment for your head that you adore, give The SC a FEBRUARY HAT ATTACK and kindly link to Style Crone somewhere in you post.  I’m excited to see the beautiful creations that you share throughout the next week. Participation will be open through February 7th.



47 Responses to “Hat Attack #7”

  1. Mascha

    Oh, that’s an awesome hat, I get pleasure to wear, but I’m too shy for sure. I’m not a model …
    These photos are wonderful –
    Have a greatful february with it 🙂

  2. Barbara

    You have the face and head for wearing hats and that hat is a stunner. You are also wearing the PERFECT costume for the hat. The shoulder drape perfectly reflects the shape of the hat. Brilliant.
    Thank you

  3. Curtise

    I’m sure the original T S Eliot never looked so stylish and dramatic! What an utterly fabulous hat, I love that it can be worked into different shapes, how wonderful. I particularly like its asymmetrical incarnation, but the first one has superb dramatic impact. And the detail of the collar/epaulettes on your jacket are perfect, echoing the sculpture of the hat. I’m loving everything about it – can you tell?!
    “And indeed there will be time
    To wonder, ‘Do I dare?’ and, ‘Do I dare?’…
    Do I dare
    Disturb the universe?”
    I think the answer is YES! xxx

  4. Curtise

    Can’t see the linky button…

  5. Pam@over50feeling40

    Gorgeous…the hat is fabulous, but I am so taken with the collar on the jacket…so chic! Happy Saturday, Judith!

  6. No Fear of Fashion

    Like Curtise and Pam, I am loving the hat and the collar/epaulettes of your jacket. Stunning. Especially the first “mold”. I had a look at Ms. Underwood’s collection… how beautiful. It is very easy to become a hat lover with her collection. Magnificent. She had at least 5 hats I wanted to try.

  7. Suzanne

    I love that you can change the shape of this hat. So very cool.


  8. pkgo

    Style Crone you always look so elegant and inspiring.

  9. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    What a gorgeous, “extroverted”, changeable hat. There are some lessons for me in that hat! And you look beautiful, as ever.

  10. Wayne Wichern

    Judith, I love the extreme height of this upturned brim. As one of my favorite quotes from Iris Barrel Apfel goes “I am hardly a fan of discreet jewelry, less is never more” Regards, Wayne

  11. Val S

    A shape shifter and a style queen – you make a perfect pair! I would be a little worried about wearing that hat in the rain because it looks like it would hold gallons. But I see that problem is solved by turning down the side – which looks particularly exquisite! You didn’t say anything about the jacket, but it’s beautiful, too, and worthy of having its own name.

  12. thorne garnet

    one of my Cthulhu hats made by my friend Kristina


    I know, I know I am not wearing a hat. I am such a rule breaker, ahhhhhhhhh
    I am wearing a cape though, LOL
    I wanted to join you anyhow, like friends do.


    This hat is the most fabulous one I ever saw. I love that it can be shaped in to so many different styles. I live in “hot” south Florida and cannot wear that with ordinary clothes. The hat deserves a coat or a suit to wear with it. I wish it was made in straw or cotton and then I could shape it to fit my face and style. Love it!

  15. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Oh, not only do you look fabulous, but you have made me realize the error in my ways. I made my first hat recently, was not happy with it, and have taken part of it apart, struggling with how to ‘fix’ it. Now, I think the hat was okay. It was me that was not ready to be visible! Thanks for the lesson, spoken with kindness and wisdom.

  16. Tamera Beardsley

    Such a beautiful ode to your T. S. Elliot!

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  18. Margy

    Ah, the T.S.Elliott…that was the first Patricia Underwood hat I bought…loved it then, love it still. My husband used to think I wore it to scare children! Maybe I will get it out to photograph…although it is so beautiful on you, Judith, I don’t know….

  19. SizzleandZoom

    Someday I will join in on your Hat Attack but in the meantime let me say this is one magnificent hat especially on you. So many marvelous ways to wear it.

  20. Coco

    Marvellous dear! Stop by if you’d like to see my attempt at #shareinstyle.
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    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook
    Spring 2014 Trends International Giveaway

  21. Martina Elegant

    The first picture is fantastic! Great hat, great YOU!

  22. Melanie

    Napoleonic, that’s what I think. You lead the charge, not into battle but into a few lovely hat shops with lovely nibbly stops in between. Your battle cry is “Hats in Position!” So versatile, each incarnation incredibly interesting. This is classic, fun, and you are gorgeous, gorgeous. Thanks for hosting this again. I can’t believe it’s already No. 7!

  23. kezzie

    It is a shape shift hat????? That is Amazing!!!. I have a post to john in with this but need to write it tomorrow as too late tonight!!! X

  24. Jean

    As the host of Hat Attack, you lead the way with drama and authority. As minions, we march admiringly. You are absolutely an icon to be enthralled with. LOVE YOU!!!!

  25. Lost Roses

    Love it! Every time I see this hat birdfeeder in a catalog I think of you!

  26. Shelley

    Hat Attack Number 7??? Where does the time go? I love T.S. Elliot the hat, more than T.S. Elliot the writer. It’s a spectacular shape no matter which way you fold it, and it makes such a powerful architectural statement with that jacket.

    You are the Mistress of Millinery Magnificence!!

  27. nesli

    Hat is impressive to say the least but I love, love, love the gloves!

  28. Jill

    What a wonder ful hat the T. S. Elliot is, and you wear it just so well , and the jacket you are wearing is just stunning. You are an inspiration to all hat wearers.

  29. Vix

    If teenaged me had known you and your hat back in 1983 I think I’d have enjoyed The Wasteland a lot more. Back then TS Elliot was the bane of my life!
    What a quirky yet elegant hat, even in all black you dazzle . x

  30. Rose

    What an incredible hat, Judith! It doesn’t seem possible that you can get all of those looks from just one hat. That is what I call value for money!

    I have joined the Hat Attack, but sorry, I forgot to mention Hat Attack in my blogpost (The Isabella Blow Exhibition). But will do in the next few days, as I have a photo to share (of a hat, naturally).

    Much love to you,
    Rose from http://www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

  31. Paula

    Hi Judith! So glad I could join in the fun this time! I was all matchy, matchy with my hat this time.
    Love your hat! I was looking for one like that for my son’s wedding but I settled for a smaller version–more like a pillbox. You will see that in the future on my blog and maybe for next month’s hat attack! xoxo

  32. Kezzie

    …also, did you say you had a hat shop??!?!?!

  33. Sheila (of Ephemera)

    Judith, you look so classic and chic in your T.S. Eliot! I am a huge fan of his poetry (especially “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”), and that chapeau is poetry on you!

    I’ll be linking up shortly – I wore a lovely vintage hat yesterday for English tea!

  34. Spashionista (Alicia)

    Only you could pull off that hat in every permutation possible and still look like perfection! Thank you for showing us several different variations and for being the style icon of grateful visibility.


  35. Mrs D

    This hat of yours is amazing- I love that it’s so versatile and maleable…
    You look so beautiful wearing it xx

  36. Anonymous

    Great pictures!! I like your black hat.

  37. Idiosyncratic Fashionistas


  38. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Wow! What a beauty this grand hat is! It does rule wherever it goes, and you know how to wear it. That’s a pretty big deal, your stock in trade, and you do it superbly. That coat … was it made for this hat? I’m so taken with this architectural combination. Lovely.
    I love to visit your Hat Attack! One of the very best linky parties, and so YOU!

  39. Veshoevius

    I’m all for a hat that promotes dancing! (BTW are you still doing flamenco classes? Do tell!)
    And I love that jacket! It looks like 50s Christian Dior!

  40. Tamera

    What a stunning hat!! And I love the detailing on your jacket!!

  41. Mercedes de Marchena

    Absolutely love the hat, all of your hats! I love hats and have quite a few, somehow I don’t wear them as often as I should. You are an inspiration!!!

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  43. Ann

    The drama, the style, the space it occupies (love that phrase)! This hat is a true classic with so many ways to wear it. I love it with is jacket, earrings and gloves. A true show stopper.

    I think I might have had this hat in the 80’s or at least a copy of this design. My dear Mom bought me a hat from the Oval Room at Dayton’s that could be worn like this one. I loved it so much, must see if I still have it.

    blue hue wonderland

  44. Monika Faulkner

    How amazing is it that you can totally change the shape of this hat to suit your whim?! I love that idea…and I love all the looks you created here; everything from classic to just plain fun!!


  45. RLW

    Where did you get such a fabulous jacket?

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  47. Fashionista9

    You are Fab-u-lous. Love the Underwood…mine is in purple satin. Love the suit jacket looks familiar who is the manufacture.

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