Crone Cone Crown

May 20th, 2012

Surrounded by flowers a block from my home.

Down the block under a canopy of trees.

Amidst mottled shadows by the white fence on the corner of my block.

Across the street and a few steps from my home.

Photos by Diana.

The cone hat with multicolored blue swirling straw fabric folds.

The vintage cone hat, vintage blue pin and earrings, and vintage cream colored fabric gloves – estate sales, vintage powder blue suit – vintage shop, cream colored leather peep toe pumps – purchased retail 1996.

The cone hat is a sculpture of multicolored blue splendor and had been calling for an outing for some time.  The hat room has taken up residence in the dining room for now, as the upstairs renovation continues.  This allows for closer scrutiny of long treasured hats that have provided pleasure when displayed, but are seldom seen by anyone but moi.  I recall wearing this ensemble out for an anniversary dinner with N in the late 80’s, with another pair of neutral shoes.  Warm memories surround the swirling blue energy of the cone hat, which reaches for the sky on a sunny day, as I walk through my diverse neighborhood on a journey of a only a few steps from my home.  Nothing like taking a favored chapeau out for a stroll, with a few photos to document the escape from construction concerns.

The SC resurrected the rose delivery service HERE as a birthday gift for a friend who’s a designer extraordinaire at Newberry Brothers Greenhouse and Florist HERE.  The outfit which had traveled through my neighborhood was my choice for the occasion.  My day had been stressful due to several restoration issues, but creating an outfit allowed the right side of my brain to play for part of the day. The smile on my friend’s face filled the room as I presented him a long stemmed red rose with gloved hand in the crone cone crown.  The gift was really as much for me as for him!

The cone hat is twirling over to Patti’s Visible Monday HERE and Monday Mingle HERE.

39 Responses to “Crone Cone Crown”

  1. Curvy Everyday

    I want your hat collection. Seriously how many do you have. All the ones I’ve seen so far are stunning. That suit is divine. Powder blue is so lovely on you.

  2. Pam@over50feeling40

    Beautiful flowers and a beautiful lady!!

  3. Kathleen Lisson

    I love everything about you in this outfit. I have respect for hats that need proper outfits in order to come into their true beauty.

  4. Rachel {Raw-kul}

    I love this outfit! The hat makes such a statement, a lovely Crone Cone Crown clear expression with definite restoration separation! 🙂

  5. déjà pseu

    Stunning!!! That hat is a work of art, and the fit and cut of that jacket are divine. (And you’re right on trend with the peplum.)

  6. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    The hat and suit and so perfect for each other, and for you. Renovations are stressful for me – I’ll be sending tranquil thoughts to you : >

  7. pao

    Love the idea of taking your hat for a walk! do you think they have hat walkers? cool.
    And such a gracious way to let the dust settle on renovation – donning an outfit for the day and strolling in the neighborhood. Cheers to you!


    You are soooooooooooo glorious,my dearest friend

  9. Rebecca

    The outfit is so exquisite and you do it more than justice with your radiant smile. I think your fans are in awe of how you put your clothes together with such style and panache.
    I would love to see more of your wonderous hat collection and would love to see a video of you. The pictures are wonderful but I would enjoy hearing the voice of my favorite Style Crone of all time!

  10. Vix

    That hat is a masterpiece and thoroughly deserved an outing away from the renovations. Your fabulous suit reminds me of a peplum waisted one I loved back in the Eighties, it was loaned out to friends and flatmates for interviews and never failed but to bring the wearer success.
    I’d love to have seen your friend’s smile being presented with a rose from a beautiful lady. x

  11. Jean

    An amazing, timeless look. Maybe the rose service should be resurrected to allow for more hat outings! I can only imagine what you’d have in store!

  12. Jeanine @ Seasonal Color Analysis

    Wow! I could not stop looking at your outfit. It is stunningly gorgeous! Looks wonderful on you.

  13. megan, the frugalista diaries

    that hat is amazing but the suit, it’s even better!

  14. Sara D.

    So beautiful, as always. The hat reminds me of the swirly icing on cupcakes, it’s great!

  15. Kaffesoester

    You look just like a Hollywood film star – perfect and very beautiful!

  16. Josep-Maria Badia

    Beautiful set, I love the color and shape. It’s a lovely outfit, a spectacular vintage, is a marvel of costume. And the hat? Spectacular, beautiful. A great proposal.

  17. Terri

    What a beautiful hat and the jacket fits you like a dream. As I read, I was surprised to hear you describe the color of the jacket as blue…to my eye, it is the softest shade of grey and my absolute most favorite color.

  18. Silvergirl

    that suit is just fabulous
    so chic and old school ( in a super good way!!)

  19. Shelley

    Judith, you look straight out of a movie in that outfit (some amazing black and white film set in the 40’s and your co-stars would be Rosalind Russell and Myrna Loy). That hat is too “Squee-worthy” for words.

  20. Practical Paralegalism Career Dressing

    Just when I think your outfits can’t get any more beautiful, they do. I love the blues and your great pics. I know our handsome morning receptionist would take one look at you, and bestow his fave compliment, “SASSY!”

  21. Bella Q

    What a wonderful bouquet- you and the gifted rose!

  22. pippa

    I found you at and thought I would stop by your blog and say hello! pippa

  23. Anne-Marie Bruun

    It is so stylish hat is the crown of the beautiful clothes it also seems to be fine craftsmanship. I’m not sure but is it buttons with fabric? it’s so pretty. And excuse my english I’m not sure it is correct, but I’m SURE you look gorgeous

  24. Sheila, Style Agent 909

    What a statement that hat makes. Now that’s an item that not just anybody can pull off, but you did it very well.

  25. Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle

    What an extraordinary hat and exquisite outfit. I’m also much admiring your beautiful house and garden and loving the various pictures and poses. Such a treat!

  26. Krista

    That hat is icing on the most perfect pose! This outfit needed wearing girl! You are rocking it! I love that this hat has brought you smiles! You look beautiful!

  27. Lonnie

    What a beautiful swirl on a wonderful girl –

  28. anne the SpyGirl

    WOW! Speechless. Everything about this is delightful!

  29. Melanie

    Your crone cone crown is a stellar swirly corona – just the thing to ride that positive thermal updraft. When I see this beautiful baby blue suit I immediately think of movie stars in black and white films. Gorgeous.

  30. WendyB

    This is one of my favorite outfits of yours, ever. So glamorous.

  31. pastcaring

    I was SURE I had left a comment here, but it seems to have disappeared… Oh well.
    What I wanted to say was wow, what a stunningly elegant outfit! I love how the colours are calm and quiet, to let the fabulously structured hat and the tailoring and fit of the suit do all the talking. Anyone would adore a rose presented to them by such a gorgeous woman! xxxx

  32. Judith Boyd

    I wish I could tell you how many hats that I have in my collection! That would mean that I would be organized. Thank you for your comment.

  33. ariane

    Wow Judith!

    I love your suit! the color is stunning and with that vintage cone it is simply fabulous

    Have a nice weekend

    Ariane xxxx

  34. kaffesoester

    Thank you so much for adding me to your “love” list!

  35. Susan Partlan

    Yay for peplum! You look like a movie star in your gray suit. If Hitchcock were still alive he’d recruit you for a movie. Your hat reminds me of ice cream.

    I’m sorry to hear the remodeling is causing some stress. That’s so typical.

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  37. anna

    oh my gosh, look at this HAT! you’re amazing.

  38. Veshoevius

    What is an amazing hat and I love that suit – it reminds me of the Christian Dior silhouette of the fifties.

  39. Clickity Click! | The Karina Chronicles

    […] A smart vintage powder blue suit. […]

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