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Holiday Tulle

December 17th, 2012

At a recent estate sale The SC stumbled upon this double layered tulle maxi skirt with large silver sequins and immediately stopped in her tracks.  Tulle has been worn by many bloggers over the past several months and to try to list them all in their glory would involve relying on my memory, which can be risky.  Because of the inspiration of the multiple interpretations of tulle wearing, I captured this piece and took it home to give it new life at a holiday party.  Blogging provides ideas that otherwise wouldn’t have crossed my mind!

The antique bookcase on the left was discovered in the alley behind our home in the 70’s.  I’m not a dumpster diver (yet), but I do take note of my surroundings!  It’s filled with vintage bags, which greet me daily as I walk out the door, begging to be considered for an outing.

Tulle wearing is great fun, but provides a challenge while driving, as its volume accumulates halfway up the steering wheel, but thankfully not blocking my vision.  It was cause for laughter, which in and of itself was worth the decision to take it out the door.

 The minimization of the holidays puts a smile on The SC’s face.

The heels were purchased at an estate sale a few weeks ago, covered with pleated fabric and embellished with rhinestones.  They are sculptures worthy of mantle placement, between the feather fascinators.  Perhaps with a touch of holly that’s hanging out in the back yard, covered for the first time with red berries.  The large fishnets were also found in a drawer, and haven’t been worn for years.  My home has been gifting me for months!

Photos by Diana

Out the door in the holiday ensemble with long velvet gloves that I found in a another drawer during my organizational process, which were too large until they were transformed to fingerless with a scissors and a steady crone hand.  The holiday wreath that I’ve had for years, decorated with gifted red and green bells, has taken the place, in my mind, of the bejeweled tree that I was tempted to put up before holiday events began happening with frequency.  I’m pleased with a less hurried and more contemplative holiday season.

Vintage Schiaparelli shocking pink velvet/silk turban – gifted, black cashmere sleeveless turtleneck – consignment store, tulle skirt with large silver sequins, vintage earrings and black heels with rhinestones – estate sales, long velvet burgundy fingerless gloves and fishnets – ? found in dresser drawers, black velvet cape with burgundy satin lining – NYC boutique years ago.

Linking up with Patti’s Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style HERE.

51 Responses to “Holiday Tulle”

  1. Joni

    I’m enjoying the simplicity of this re-created Holiday as well. Our tradition has moved into no tree, just doing for others and learning a new cocktail to enjoy. Happy Holidays Judith!

  2. Jeannie@gracefully50

    Oh my goodness! You are a vision!
    Soooo lovely!

  3. Melanie

    Breathtaking. I love everything about this – especially your description of how it rides up past the steering wheel but doesn’t block your vision. LOL! And the fact that it elicited laughter makes it even more special. Your Schiaparelli hat and those divine gloves, shoes, hosiery…sigh. Jumbo sequins? Even a velvet cape with burgundy lining? You have got to be joking. Double sigh. Happy holiday, Judith. You are a vision here. I enjoy a quiet holiday too. I’m trying to catch up…

  4. Tamera Beardsley

    You are such a wonderful addition to the ‘tulle party’ ! You are radiant in your ensemble!

  5. Rebecca

    Happy holidays to the ever beautiful SC. Only you could put together such a fantastical,
    unique outfit and look so perfect in it. You are truly my style icon.

  6. Val Sparkle

    When I saw your picture on Visible Monday I thought, Oh, she really looks wonderful today – love the red gloves and hat. Then when I saw the full-length tulle with the polka dots my jaw literally dropped!!! What a wonderful outfit! Adding the cape is just the icing on the cake! (And I’ll just add a few more exclamation points!!!)

  7. Rebecca

    Happy Holidays to the ever beautiful SC. Only you could put together such a fantastical
    and unique outfit and look so wonderful in it. You are truly my style icon.

  8. Willa

    I’m impressed that you could drive in this lovely, festive costume! I recently planned a fabulous look for a party, but I knew that driving myself to and from was simply not going to work so I had to arrange for one of my friends to serve as driver and escort for the evening. He rose to the occasion, and we had a fab time. — Happy holidays! Glad to see that you are finding new life for great outfits and for yourself. I think it is significant that so many wonderful elements of your wardrobe these days are found within the recesses of your closet and are now finding new life, inspiring new aspects of you.

  9. pao

    I am dumbstruck by the awesomeness of your tulleness, Judith. By far, the best dressed holiday garb I’ve ever seen. Each piece you’ve put together is perfection. Thanks so much for sharing it with us all. It’s like Christmas morning!

  10. Amber of Butane Anvil

    Judith, what a wonderful find! This is definitely the perfect tulle for you – fabulously elegant and dramatic and frothing up in the car like giggles. I had a good chortle myself, thank you so much for that. As always, your absolute and storied treasures in perfect pairings and combinations are just unbelievably tremendous. How utterly lovely, and what fun!

    Today’s photos are especially joyful, and all the more stunning for it.

  11. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    “My home has been gifting me for months!” I love this – and had similar experiences when we were packing up the old cottage. Your tulle is breathtakingly beautiful – thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday.

  12. Tess

    Amazing!!!! So beautiful~ I love the tulle!!

  13. SizzleandZoom

    You look glamorous in that tulle dress! Very festive.

  14. déjà pseu

    Oh. Wow. Each of these pieces is fabulous on its own, but together…Sublime.

  15. pastcaring

    What a superbly dramatic tulle skirt, not an ounce of twee here, it’s all sophistication and glamour! Tulle AND giant sequins, what a find! Red is the perfect accompaniment, of course, for extra passion and drama, the gloves and exquisite hat and the satin lining of the cape are stunning.
    I am very taken with your sideboard full of handbags silently pleading to be taken out for the day – I hope they all get a turn!
    I think that doing Christmas in your own time and your own way is absolutely right, Judith. Next year, you might want to change it up again, who knows? But quiet and contemplative seems good for now – and always stylish, of course! xxxx

  16. Vix

    What an amazing dress and a breathtaking turban, a fabulously festive combination which is neither predictable or twee! Love the rescued book case and the array of gorgeous bags for you to choose from before embarking on an adventure. xxx

  17. Chicatanyage

    May Cinderella go to the ball!

  18. Chris

    Absolutely STUNNING!!!
    You are an inspiration to all ladies.
    May your Holidays be as lovely as you are.

  19. Marla

    You look like a princess going to a ball. I love that skirt and those beautiful red gloves.

  20. Camille

    You look so beautiful as always! Yes I love the minimalist holiday myself. Holiday season year two is making it’s way through and we are surviving! You are surviving by dressing up and I love it! Love you!

  21. Bella Q

    Mindblowingly gorgeous! I love the blogger influence (it’s an inspiring bunch isn’t it?) and how elegant and timely you look. The hat is gasp worthy, and the whole look a festive dance. How lovely you look- how lucky is that tulle? Happy holidays, dear Judith. xo! Bella

  22. Maureen

    So sorry SC, but I have to stop reading as I am overcome with style envy! What a stunner! Oh, how I wish we had estate sales, I wish, I wish!


    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are killing me in that wonderful tulle skirt, and the pop of red is so festive and wonderful, my dear friend.

  24. Jean

    Every day should be a party when you can dress like this!! You are exquisite!!! I love the nod to Dior’s “New Look”. You are the epitome of timeless style, updated with self-cut fingerless gloves and spectacular shoes, hose, hat, top etc. Every element is perfect. As you throw on your glamorous cape, I imagine you stepping daintily down the walk to your awaiting carriage…or limousine. You glow with elegance and I know everyone at the party was warmed by your presence. XXOO

  25. Shelley

    Oh Judith, you are a VISION of gloriousness in this outfit!!! It’s a good thing I wasn’t at that estate sale with you as I would have wrestled you to the ground for this tulle skirt 😉 That truly is the most beautiful holiday outfit I’ve ever seen – you are a wonderful inspiration.

  26. Practical Paralegalism

    Best tulle skirt ever. I do smile when thinking of you driving while wearing it :) You are super elegant as always, and you look so much younger than your stated age on your blog. Wow.

    I love how you decorate your home with fashion. I’d get stuck at the front door every day if I had to pass a bookcase full of gorgeous vintage handbags 😛

  27. Crystal Hammon

    Something about you in this dress makes me think of Audrey Hepburn. What a good eye you have! I would love to go shopping with you!

  28. Megan Mae

    So glamorous! I can’t imagine driving in such a look, but wow! It’s amazing. I hope that skirt gets to grace many parties to come! It’s divine.

  29. no fear of fashion

    It took my breath away. I was gobsmacked as the Brittish say.
    Absolutely love it. Would LOVE to own this outfit. Everything from head to toe.
    How on earth do you find these things. The red pops as it should pop and the tule with silver dots add to the festiveness. Well done.

  30. Ariane

    Everything is perfect about this outfit!
    I love the finger less gloves , it adds the funky touch
    The shoes are 40’s inspired? not very good with dating but they look 40ish inspired
    Of course the hat it would not be you without the hat!

    Looking lovely

    Happy Holidays

    Ariane xxxxx

  31. Tamera

    Wow–you look like a glamourous Old Hollywood star getting ready to walk the red carpet!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  32. Anne-Marie Bruun

    It is quite marvelous – an adventure – we must maintain our tulle time. Red, black and sequins are so beautiful. There is something amazing to velvet and especially the hat is so wonderful and your shoes are for adventure. I would like to have seen you drive Mrs. Style Crone

  33. Emalina

    Wow how glorious is that ensemble! The tulle is amazing, and the red velvet gives the gorgeous finishing touches. You look like you’re off to a magical ball!

  34. Rosemary

    This outfit is amazing! I so envy your sense of style and color.

  35. Diana Roca

    I will miss our photo date tomorrow but relish the vision of the sparkly skirt in which I last saw you. It put the dazzle in my holidays!

  36. Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle

    This is so nice. What a find! Of course it’s the stylist in you that turns it into a masterpiece with the beautiful hat, gloves and shoes. Beautiful.

  37. Ulla-Marie

    So beautiful!

  38. Carol Markel

    So you tool about in your tulle. Fabulous, darling. Fabulous.
    Happy Holidays.

  39. Paula

    so much fun! Love the tulle~Happy Holidays

  40. Shybiker

    Wow! Amazing skirt. And you present it beautifully.

    I’m laughing at your difficulty driving in it. Imagine my difficulty wearing one on a motorcycle! (I’ve got pictures to prove it.)

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  43. Tina from Australia

    Wonderful outfit. Bravo!!!

  44. Sheila

    You look stunning, Judith!

  45. Bev

    I love your vivacious sense of style and the way you lend such style to the occasion.
    I would definately like to follow your blog.

    thanks for the happy and beautiful clothes and hats.


  46. Gabriala @Style Higher™

    Oh my goodness SC!!!!!! I can’t get over these photos, so gorgeous! You look so amazing in red, an absolute QUEEN! I have no words to really describe how beautiful you are here. Pure royalty. xo

  47. Debbi

    You are an absolute vision in tulle and velvet. I think your tulle is the most beautiful I have seen. You styled everything to perfection. I do not have words for how fabulous you look.

  48. Valerie

    Omigod!!!! I want that tulle skirt soooooo much!!!!!
    Fab, fab, fab!
    Gasp, gasp, gasp!

  49. PinkCheetahVintage

    Loveeeee your tulle skirt!! I have been following all the tulle & teacup posts for a while now & this skirt is so lovely & BLACK & sparkly. I would pick a skirt like this one!! I am still on the hunt for my perfect tulle skirt :))

  50. MB

    The only thing your outfit is missing, is Danny Kaye running in to sweep you up in a lift, right before the two of you go into the samba dance break on top of the hut. Love it!

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