Cocktail hat, headpiece, fascinator!  These words are music to my ears.  I love how they perch on the head, with their flirty and fun-loving ways.  They serve no function but to top off an outfit with playfulness and whimsy, and only exist for the purpose to adorn and provide self entertainment. I discovered this vintage […]

Fall’s colors inspire me and this season rivals spring for my favorite.  With an understated brown background, I adorned myself in autumn and embraced the scarf installation for its daily gifts of color and texture.  I’m grateful that I’m alive to appreciate the realization of a vision that became a reality in March of 2013 […]

Style Crone has brought many wonderful experiences that will remain with me always. Another surprise dropped out of the sky recently, when I received an email that I had been chosen as one of the five people to participate in a PR campaign for Skyestone Denver HERE built by Taylor Morrison HERE (I was not paid […]

Feathers, Hats And Lace

November 4th, 2013

Last weekend The SC was invited by a friend to attend the Mental Health America of Colorado HERE fundraising event, which was held at a downtown hotel.  Cocktail attire was requested, which sent me straight to the closet which holds evening wear.  It’s one of my favorite spots on the face of the earth. I […]

Hat Attack #4

November 1st, 2013

 Photo By Daniel N This vintage hat with high crown and swooping brim, embellished with pheasant and marabou feathers, caught my eye from its perch high on a shelf in the hat room.  It was of course purchased at an estate sale years ago.  It was last worn at a dear friend’s birthday party, feathers […]

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