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The week prior to the anniversary The SC landed beneath the pink bow at The Denver Art Museum for the Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit HERE, along with dear friends Linda, Jeanne and Jackie (who came in from NYC).  Showing in Paris, Madrid and Denver, the show was a spellbinding display of beauty.  The designs, the colors, the hats, the history!  We were entranced for hours as we slowly walked through the many rooms of the exhibit, only to end up in a space which consisted of a presentation of tuxedos from floor to ceiling facing a long runway of gowns.  A grand finale at its best and I continue to have vivid memories of this visual celebration.

From the Denver Art Museum’s website:  “A sweeping retrospective of the designer’s 40 years of creativity, Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective features a stunning selection of 200 haute couture garments along with numerous photographs, drawings, and films that illustrate the development of Saint Laurent’s style and the historical foundations of his work. Organized thematically, the presentation melds design and art to explore the full arc of Saint Laurent’s career, from his first days at Dior in 1958 through the splendor of his evening dresses from 2002. The DAM will be the only United States venue for the exhibition.”

I wore my YSL pumps seen in a previous post HERE and when I returned home I rushed through my closets to check for more YSL possibilities.  I found another pair of shoes, a tuxedo jacket, and two sweaters, all purchased at estate sales.  Makes me think I’ve forgotten much of what I have tucked away.  This calls for further exploration!

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  1. Melanie

    What a thrilling exhibit. The first photo is beautiful – it took a second to process what I was looking at. Your blue hat is the perfect counterpoint to that BOW! To be swallowed by all that elegance must have felt grand. I have a YSL belt but I think that’s the extent of my sorry collection. Happy closet hunting – I look forward to seeing your resurrections!

  2. WendyB

    I saw this in Paris — it was fabulous but I was exhausted at the end of it. Such a big exhibit!

  3. Willa

    Don’t you just love the feeling when you discover anew a special garment that has been “hidden away” in the closet for some time! It always seems like a brand new item full of possibilities…

  4. Terri

    You’re a lucky woman to have unearthed so many pieces of YSL. I love the top photo–and you in your hat. How long will this exhibit last? I have a bit of a break between semesters coming up.

  5. Jean

    The first photo is amazing! What a pleasure to be able to go to an exhibit like that, right up your alley. Then to be inspired to create totally new compositions with precious items from your collection? Priceless. Can’t wait to see the results.

    Love, Jean

  6. Tamera Beardsley

    What an opportunity to see this exquisite exhibit…thanks so for sharing, especially the link! I can’t wait to explore all it has to offer!

    I too look forward to seeing your newly inspired outfits… from your own collection!

  7. Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle

    What a great picture and how fun to go to an YSL exhibiton!

  8. Rebecca

    I wish this fabulous exhibit could of traveled to NYC! Oh well, maybe there is a beautiful book available of the exhibit so that I can share in the experience. I am also looking forward to the upcoming exhibit on Schiaparelli and Prada at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
    P.S. Judith, you look great beneath the YSL pink bow!

  9. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Wonderful photo! And how great to find treasures in your closet.

  10. Judith Boyd

    Hi Terri, The show is on through July 8th!


    I love, love this photo so much, and I am adding it to my pinterest favourite bloggers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Judith you are such an inspiration

  12. Sarah

    That pink-bow dress is so iconic.

  13. Shelley

    Judith, you are so lucky to have this exhibit in Denver–what a incredible treasure trove of style history! Love you in the blue hat against the pink bow.

  14. Ariane

    Hi Judith!

    I have seen a while ago! Isn’t wonderful, i had my mouth opened all the way trough the exhibit! This man was a genius!

    Take care Judith

    ariane xxxx

  15. Carol

    I was fortunate enough to see this exhibit in Paris. Beyond splendid.
    Have you ever been to the YSL/Pierre Berger Foundation in Paris?
    They have exhibits. I saw one there of Russian costumes that inspired YSL, and his clothes as well. The presentation was incredible.
    And they have a nice gift shop!

  16. Judith Boyd

    Carol, I have not been to the YSL/Pierre Berger Foundation in Paris, but based on your recommendation I will put it on my list of places to see within the next few years. Thank you!

  17. Susan Partlan

    Hi Judith,
    This is my new name (formerly Susan Tiner). I’m sad missed this retrospective when it was in San Francisco :(. I’m glad you got to see it though and I love that first photo.

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