The Year Of Reinvention

April 30th, 2012

Photos by Diana A close up of the Francois! Vintage Francois multicolored fur felt fedora – consignment shop, vintage gloves, vintage YSL pumps, vintage jewels and vintage black wool jacket – estate sales, and the black ruched jeans that have been my uniform for the season. The SC once again wears the outfit that she […]

Photo by Jackie The week prior to the anniversary The SC landed beneath the pink bow at The Denver Art Museum for the Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit HERE, along with dear friends Linda, Jeanne and Jackie (who came in from NYC).  Showing in Paris, Madrid and Denver, the show was a spellbinding display of beauty. […]

The Anniversary

April 23rd, 2012

Photos by Camille A close up of the feathers of the day. Grief has its own timetable.  The day before the anniversary presented with hours of dull and heavy slow motion. I found it difficult to think clearly or take action.  An interesting study in mindfulness which I observed from a distance.  Not anxious or […]

Photos by Diana. Vintage coral structured beret, vintage jewels and suede YSL pumps – estate sales, 50’s silk taffeta print dress with velvet collar and vintage coral fabric gloves – purchased from a friend’s inventory, and nude fishnets. The lilacs are blooming and though I have resisted the reality of spring this year, reluctant to […]

Three Photos

April 12th, 2012

April 9, 2011 HERE April 13, 2011 HERE The last photo, April 15, 2011 HERE With one week remaining in this year of magical thinking, I reviewed The SC posts of April 2011.  I vividly remember the moments in time that are documented in the above photos, which Nelson took, though weak yet determined.  He […]

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