The Renovation Outfit

June 2nd, 2012

Photos by Camille

Out of necessity The SC stumbled upon a renovation outfit.  Locating pieces in my memory bank became chaotic as my closets are on racks on the first floor, allowing the upstairs hardwood floors to be refinished and the rooms/closets to be painted.  I needed something simple and comfortable that I could change up on a moment’s notice and that I could grab off a surface at the foot of my bed as I approached the day. Several months ago for the purpose of travel I purchased, at my yoga studio, this combination of black layering pieces made from a sustainable fabric derived from beechwood. Renovation is my current form of travel and these pieces are wrinkle free and washable; with the switch of a hat, a scarf, jewels, or a pair of shoes I can instantaneously change my motif with whatever accessory crosses my path.  Sometimes I wear a black maxi skirt instead of the pencil skirt with tights. And voila!  I wouldn’t want to repeat the same outfit combo to the hardware store!  It keeps my brain in shape to remember what I wore when and where.

I found the blue straw Mayser hat during my most recent NYC trip.  It would have been highly irresponsible of me to return home without a hat!  I frequently walked past a small boutique in the neighborhood where I was staying, and this interesting hat sang to me with each sighting.  Finally I succumbed and I’ve not had buyer’s remorse for even a second.  It’s packable with its accordion like folds on the crown and I find it to be the perfect shade of blue to pair with several scarves that I hold dear.

There’s an outfit for every occasion, and home renovation is no exception!

I’m dashing off to join the community of fabulous bloggers at Visible Monday HERE and Monday Mingle HERE.

33 Responses to “The Renovation Outfit”

  1. Jean & Valerie Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

    SC, you think of everything! You’ve come up with the perfect solution — the minimalist outfit on which to build and accessorize in order to change “the look”. Love the blue hat. Sounds like you’re coping with the renovation of the house and the process of renovating & reinventing your life. Rock on with your bad self!
    The IFs

  2. Melanie

    Your head looks like a giant corolla! – sorry, not very delicately put, but you are an enormous wildflower in the field. I’m writing like I’m wearing oversized men’s workboots, but it is perhaps an appropriate simile when discussing renovation wear. Your concept is a brilliant one to tide you over until calm is restored, these are such versatile pieces, and you wear them to perfection. Good heavens, I can imagine the shame of going into the hardware store in the same outfit twice! Gorgeous hat, well worth the investment. Beauty and wit. Can’t beat that.

  3. Susan Partlan

    The blue hat is genius!

    If you can find ways to be happy during renovations my hat is off to you!

    Btw, I picked up a vintage hat to wear to the Queen’s jubilee festivities at church tomorrow. It’s really cute and I’ll make a point of emailing a shot tomorrow morning as I did think of you trying it on!

  4. SizzleandZoom

    Wonderful hat and one I wouldn’t mind owning. Looks wonderful
    on everyone. Best of everything with the renovation. Tomorrow
    I’ll have a hat that might bring a smile to your face.


    You are definitely one more of flowers in that wonderful bank.
    I love your hat.
    I have just bought myself a Korean straw hat for travelling.
    Much love and wonderful Sunday, my deares friend

  6. déjà pseu

    What a great looking outfit! I agree that some times call for simple outfit solutions. Best of luck with your renovations; just keep the end result in mind to help get through the dust and disruption!

  7. Pam@over50feeling40

    This hat is perfect for you…what a great color and the entire outfit is beautiful! Throw any buyer’s remorse out the window!

  8. Joni

    This is so youthful and fun! I’m in love with those shoes too. I’m wondering what kind they are?
    If I had to have a uniform it would be just this. Packable comfortable pieces with different shapes in black or some other neutral with lots of accessories to switch it all out. I don’t travel much but it’s really a wonderful way to dress and build a wardrobe.
    I hope your floors shine!

  9. Rebecca

    Leave it to you to look picture perfect in the midst of the craziness that home renovations bring. I really appreciate seeing the beauty of the garden that surrounds you. As a resident of NYC, I sometimes feel nature deprived when I look out the window onto concrete and traffic.

  10. Judith Boyd

    Hi Joni, Forgot to mention the shoes, so thanks for asking. I found these ‘everybody’ shoes on sale in a boutique this fast February and I love them.

  11. Jean

    Last winter I bought a large quantity of black fabric (on sale of course!) to make what I was calling a capsule wardrobe, similar to what you describe! I love the idea of basic pieces that can be worn a myriad of ways with different accessories. I still haven’t made it, but I might have to move that up in the to-do list. The hat is charming and it’s great that it’s packable. I love the peek of yellow along with the beautiful shade of blue, as well.

  12. Josep-Maria Badia

    that beautiful hat, I love the scarf

  13. Corinne

    I am in no way surprised that you have created a theme outfit for your renovation. Lovely, smart and entirely you.

  14. Anne-Marie Bruun

    Pretty renovation outfit – I love the blue hat – blue and brown are great together (I’m not sure it is brown but it looks like ) – and I like your shoes too.

  15. Terri

    Your renovation look is far smarter than the looks I’ve worn when things are in transition at our house. And the blue scarf sets off the new hat in a fabulous way. Are you nearing the end of the changes?

  16. Shelley

    Leave it to you to still be able to look stylish and coordinated during a renovation! Basic black pieces are a wardrobe essential for me; it’s all about the accessories.

  17. Judith Boyd

    Terri, I wish I was near the end, but it will be awhile. Going with the flow!

  18. Jeannie@gracefully50

    You’re so inspiring!
    Love the easy & chic outfit, the scarf is just perfect, and the hat!!<3
    Gorgeous photos…love your smile!

  19. Rawkul

    I love this and those shoes, I want them. 🙂 They look so soft, cradling your feet. Your smile is amazing and inspiring too. 🙂

  20. megan, the frugalista diaries

    Another fab hat and pair of shoes!

  21. Kaffesoester

    I’m planning to print out your photos and put on my mood board! I love the way you manage to mix with the flowers and still stand out.

  22. Vix

    I just knew you’d dress fabulously for the renovations! That hat is superb, I love that it’s packable and that you purchase hats as souvenirs, I do that with earrings.
    Your garden is almost as beautiful as you, the flowers are competing for attention in these pictures! x

  23. pao

    Drat, I didn’t even think of getting “dressed” for my renovation. Ah well, you have reminded me of never missing an opportunity to express my best dressed self whatever the occasion! Thanking you yet again.

  24. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    I adore your simple wardrobe solution of black pieces, Judith. And the hat, of course, makes it completely “you”. Well done, and ready for any surprises renovations may bring : >

  25. Kristin

    You’re making me long for another NYC trip! LOVE the hat!

  26. Carol

    I agree. The hat is delicious. Will you reveal your hat shop or must it remain a closely held secret?

  27. Practical Paralegalism Career Dressing

    I love that you are extremely responsible and gave that exquisite hat a good home 🙂

  28. Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell

    You are always spot on perfect. I enjoy seeing your outfits so much. Your style is so unique and I love that. I hope someday I find such a style for myself. You give me something to aspire to in the future.
    The blue hat is just beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone wear hats as stylishly as you do.

  29. Sheila, Style Agent 909

    How do you store all your hats and where do you keep them? I admire a person who can wear a hat so well! I haven’t donned one for quite sometime, but I might this week (thanks to you)…stay tuned.

  30. Judith Boyd

    Hi Sheila, I had a hat shop in the 80’s, and my love of hats and millinery dates back to the 70’s. I have a room for my hats (and other accessories) and I change out the hats by season. Currently the fall/winter hats are in their boxes and the spring/summer hats are on display. Some very delicate hats stay in boxes permanently. I am a hat collector, but am in the process of downsizing as much as possible. I look forward to seeing you in a hat!

  31. Nicole Feliciano

    I agree that hat needed to come home with you! Thanks for sharing on Monday Mingle and have a great week. xoxo Nicole

  32. pastcaring

    You look cool and ready for anything in that outfit! That’s a great way to dress, black/neutrals in various textures and shapesand lengths, made inspiring by your inspired choice of accessories, including (of course!) a fabulous hat. That one is so pretty. But I don’t imagine there is a hat in the world which wouldn’t look good on you! xxxx

  33. Kristin

    What a gorgeous scarf!

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