Royal Blue

September 5th, 2011

Photo by Camille

The weather has radically shifted, and autumn is in the air.  The SC marks this transition with a voluminous royal blue top ideal for draping paired with a vintage Patricia Underwood straw hat, accessorized with vintage jewels.  I welcome and resist the change of seasons.  I am comforted by the layers of fall, but I am saddened by approaching the ‘chill’ in my solitary state.  What to wear to embrace ambivalence?  Marvelous, brilliant, generous blue!

19 Responses to “Royal Blue”

  1. Lisa

    Oh my goodness. Blue has a host of magical powers:).

  2. Terri

    It’s a gorgeous top and it appears that it might possible be styled in multiple ways, no? Embrace the ambivalence.

  3. déjà pseu

    Oh my goodness, that color is *stunning* on you! The top is wonderfully dramatic, and I’ll bet it moves nicely when you do.

  4. SizzleandZoom

    That is blue is magnificent on you! You can wear every color.

  5. Veshoevius

    Royal blue looks wonderful on you and this is such an elegant and dramatic outfit to greet autumn with. What an amazing top! Autumn has struck us here with a vengeance too with lots of rain and wind.

  6. Willa

    Unseasonably cool air has settled on us here in Ohio for a few days as well, and it is a welcome, if temporary, change that allowed me to break out a jacket for a walk yesterday. Today will require layering as well so your lovely draped top serves as a colorful inspiration. The blue is striking, and i particularly like the volume and movement suggested by the wrap.

  7. Rebecca

    Beautiful, exciting color on you! By the way, in mid-September, an exhibition featuring Stephen Jone’s hats and other wonderful hats will open at the Bard Graduate Center in NYC. I think it is running through April. If you are ever in NYC, please let your fans know, we could plan a get together. Also, have you ever thought about posting a video of yourself and some of your favorite hats and clothing and how you put them together? It would be so much fun to see.

  8. Susan Tiner

    Wow. The royal blue top is beautiful. It looks like a knit but what kind? It probably looks wonderful in motion.

    I wish autumn was in the air here, but it’s not. It sounds as if we might prefer to exchange climates!

  9. WendyB

    If I saw you on the street in this outfit, I would stop you and ask to take your picture!

  10. Lonnie

    God girl ! – You can wear any color under the sun or moon and look fabulous! Marvelous, brilliant, generous blue indeed.
    XO L

  11. Judith Boyd

    Susan, the top is cotton knit, and very cozy I must say.

  12. Coastalharp

    You are absolutely gorgeous! The blue, the hat, the swirl….things I don’t have the courage to wear…..yet….but I can feel the brave coming, someday. Folks like you are such an inspiration to me.

  13. rose

    Wow! You’re looking marvellous, as always. We are experiencing autumn weather too. As someone said, we have six months of bad weather, followed by winter!

    Posting to my blog today. I’ve been delayed by the fact I’ve misplaced my camera.

    Much love from England,

  14. Jean

    You are my daily dose of inspiration. This top is utterly fabulous; it’s dramatic, comfortable, timeless, and sensuous, embracing you with softness and warmth. The clarity of the blue somehow adds a note of strength and presence, supporting you while it envelopes you. I love it.

  15. Paula

    You are just so freaking chic! Love this blue and I can picture you swishing your wrap around! So dramatic!

  16. Shelley

    love the colour and the shape–powerful, and comforting at the same time! We have had some cooler weather here, and I have to admit that I’m kind of looking forward to getting out the ankle boots and jackets.

  17. janine

    Stunning, stunning. I want to see a dozen more photos of this outfit, with you holding out section of the draping so we can see you in it from all angles. Of all your myriad amazing ensembles, this one really stands out!

    I pray that, as the weather cools and we turn towards fall and winter, that your inner self will still be warmed and cheered by the love you find here, by the beauty of what you choose to wear each day and the mountains that are our life’s backdrop here in Colorado, by the movement of your body as you rise and walk each day and go to yoga and meet up with friends. Keep moving, even if it’s only a few steps on some days. Keep moving! And know and feel our support here.

  18. Valerie

    You go, girl!
    Weeks and weeks of FAB outfits, colors and shapes!

  19. Susan Berggren

    This just makes me smile…the blue and all its movement.

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