The Cuff And The Fence

May 10th, 2012

The SC stands in front of the new fence in the garden. Flaunting crone hands with cuff in floral ground cover. Photos by Diana Cuff by Debra Rapoport HERE, multi-colored patterned silk wraparound skirt with turquoise lining – NYC street vendor, silk hat – flea market, vintage silk turquoise jacket – estate sale, black/turquoise shoes […]

  Almost every day I drive by the murals across the street from the middle school that Camille attended years ago and they always draw my attention.  The SC became carried away with each powerful and colorful expression of art and decided to show them all.  I wanted to display the two street vendor totes […]

Photo of Debra Rapoport by Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style HERE Cuff created by Debra Rapoport Photo of Susan Wick by The SC  Painting on paper bag by Susan Wick The SC wearing an industrial felt hat created by Debra Rapoport The SC met Debra Rapoport in NY in November of 2010.  Debra has been […]

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