Denver Discoveries

June 23rd, 2013


On our way to another destination not far from downtown, Diana and The SC discovered Centennial Flower Gardens. We had not been aware of this space that immediately drew us in and we spent time exploring its many areas of sculpture and beauty.  The Gardens are patterned after the Gardens of Versailles, with paths and patterned flowerbeds showcasing native species along with other flowers that grow well in Colorado’s arid climate.


The Speer Avenue (named after a former mayor of Denver HERE) viaduct is on display in the background.  You never know what you might find when you get in the car and remain open to the irresistible.  Like having a goal in life, but then something glitters on the landscape, and another path is chosen.  At least for a period of time.  The original photo shoot location/goal can be revisited on another day.  Flexibility has its advantages.


The estate sale vintage Dior hat with fabric crown and lacquered straw brim provides protection from the sun and from any view that The SC desires to block from her vision. One of the benefits of wearing a hat with a brim that falls low on the forehead!


Spending some time behind bars.


Downtown Denver provides a backdrop to the frivolity of the afternoon.  The estate sale Troylings by Seymour Troy peep toe pumps teeter on the edge of the cement platform, with side views of the black textured asymmetrical skirt by Brigitte NYC and the lace top which drapes down the back below the waist.


Close up of Dior hat and estate sale vintage white lace top and pearl bracelet.  The estate sale vintage pearl earrings are hidden beneath the lacquered straw brim.


Showcasing the estate sale vintage white lace gloves.


Photos by Diana

Exiting the gardens alongside columns with shadows.

The SC is off to join gorgeous Patti’s Visible Monday HERE at Not Dead Yet Style.

41 Responses to “Denver Discoveries”

  1. Marla

    Such a lovely vintage outfit and a wonderful day spent in Denver.

  2. leslie

    so glad i found this site, you are amazing and your hat is awesome!!

  3. Margy

    Oh, how lovely you look, Judith! That lace top is beautiful!

  4. meligrosa

    so fabulous?! those white gloves are superb, the whole you is =)

  5. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    Squeal…The Dior hat is superb! And the gloves too! Now you’ve got me thinking about up cycling a woven hat with fabric.

    Lovely photos of the Denver skyline…loving those clouds.

    Sue xo

  6. Val Sparkle

    Oh, how beautiful – every single inch! The hat, the lace jacket and gloves, the skirt, the roses. You are stunning, and your black and white outfit looks so dramatic next to the pink roses!

  7. Melanie

    Yes, I like what you said about seeing something glitter on the horizon and being pulled to new, unexpected, and delightful places. But that only works if you’re open to new possibilities, as you are right now. You and Diana seem to be enjoying your adventures. It’s Denver style parkouring!
    A Dior hat? I’m not much of a label hound but that particular name is thrilling. Gorgeous, Judith.

  8. Linda

    Incredibly elegant look! The hat and gloves are especially amazing!

  9. chicatanyage

    I love wandering round formal gardens. We have some great ones in or near London.

  10. Vix

    How gorgeous you and the surrounding are! I love the lace top and that superb Dior hat! xxx

  11. Breathless!

    You take my breath away with your beauty and this incredible outfit. I just LOVE the hat and gloves and your grace and elegance.

    Good lawd, that was a bit gushy but I stand by it!!!

    Sarah xxx

  12. Chris Klein-Goss

    The look is Fabulous, and your elegant taste never ceases to amaze me!
    What an inspiration you are…

  13. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    What a glorious lace blouse (along with the gloves), Judith. I love a large brimmed hat as well, and this one is divine. Thanks for sharing these sights with Visible Monday!

  14. Shelley

    Judith amongst the flowers! Diana captured some gorgeous photos of you in your spontaneous location. I love every bit of that outfit, especially the crinkly skirt and that HAT, OMG, THE HAT….swoon.

  15. Kathleen Lisson

    That’s one of my hat secrets. If I don’t want to see something, I just lower my chin.

  16. Bella Q

    Timeless elegance! I love the hat, the top, the skirt, the gloves, and the beautiful woman who wears this! Any age, this lovely ensemble is well suited, how lovely you look!

  17. Susan Partlan

    Gorgeous, gorgeous outfit! I want to sit next to you on that bench and admire every detail, and the roses.

  18. Paula

    I love a lace top over a dress; I wore a reasonable facsimile last week! (Great minds…)
    Love the addition of your hat and gloves–those gloves are to die for! xoxo

  19. Trina

    Well, you are the Denver discovery! I can just imagine onlookers getting a glance at this beautiful lady walking among the gardens. Simply Devine. You are just the most elegant, classy lady out there. Can I just try to emanate you? I don’t know if I would ever remove that amazing hat.

  20. Renae of Simple Sequins

    Oh I love this post and your blog. Seeing you for the first time via Patti’s meme. I love how you posed this and the artistic nature of the whole thing. Nice to meet you.

  21. Gabriala @Style Higher™

    Judith, Judith, Judith!!! That jacket and gloves and all of it!!! If I saw you in public I would run up to you and beg for a photo! Such a beautiful model, seriously. Swooning over here! xoxoxox

  22. Anne-Marie Bruun

    It is so exciting to see the picture galleries from your city and learn about history. You look lovely. Gloves, hat, skirt and top are so beautiful. And the hat makes it perfect. It is a very beautiful hat. It also looks like a very beautiful place this Flower Garden.
    Give your photographer one 🙂

  23. Curtise

    Judith, you look as elegant as you have ever looked in this beautiful outfit! I love all the delicate textures, they make the monochrome just dazzling. The Dior hat is stunning, and I adore the lace top and gloves.
    Yes, it’s good to be distracted and take a different path sometimes! xxxxx

  24. Veshoevius

    I think this is my favourite outfit of yours yet! So stunning! I did think on seeing the first photo that you were holidaying in Paris! How apt that the hat is vintage Dior. Your outfit and hat and your poses in these gardens made me think of those early fashion shoots of Dior outfits in the fifties.

  25. Jean

    This is a lovely combination of pieces, each one special in it’s own right, and divine all together. I love how all the disparate textures combine harmoniously, and are unified by the rigor of black and white. It has a retro feel while being completely contemporary. The location is gorgeous too. Clearly improvisation, as a result of distraction, can lead to wonderful things. XXOO


    The lace bolero over that wonderful black dress, and you amongst flowers= pure poetry.
    Much love and admiration always.
    Great photos Diana.

  27. Ann

    You look stunning! This outfit is beautiful and I absolutely adore these photos, especially the first picture. Beautifully done!

    blue hue wonderland

  28. Spashionista

    Judith, you should be in Vogue magazine wearing that outfit. It’s beauty defies description. The hat is a perfect balance for the long skirt and the lace jacket is just gorgeous! You always set the fashion bar so high that the rest of us rarely come close to reaching it. You’re a beauty!


  29. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Josephine didn’t look better at Versailles than you did here. Perfect spot to show off your black, white and lovely laces than with the roses. Also great against the stone architecture … you both have a great eye for context!
    Age just doesn’t apply to you, Judith.
    I always appreciate seeing Denver from your perspective … proof positive that following the attraction for the “shiny thing over there” is a very good thing to do!

  30. Greetje Kamminga

    Beautiful !! So unique, so lovely, such a lady. Love everything about the outfit. The hat, the earrings, the lace top, the skirt, the gloves, the shoes. Everything. You are so good.

  31. Emalina

    You are utterly enchanting and so beautiful in that divine ensemble Jude, shown off to perfection by the backdrop of the lovely garden. I particularly love the stunning white lace against the black. The crinkle skirt reminds me of the flowing lines of 1920s Paul Poiret, and that hat so elegant.

  32. idiosyncratic Fashionistas

    ESPECIALLY love the lace top! And you wear it like no one else could!

  33. Tamera

    Judith–how elegant and chic are you in your black and white~~~i just adore the vintage hat and top!! and the setting with the roses is just perfect!!

  34. pam@over50feeling40

    What a fabulous photo shoot! You look stunning…the clothes are gorgeous…the scenery is gorgeous…I loved so much about this post. Thanks for always inspiring us, Judith!!

  35. SizzleandZoom

    Beautiful photos. Perfect summer hat for lunch/brunch on the patio.

  36. Tess

    You look stunning! This lace jacket is just to die for. Great hat! Looking beautiful- I love this!

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  38. déjà pseu

    Your lace top seems perfectly suited to wander among the flowers!

  39. Mrs D

    You are so beautiful. I probably sound like a broken record by now but every time I pay you a visit it’s all I can think of 🙂
    Love the outfit- reminds me of other eras!!!

  40. Lynn Dylan

    You are totally beautiful! And that hat is absolutely scrumptious!!!


  41. Suzan

    You are an amazing expression of the goddess! Thanks for sharing your amazing sense of style through textiles, fit and accessories. Your photos are fantastic! I am inspired!

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