I have discovered a birthday cluster.  Bloggers born under the sun sign of Pisces within hours of each other, though in different years.  Jean of dross into gold HERE and Rose of Forever on the Catwalk of Life HERE were born on March 14th and The SC on March 15th.  When I became aware of this connection […]

As The SC entered the Frida Kahlo Museum HERE she was mesmerized by the image portrayed in the first photo. My palette has been emboldened and catch the full body polka dots!  As we toured the gardens I found a spot beneath Frida’s bedroom, which allowed a glimpse of her lace bedspread and a window […]

Coyoacan HERE is a borough of Mexico City with well preserved architecture from the pre-revolutionary and colonial eras.  The coyote fountain gave the area its name.  I loved the vivid street markets, the museums, the interesting shops and restaurants, the Aztec dancers and craft fairs.  The feather headdresses have taken up permanent residence in the […]

Vibrant Mexico City

March 1st, 2012

Museo Soumaya HERE Rodin’s sculpture ‘The Thinker’ in the vestibule of Soumaya. Hola!  Mexico was spectacular and The SC is happy to be home with a renewed sense of wonder. Mexico City was big, bold, colorful!  I was in awe from dawn to late at night thanks to the abilities and the knowledge of our […]

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