As The SC entered the Frida Kahlo Museum HERE she was mesmerized by the image portrayed in the first photo. My palette has been emboldened and catch the full body polka dots!  As we toured the gardens I found a spot beneath Frida’s bedroom, which allowed a glimpse of her lace bedspread and a window into her colorful and significant life. Her influence was seen and felt in the city throughout our visit, along with that of her husband Diego Rivera HERE.

The SC felt insignificant standing near sculptures in Mexico City’s Historic Center!

Declared by our guide as the most beautiful building in the Historic Center, the Palacio de Bellas Artes HERE is adorned with Mexican deco and magnificent murals are displayed by the greats – Rivera, Siqueiros, Tamayo and Orozco.  The exquisite beauty of the museum and its galleries were a reminder that life is filled with a balance of grandeur and of loss (along with a plethora of ideas for headwear design).

The Catedral Metropolitana HERE is the largest church in Latin America and took almost three centuries – 1525-1813 – to complete.  Therefore, there are multiple styles of architecture and I was fascinated with its five principal alters and a select number of the 16 chapels containing paintings, sculptures and lots of gold.

The Zocalo HERE is one of the largest public squares in the world.   The Palacio Nacional HERE was the former office of the President of Mexico.

 The exterior of a shoe store founded in 1865!

I was captivated by this proud, regal and majestic city!  It was difficult to choose photos from the many taken during my travels and the links that I included in this post were selected for the images, which speak a thousand words.  I have memories that I now cherish and hold dear; ‘adios’ to Mexico City and the gifts that I received from its splendor.

16 Responses to “Frida Kahlo Museum and the Historic Center”

  1. Melanie

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to be weaned on such beauty in architecture, art, design… What a brilliant sensory overload. When Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics our ceremonies were dominated by ice-fishing, snowmobiles, and lumberjacks. The “old” buildings in my city are either being torn down or left as false fronts for new steel and glass towers. I like contemporary architecture, but I keenly feel an absence of depth. How wonderful it must be to be surrounded by the rich environments you show in your photos. You are beaming. Love that shoe!

  2. Vix

    It looks fascinating and you look so beautiful in Frida Kahlo’s garden. The stained glass on that shoe shop is exquisite and the cathedral is such an imposing building. x
    PS How odd, I was trying to recall the title of a book I read in Kerala this morning and you mentioned it in your comment on my blog, Little Bee by Chris Cleeve! It certainly is an un-put-downable read. The Other Hand is also fantastic.

  3. Sara D.

    So jealous! She is one of my favourite artists ever 🙂
    Hope you are having a great time!

  4. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Frida’s bedroom – how wonderful to see it. And the Mexican deco is gorgeous, it reminds me of the lobby in the also-deco Empire State Building. The shoe-window! Love it!

  5. SizzleandZoom

    Your look magnificent again in that blue hat and then in that wonderful red animal print jacket!

  6. Willa

    The joy of travel is being exposed to so many thought-provoking and fun elements that are outside of our ordinary lives. Thanks for sharing a few of the moments that caught your imagination. I enjoyed following each link, and I even searched out the shoe store online to learn a bit more about it!

  7. Terri

    Frida Kahlo has always been such a fascinating artist to me. I have read a number of biographies about her, fascinated by how she dealt with physical and emotional pain throughout her life. Were you intimidated by the numbers of people in this city of 22 million?

  8. Carol

    Dear Judith,
    Your trip to Mexico looks fabulous. I love the architecture of Frida’s house. There are two pictures of you that are wonderful: sitting next to the green and red glass circles, and sitting next to the tulips. I am struck by how elegantly you dress when you travel. You definitely take travel wear up quite a few notches.
    All the best,

  9. Shelley

    So glad you got to Frida’s house–that was one of my favourite places. I loved the colours of the house, and the beautiful garden. Travelling and experiencing cultures different from our own is one of the most inspiring things one can do–I wish I could do it more often.

  10. Ariane lasalle

    Hi Judith!

    Thanks for sharing, i knew Frida and Diego, but i was not familiar with Diego’s work.
    Mexico city is grand, amazing pics Judith

    Ariane xxxxx

  11. Judith Boyd

    Terri, the number of people was not intimidating. The density in the center of the city didn’t feel any different from NY. The city is spread out and goes on forever!


    Thank you so very much my dear friend.
    I can feel your warth froms here.

  13. Debbi

    The colors are so vibrant. I have always loved tropical colors. Frida was a very unique artist. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of places I will most likely never see. Those lion statues are very imposing!

  14. Pam @over50feeling40

    You fit right into any creative, artistic setting. Beautiful pictures.

  15. WendyB

    I’ve read that huge biography of Frida twice! So fascinating.

  16. Susan Tiner

    The Frida museum sounds fascinating. I really love that close up photo of you.

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