Hat Attack!

July 25th, 2011

Photos by Daniel N

A dear friend gifted The SC with this delightful hat which she found on eBay.  Talk about a full blown hat attack!  This teal/rust/ecru print fabric hat fits on the head like a small cap and the front of the design presents folds of fabric with wired ‘petals’ that can be adjusted for varying expressions.  A turn of the head offers a significantly different viewpoint.  It was great fun to spend the afternoon with my accessory of choice and pull together an outfit comprised of a vintage ecru silk men’s shirt, vintage teal earrings, vintage rust silk chiffon scarf, gold/rust bangles, and vintage gold heeled sandals all discovered at estate sales.  The ecru cotton Tracy Reese cropped pants were purchased at a consignment shop several years ago.  Not only do hats heal – they entertain, motivate, and provide focus during difficult times!

18 Responses to “Hat Attack!”

  1. SizzleandZoom

    These colors are elegant on you. Men’s silk shirt? I’d never have guessed.


    Fabulous! The whole outfit cries elegant…..and you wear it so well!

  3. deja pseu

    That is a FABULOUS hat!! And those colors are so summery and elegant. What a gorgeous ensemble!

  4. Terri

    I love the way you have styled this! I actually bought a hat myself this weekend…you’re inspiring me.

  5. Pam @over50feeling40

    The colors of this hat with your hair are just fabulous…it is the perfect STYLE CRONE hat!! Your friend has a great eye!

  6. RobinDenning

    Now that is what I call some eye candy!
    The colors, the textures, the slim pants with the long tunic and the metallic shoes —
    overall effect: stunning.

  7. puncturedbicycle


  8. NancyDaQ

    How chic you look!

  9. janine

    What everyone said! Plus I love the teal earrings – that burst of color just hinted at in the hat. Great little note you added in, being the fashion artist you are. You look MAHVELOUS! ANd I just think the “Hats Heal” mantra is brilliant! I’m going to keep my eyes open for magical chapeaux like this one…

  10. Rebecca

    You were absolutely made for hats, especially this delightful one. I always get inspired
    by how you put various pieces together to come up with a uniquely you outfit.

  11. Jean


  12. Paula

    Judith, so the fabric has wires in it to style??? How cool is that? And that is vintage? I thought that was a new thing..just goes to show nothing is really new.
    You look gorgeous and these colors are just soo rich looking. You look like a million!

  13. carolyn

    HATS HEAL is the name of your first book! Just keep collecting the photos and the stories…I think it is impossible to be depressed in a HAT! You have it!

  14. Rose

    LOVE Carolyn’s idea that “Hats Heal” is the title of your first book. (First of many, OK?) You have a beautiful way with words, are as stunningly beautiful as a model, and you have a great and heartfelt story to tell. Publishers, take note and get bidding for the rights to this story!!!

    Also, thanks so much for putting my blog on your list of “blogs we love.”

    Much love from England,

  15. Lonnie

    This first outfit without black since April. Beautiful. XO L

  16. WendyB

    What a lovely gift!

  17. Shelley

    The cream and rust set off your hair and skin beautifully, and that is one majorly awesome hat that few people could carry off. As pointed out by another poster, it’s nice to see you in a colour other than black–a good sign, I think!

  18. Margaret

    The colors are fabulous on you. What a sweet and sensitive friend to buy it at this time especially!
    I am still in Chicago, hatless but doing well. For me, red lipstick and yoga are therapy for now.

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