Celebrating in 70’s Silk

November 26th, 2012

Photos by Camille.

The sleeve.

Back of jacket.

Sometimes the days before a holiday are more intense than the day itself.  The SC found Thanksgiving to be festive, with 12 for dinner and friends stopping by in the evening.  Laughing, eating, drinking, telling stories, my infamous chocolate cake devoured by all.

Perhaps it was the outfit that I wore that hadn’t been seen seen since a party in the 70’s that brightened my day. I came upon it in a closet that I’ve been exploring, tucked away for safekeeping along with other memorable garments.  It had been gifted by Nelson from a no longer existing import store that was popular during that time.  The wrap around raw silk red pants were trimmed with the same fabric as the silk brocade jacket and the patterned sheer silk sleeves took a dip in the chocolate frosting adorning the cake.  The gifted scarf that a friend brought from Jerusalem several years ago became a headwrap. The scarf was chosen from a rack of newly organized scarves that are offered up for outings, suddenly becoming visible.  The black suede consignment store booties finished off the ensemble, along with gold dangling estate sale earrings.

Some outfits are timeless and make themselves known at the right time in the right place.  It reinforces my theory that if a piece can be worn once every 25 years it’s definitely a keeper.

Thank you so much for the warm and supportive comments on my last post.  Every word was appreciated and your significance in my life is highly valued.

I’m dropping by Patti’s Visible Monday HERE, with my newly discovered celebratory silk that is making a comeback in November of 2012.

37 Responses to “Celebrating in 70’s Silk”

  1. Willa

    I’m with you! Those advising that garments not worn in two years be ejected from the closet are not to be heeded. There is always room in my wardrobe for garments that hold lovely memories and have a timeless style that suggests they have a future when just the right ocassion presents itself!!!

  2. Marie

    Love those sleeves!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I am having a fabulous holiday giveaway right here.

  3. déjà pseu

    What a gorgeous outfit! The sleeves and the embroidery on the back are truly exceptional.

  4. Jean

    This truly is a timeless outfit, absolutely breathtaking. The colors and patterns are rich, as is the drape of the luscious silk. It’s as perfect on you today as it must have been originally. The headwrap is lovely, too.

    I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of so many wonderful things from back in the day, although unlike you, only the shoes and accessories would probably fit now. I like the picture behind you, too. 🙂

  5. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Just beautiful, Judith! So wonderful that it’s full of memories as well, and you look radiant wearing it. The embroidery is exquisite. Thanks for sharing the beauty with Visible Monday.

  6. Jeannie@gracefully50

    Haha..once every 25 yrs? If it looks like your gorgeous outfit? Definitely!!!
    Silk…what’s not to love?!! And, I LOVE the intricate patterns ~ wow!

  7. pastcaring

    Please promise you won’t wait another 25 years to wear this fabulous outfit again, Judith! You look completely stunning, the colour and the amazing sleeves and the beautiful embroidered pattern, all so vibrant and so stylish. I think there should always be a place in our wardrobes for much loved, if seldom worn pieces, especially if they hold happy memories. And especially if they are as wonderful as this ensemble!
    You look every inch a supermodel! xxxxx

  8. Shelley

    So glad to hear that you shared some laughs and delicious food with loved ones! You look like a very elegant Genie in this outfit, ready to grant three wishes – I love the colour and those gorgeous trousers. I would never be able to fit into anything I owned 25 years ago!

  9. Paula

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    and I agree with past caring; wear it more often!

  10. Val Sparkle

    That is some party outfit – how could you keep it hidden for 25 years? It’s just stunning, as are you in it!

  11. Bella Q, The Citizen Rosebud

    Gorgeous seems to be the word of the day- Gorgeous. What glorious color and wonderful embroidery. Best of all you look absolutely radiant in that keeper of an outfit.

  12. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Looking lovely, and so happy you had a fine holiday with friends and family.

  13. Chicatanyage

    Very colourful and Zandra Rhodes.

  14. Pam@over50feeling40

    You often remind us what great taste Nelson had…this is gorgeous! Of course, you wearing it gives the look all it needs to be amazing. I am so glad you are surrounded by a community of friends for celebrations like Thanksgiving….and I am sure the chocolate cake makes the night!

  15. Marla

    Stunning, love that jacket.

  16. Vix

    What a spectacular outfit and to wear it with happy memories from it’s last outing, too, what could be better? x

  17. Emalina

    That jacket looks exquisite, what an incredible fabric. I love your turban too. All so very beautiful Ballet Russes style!

  18. pao

    Wow. Amazing. You look deliciously radiant in your silk ensemble. Who wouldn’t enjoy being greeted at the door for with a vision like you for Thanksgiving festivities!

  19. Rose

    How gorgeous you is! If an outfit can be worn once every 25 years, it’s a keeper— well, of course! Girl after my own heart. How I hate it when people say you must prune your wardrobe ruthlessly. Hey, I LOVE my stuff, OK?

    You look the essence of glamour and good taste.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from http://www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

  20. Kaffesoester

    Incredibly beautiful outfit! The fabrics are exquisite, the fit so flattering on you, and with the earrings you’re ready for a front page somewhere! I’ll be coming back to this post just to look at the pictures!

  21. Megan Mae

    Some pieces are truly meant to be kept forever. The red trousers are totally swoon worthy.

  22. tammy @ silverstyle

    Absolutely beautiful! I believe this is the most stunning outfit I’ve seen in blog land this season.

  23. Joni

    That looks just beautiful! I bet it feels wonderful on. The detail and color is some of my favorite in art detail.

  24. Gabriala Brown

    I used to say that if I haven’t worn it in six months, I won’t wear it and it was sort of the truth. I was in the habit if purging my closet and giving Goodwill excess goods. But I have also found myself searching for those same garments at times and regretting that I gave them away. I regret so much that I gave away several suits back in 2002. I wish I had them now. I think I will consider the 25 year plan for garments and see how it goes. You are beautiful as always. xo

  25. ariane

    This is a stunning outfit!
    I adore the color
    Thanksgiving is a huge holidays for you American friends
    Not for us Quebecois – X-mas and New year are more our special holidays !
    Thanksgiving is celebrated in Oct mostly by the Anglo crowd –
    But nevertheless Happy Thanksgiving to you Judith !
    Happy that it was a happy affair for you!


  26. Cindy

    Simply lovely!

  27. davie+erica

    Stunning is not the word! We completely adore this<3 So happy we found your blog.

    ox from NYC!


  28. Playing With Scarves

    Guess what … I love your head scarf. It’s fabulous. Gorgeous colors, lovely style, perfect bow. You are a silk scarf expert 🙂
    And your blouse is stunning! I suggest you don’t wait 25 more years to wear this outfit again. Maybe in February, for the Chinese New Year?
    Anne (Playing with Scarves)


    Such wonderful rich fabric enhancing your always fabulous figure, my dear Judith.

  30. no fear of fashion

    It is amazing that it is this old. What a miracle that the silk was not worn-out. It is devine. You look so nice in it. I would love to own such an outfit. I hope you are going to wear this more often. The outfit deserves it.

  31. Anne-Marie Bruun

    Exciting – beautiful trousers and blouse and unique at the back of the jacket. Scarf on the head is good – how you bind it? and agree – 25 it’s in again

  32. Samantha Anastasiou

    That is Amazing. You are Amazing.

  33. Samantha Anastasiou

    love how you just happened to find this in your closet!!!
    um, if you ever want to sell it contact me hahaa. xoxo

  34. Shybiker

    Whoa! Great colors.

  35. That's Not My Age

    Love this outfit – you look fantastic in red!

  36. Practical Paralegalism

    I think you have magic closets, Judith 🙂 You are so stunning, and if I had not been reading your blog for a long time, and in fact, gone back and read it from the beginning recently, I would not be able to guess your age. If I tried, it would be so much younger than I know you’ve told us it is. You are one of the most timeless style bloggers out there in so many ways.

    Judith, I’ve also been commenting regularly, especially when I catch up on my blog-reading, and only recently noticed that my comments aren’t posting to your blog. Either WordPress thinks my writing is too terrible for public consumption, or I’ve been identified as spam. Which I kinda get, but I do want you to know that your posts do motivate me to want to commune 🙂

  37. Amber of Butane Anvil

    How marvellous to come back for another visit now that my loss-closed throat is opening. I thought of this post yesterday when I was so thrilled to come across a box of my own clothing archives at my parents’ home, which even at first peek is full of things I’d lost track of and thought long-lost – my dad’s blue-grey corduroy jacket – the one I recently wrote about! – a very special brocade blazer I vividly remember wearing in 9th grade at age 14, and white Guess jeans (with a zipper at the ankle, even) from my freshman university year – !!

    Judith, this celebration gift from Nelson is divine – the sheer cumulus sleeves, the exquisitely fitted torso, the incredible wide-angled trousers, the Pisces-and-lotus design against the heat of orange-red. You inhabit it with immense sureness and lightness in equal measures. Brilliant.

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