Repeats In The Guest Room

August 2nd, 2012

Photos by Diana

Vintage multi-colored cotton dress as tunic HERE, vintage earrings and bangles – estate sales, vintage yellow straw toque HERE – Buffalo Exchange, black yoga pants/leggings, orange peep toe heels – summer retail sale several years ago, black obi.

The current guest room was Camille’s domain when she was growing up.  The chosen color for this room is a soft melon  which changes in intensity and tone depending on the lighting and the time of day.  The SC temporarily threw a white antique tablecloth on the antique iron bed and embellished the space with a mannequin.

I continue to shop my closet as I sort and organize.  I realize that I would like a variety of background pieces of varied colors to expand my compositions, as I now rely on yoga wear and other items that I’ve owned for years.  But that would involve taking my focus off of my home, even if for an afternoon.  So for now I’m challenging myself with what I have in my closets.  But again, that could change on a dime!

This outfit was worn for the birthday party of a dear friend, and I chose pieces that had been featured on SC in previous posts in different combinations.  Like life!  Putting together what I’ve learned in the past to create or respond to experiences in a new way.  If only transforming thought patterns were as easy as changing accessories!

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28 Responses to “Repeats In The Guest Room”

  1. Jean

    The room glows, and so do you and your outfit. I love the choice of colors, and the earrings (LOVE!!!)/hat/print of the dress are superb. You are doing so much; you continue to create beauty and allow your energy to flow impressively.

    Shopping our closets is wonderful thing, as is being open to a new piece (as you’ve said), bringing in a fresh perspective to what we already have. The key is enjoyment and creativity, I think! By embracing creativity on one level, we invite a gentle breeze to blow on those pesky thought patterns. 🙂 For me the key word is gentle!

    You look lovely. I know I’m refreshed by your vision. Peach sorbet and creamy/ yellow-y vanilla? I’m there.

  2. pastcaring

    You are so right, the colour of your guest room is different in each photo you’ve shown chosen, how lovely.
    Your dress/tunic is an amazing array of colours and a fabulous print, with the hat and earrings topping it off to perfection. Gorgeous!
    No, thinking patterns are not easy to change, but awareness, and being open and willing to change is half the battle. xxxx

  3. déjà pseu

    Your guest room looks like a lovely and inviting space. And I love your top; it looks very Pucci!

  4. Tamera Beardsley

    Judith as usual your post is inspiration! You seem to have an endless supply of pieces to work your magic on!

  5. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Like Une Femme, I too though “Pucci-esque” when I saw your top. You look wonderful in the glowing room, letting your pose and lighting shift effortlessly.

  6. Jeannie@gracefully50

    Judith, I want to be just like you when I grow up! 😉
    So classy and always elegant. I adore your style! And, what a lovely color in that room!

  7. Melanie

    You are a garden! That tumble of colour from the earrings is perfect to flow the whole thing together. The solid belt really accentuates your petite frame. Too bad we can’t hear your heels clicking on that beautiful hardwood floor.

  8. Joni

    You are so colorful and artistic. Your photography and you together do wonderful things. 😉

  9. Anne-Marie Bruun

    My Gine (mannequin) send loving thoughts to your mannequin. She also has jewelry around the neck. A lovely color you have chosen to room. When you wake up the sun always shines. Lovely dress with beautiful colors and fantastic patterns.

  10. chicatanyage

    Those bright vibrant tones really suite your natural warm colouring.

  11. SizzleandZoom

    I love this outfit and you are wearing one of my favorite colors (orange) beautifully.
    The bed is wonderful. Love what you did with it.

  12. Kaffesoester

    I’m saving the top photo for a rainy day! Everything is sunshine in this picture – just what one needs when the weather is bad or something else is bad… You are so beautiful in these colours – and I never noticed the yoga pants. I love how the hat and earrings work together, and the bracelets!

    I also love the painted bed – more people should paint their old iron beds. If they just change their thinking patterns…

  13. pao

    You’re all of a curly-que with the bed frame and dress pattern, so effervescent. Is that the word?… Like Matisse, French and delightful.

    And about combining pieces of clothing (and life):
    “Putting together what I’ve learned in the past to create or respond to experiences in a new way. If only transforming thought patterns were as easy…” Yes, yes, yes! I must remember this…

  14. Practical Paralegalism

    The lighting and the wall color in this room helped create some extraordinary pics, with your beautiful dress and hat as the focal pieces. I love it when you post, because I know it will be a bit like looking at fine art, so relaxing and inspiring.

  15. Sheila, Style Agent 909

    As always, you look like you just stepped off of a magazine cover.
    I thought of you a few days ago when I was in an antique store and saw a vintage black and white hat. It struck me as something you might wear.

  16. That's Not My Age

    That’s a lovely tunic, great colours.

  17. Helga

    O,I adore your frock and hat!!! Sublime!
    Your guest room is somewhere I’d love to relax!

  18. Rachel {Raw-kul}

    Soft melon sounds so nice and soothing. I can imagine the changing colors with the light; I love that paint does that. You look gorgeous as always, those earrings and bangles are so yummy! I love the pattern on your tunic and the colors complement every part of the SC. xo

  19. Alexandra Bridger (@medicatedfollow)

    I love that outfit. The colours look fantastic on you and your hat is beautiful! Really well put together, just lovely!

  20. Terri

    The dress as tunic is simply amazing. I love the pattern in it. And the color of the room is s beautiful!

  21. Vix

    That tunic is just stunning, I love it on you and I’d much rather live in a beautiful piece like that rather than continually buying more. The walls of the guest room are such a pretty colour, you chose very wisely. xxx

  22. Rose

    How lovely to see your warm and sunny bedroom, and how gorgeous you are in yellow.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  23. Krista

    Shopping your own closet is really fun I have been doing it every Sunday and pulling out a few things to wear for the week. These colors look rocking of you!

  24. Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell

    The colors in your outfit are so striking. I tried to think of what it reminds me of, but it eludes me. I only know it is something beautiful. The floors in your guest room look like velvet wood. What a lovely room. You just glow in the room and in your outfit.

  25. Bella Q

    You never ever look trendy, dear Judith, but always so chic! I love how you are sporting a print I associate with hippies or 60’s but you look so fresh and modern and undated! And beautiful, but that’s the norm for you. xo Bella Q

  26. Greetje Kamminga

    Oh Judith… This dress/tunic is a big hit as far as I am concerned. You look so beautiful and cheerful in it. Great combinations with jewellery, belt, shoes, hat. I wish I could what you can.
    And backgrounds for photos… So difficult. In my house there are only a few rooms and the light is always wring. Difficult.

  27. Diana

    Repeats in the Guest Room – I was not sure where that attention grabber was going!
    The pics turned out fab – great light.

  28. ariane

    Hi Judith!

    This is a stunning outfit again – The dress/tunic is amazing, all color, color, you know i love colors! plus that gorgeous yellow hat – wow!
    Très réussit mon amie!

    Ariane xxxx

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