The Front Door

January 19th, 2012

Photos by Diana

The SC is out the door, into the snow, and off to do errands in a vintage faux fur coat with belt with ‘Made In England’ label purchased at Buffalo Exchange, estate sale vintage rust leather gloves and vintage gold costume jewelry,  NYC street vendor hat and scarf, lululemon leggings and another day spent in the Michael Kors boots.  The front door is a favorite feature of my home, a Denver Square HERE which was built in 1907.  We had it refinished by a master craftsman about 20 years ago so that its hand carved radiant beauty could be fully exposed. This work of art greets The SC and all who enter with the reminder that old and antique is interesting, unique and has its own splendor.

18 Responses to “The Front Door”

  1. Jean

    Beautiful and scenic. Hope your day went well. I l know you were a joy to those you came in contact with.

  2. Margaret

    Gosh how I miss the snow and my “winter” clothes. Nothing beats the fashion variety of winter layering! I miss it all: coats hats, scarves, and particularly gloves! But even out here I’m in my lulullemons for yoga!
    Love from Arabia,

  3. rose

    Positively stunning, you is! Love those orange gloves. I requested orange gloves for Christmas and Santa came through!! Now I see how to wear them to best advantage.

    Much love from England,

  4. Ariane

    Fabulous faux fur coat Judith and the hat…
    You would your door as well ! Our house was built in the beginning of the 19th century.
    Mr. D put in a lot of efforts in restoring what was left of the original features of this grand old house.

    Have a good weekend Judith, did i tell you how great you look…

    Ariane xxxx

  5. Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

    Wonderful coat and accessories, Judith! That your hat came from a NYC vendor made me smile. You look beautiful against the snow.

  6. Corinne

    Such a nice look for a frosty Denver day! Although your coat is Vintage, you kind find this style in many shops now. Love your house. I inherited one like it from an Aunt. That house was like a big welcoming hug. Likely because of who lived there. (husbands Grandmother and Maiden Aunt) I hated selling it. Hope your home feels like a nice warm hug too. Have a great week end.

  7. Willa

    Thanks for the link to learn about “Denver Squares.” Now I know that my city is filled with American Squares, but it’s a term that was heretonow unfamiliar. — I admire the rust accessories featured in this post for how they bring out the various tones in the coat. Rust is not a color that favors me, but I do find it lovely. What really strikes my eye this season is the belted coat. I have several wide belts with large buckles that I have been wearing with coats as the weather has finally cooled here in Ohio, and I like the way it accents my curves.

  8. Susan Tiner

    Your smile is infectious. I admire you and Nelson for carefully restoring the door, there is nothing like old woodworking restored to its former glory. Your outfit looks warm and stylish and cozy all at the same time. Have a beautiful day!

  9. WendyB

    You make everything around you beautiful! Even a door!

  10. Paula

    What a beautiful coat! Love how you played up the lighter tones of brown withthe orange gloves~
    Ah, the craftsmanship of yesteryear–something we should bring back!

  11. Terri

    Oh, I love this look. The door, the belted coat, and the fur, faux or no, looks so luxurious. And your waist looks so very, very tiny!

  12. SizzleandZoom

    You look very glamourous. The snow makes the shot. Very stylish!

  13. Ariane

    Hi again Judith,

    I have tagged you on my blog, please see my blog for more details

    Ariane xxxxx

  14. Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle

    You look stunning again. How I wished that your images would be a bit bigger, so I could see more detail… Also I can’t believe what a tiny waist you still have!

  15. Shelley

    That door really is a beautiful work of art! And you, dear Judith, look happy and gorgeous in that outfit (not that you don’t look Fab all the time). I think that is one of my favourite coats of yours for the shape and the details. You have such a great figure, I envy your narrow waist!

  16. Bella Q

    How lovely you look! Bundled up warm and stylish. I love the fun part of your fur- and the look is perfect for the snowy day. Stay warm!

  17. Ariane lasalle

    Oh my God Judith i just saw you on Advanced Style!

    You are so gorgeous

    Found amazing hats today at a church charity shop, i will wear in the next post

    Ariane xxxxx

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