The IFs and The SC.

Never a dull moment!

 Valerie’s vintage hat with moving fruit on the Bowery.

Cocktails while admiring Jean’s hat designed by Ignatius.

All photos courtesy of The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

What are the chances that The SC would meet a woman who was in love with hats AND enamored with the concept of crone self-identification.  In walk the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas (The IFs for short) and I meet not one, but two women who are also hatted crones.  On the eve of the scattering of ashes, The SC met the IFs at Tender Buttons (a button store that made my heart sing) and the hat-venture evolved from there.  Nelson would have highly approved of the frivolity that was about to begin!  The IFs blogged about our time together with their usual humor and remarkable commentary.  CLICK HERE to check out the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, more photos, and the details described in their post, ‘Cronology and What Happens When Crones Collide.’  No one knows how to tell a story like The IFs.

I found the IFs before I launched Style Crone, and was inspired by their motto, ‘Growing old with verve!’  I have to say that they are as witty, warm and stunning in real life as they are on their blog. After meeting at Tender Buttons, the itinerary included Julie Artisan’s Gallery, a trip on the train downtown to Apotheke for cocktails, dinner at a Latin Bistro, and coffee and more conversation at another spot close by.  Though my camera was not in hand, The IFs kindly sent the photos which documented the best possible way to spend the eve of Nelson’s NY memorial service.  The ‘Deal Closer’ cocktail at Apotheke didn’t hurt either.

As our glorious time together came to an end, Jean and The SC stood on a cold and windy street corner in downtown Manhattan while observing Valerie’s impressive and highly developed cab hailing’ skills; laughing and waving wildly I was whisked off into the night with memories that I continue to savor as I wait for the IFs to blog about their appearance at the Easter Parade.  The SC cannot wait for another fun filled crone collision and the hats that will surely accompany the occasion.

As The SC prepared to fly out the door to meet the IFs, my dear friend Jackie HERE (who generously offered her apartment as our home for the weekend) took this pic of the outfit of the day:  Norma Kamali leopard print toque and gauntlets – The SC’s hat shop 1980’s, black wool vintage jacket and pencil skirt – purchased from a friend’s inventory (some people really do downsize),  vintage pin and earrings – estate sales, and the boots that didn’t leave my feet during my entire NY visit.  This ensemble will be making a visit to Patti’s Visible Monday!


30 Responses to “The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas”

  1. Tamera Beardsley

    In awe of the three of you incredibly inspirational woman! Thank you for sharing your remarkable adventure!

  2. SizzleandZoom

    What a remarkable threesome. All beautful and smartly dressed. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

  3. Sara D.

    Great to see you having fun 🙂
    My my, your hat and gauntlet set are absolutely amazing!

  4. Melanie

    What a vision the three of you are. You must have turned heads!! Your gauntlets are intriguing and entirely magnificent. I must find some now or make my own. Truly, you are stunning here. Nothing like cackling with a bunch of crones over toil and trouble to make one’s day!!

  5. Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle

    Every time I see you all wearing these wonderful outfits I want to be more eccentric, want to wear these kinds of hats and have some of that absolutely stylish flavour. You look absolutely gorgeous and it looked like such a fun trip. Hopefully, I can meet you as well one day and meanwhile I will keep my eyes out for remarkable pieces and gorgeous hats!

  6. Pam@over50feeling40

    How much fun!! I would have loved to watch you guys enjoying life and hats!! You keep us inspired to enjoy life every day!!

  7. Philadelphia Pat

    priceless – a fitting “memorial”. Nelson was enjoying it as much as you. many hugs as you transition into the next year. YES!

  8. rose

    Did post a comment on your earlier blog about your meeting the IFs, but will say it again. What fun! You look incredible!! Wish I could have gone along.

    Much love from England,
    Rose http://www.foreveron

  9. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Three stunning and confident women – what’s better than that? You all look wonderful and happy here, although I know this trip was difficult for you. I hope you will meet again and toast each other! Thanks for sharing this with Visible Monday.

  10. pao

    Wowser! Stunning is the word alright. And what glorious company you keep. I have found my spirits considerably brighten and enlightened by Advanced Style, which led me to the Idyosycranistic Fashionistas, and of course, the one and only, Style Crone. I can see clearly now there’s a whole new and improved world out there! Thanks a million!

  11. anne the SpyGirl

    What a wonderful convergence! It looks like you had a lot of fun!
    And, OMG, the Norma toque + gauntlets and everything else – STUNNING!

  12. Jeanine @ Seasonal Color Analysis

    Oh my gosh, that is absolutely fabulous style! LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing the fun you three had.

  13. Willa

    What a wonderful day you three must have had! I adore the Kamali hat and gauntlets, and I love the large colar on the jacket you are wearing. — I’m pleased to see the shout-out to Ignatius Hats. I have several Ignatius Hats, and I consider them to be wearable art. Contemporary, yet comfortable and easy to wear. I believe they are located out of Virginia, but I purchasesd the hats I have at a show here in Ohio several years ago.

  14. Terri

    You look so sleek (I love the hat and gauntlets) and you are a perfect fit with the IFs! Perhaps they should expand to a trio!

  15. Sheila (of Ephemera)

    Lovely as always, Judith! The gauntlets are so fabulous!

  16. Jean

    I’m speechless! An exquisite outfit, a magnificent group of Crones, absolute perfection! I’m so happy for you and your adventure. Follow your joy and the rest will follow, I believe!

    Much love,


  17. RobinDenning

    A lovely trio of fascinating, stylish & charismatic crones!

  18. Laura

    oh how fabulous!

  19. Bella Q

    What a beautiful, inspirational and lively bunch! I love the IFs and had the pleasure to meet them last year at the IFB con, and they are indeed so warm and personable under all that incredible style!

    I bet you ladies turned heads with your wonderful hats and smiles! xo.

  20. Valerie & Jean

    First, we have to thank Judith for writing this LOVELY post about us. She is as generous as she is gorgeous.

    Second, we have to wave to Bella Q (HI, BELLA!) and reply to her comment about turning heads. In addition to the youngsters who patiently waited for us outside the bank to photograph us, there was this memorable moment:

    As we walked from Tender Buttons to Julie Artisans Gallery we had to cross Park Avenue, whose uptown and downtown lanes are divided by grass and trees and a small island for pedestrians at the crosswalk. When we got to the island, we got honked at from behind, and when we turned around a young woman with a glorious smile on her face was giving us an enthusiastic thumbs up sign from her car. She had her window open, so we shouted back our thanks.

    She made our day! (Well, THAT day, a LOT of things made our day!)

    Thanks again, Judith!!!

    The IFs
    Jean and Valerie

  21. Rebecca

    If you three are what crones look like – count me in! You all look fabulous. I only wish I would have run into you when you were in NYC.

  22. carolyn

    simply divine. You are starting the circle anew. Breath taking to see where you have been, but hold on my dear, for now you begin to really soar…..

  23. Practical Paralegalism Career Dressing

    Oh, the amazing hats, and the fun! I’m so happy for you, and thanks for sharing such a cool experience.

  24. Ariane lasalle

    3 stylish women! God this is amazing!
    Judith you are the most gorgeous 68 ? or 69 ? years old woman i ever saw! I swear!
    Thoe othe 2 ladies are not bad either;)

    Ariane xxxxx

  25. Veshoevius

    You all look wonderful! And you look exquisite in that jacket and hat!

  26. That's Not My Age

    You all look stunning. I met Ari Seth Cohen in New York & he gave me a sneak preview of his Advanced Style book. I was so pleased to see three very elegant women (the SC and the IFs) in there!

  27. MJ

    You look stunning!

  28. crone to the bone

    Excellent photos of beautiful crones! You’ve almost inspired me to change out of my robe.

  29. Rachel {Raw-kul}

    You look like a QUEEN! I love you in that last pic!!! xo!

  30. PK

    Thank you, style crone, for leaving a comment on my blog. Whenever I receive a kind word from you I am indeed honored. You have the style gene to the Nth degree. I almost envy your time with the fashionistas. That sounds like TOO much fun!

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