Feathers in the Sun

July 18th, 2011

Photos by Mary

Photos by The Style Crone

The Style Crone has been pondering the question of what to paint on the blank canvas of her life. Feathers are always an inspiration and this feather hat discovered at a yard sale, accompanied by gifted feather belt and clutch, provide the catalyst for creative thought.  Health and relationships are the priorities in my life; everything else is delicious, decorative frosting.  Today I have a plan in mind to pursue as I move forward.

-Beautify my home and garden.

-Downsize my inventory.

-Travel the world by hat shop and milliner, blogging on Style Crone from Denver and beyond.

How and when these goals will unfold is unclear to me at this time, but as my energy and focus emerge from the fog, I have an intention and direction.  After all, hats are my passion, so why not do more of it?  I would like to contribute, in my own small way, to the health of the millinery industry that I adore. I am of the opinion that hats heal!


20 Responses to “Feathers in the Sun”

  1. Paula

    I am so happy to hear this! I will follow you every step of the way, girlfriend! Paula

    ps tried on a whopper of a hat this weekend in Edgartown–maybe I will post.

  2. WendyB

    Total glamour!

  3. Terri

    Oh, I love the idea of traveling the world from milliner to milliner! Especially admiring your yard sale find.

  4. Paula

    Judith, you look stunning! I’m glad to know you’ve come up with a plan, it sounds great! Continue to take good care of yourself. love Paula

  5. RobinDenning

    Hats heal. Yesssssssss

  6. SizzleandZoom

    That second photo of you, you look thirty-something. Gorgeous photo of you! I like your plan.

  7. deja pseu

    Oh, those are so stunning! The beauty of feathers always astounds me. I entirely support your hat quest, and hope that it will include a stop in LA. There’s a millenary shop near my office I’ve been meaning to visit, and think of you every time I pass by.

  8. Pam @over50feeling40

    Your frosting is fabulous!! and I love your plans…if you travel to San Anotnio please call for a visit…but I must warn you that the populace is not big on anything but cowboy hats….you would look great in one!! I would love to show you around….this plan of yours it such a great idea!

  9. Willa

    Your tour simply must include a visit to Amy Hamilton’s Granville Millinery Company in Granville, Ohio. Her designs are frequently featured in Italian Vogue. Check out her website at granvillemillinerycompany.com to view the collections and learn more.

  10. Lonnie

    What a plan. Road trip. Journey. Hatzahhh! I want you to come on to my my talk show once I have one.

  11. Linda

    Judith, what a luminous plan. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  12. Jean

    From my dictionary. PHOENIX: A mythical bird with gorgeous plumage, fabled to be the only one of it’s kind and to live five or six hundred years in the Arabian desert, after which it burnt itself to ashes on a funeral pyre ignited by the sun and fanned by it’s own wings, rising from it’s ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

    Your feathers are beautiful.

  13. Margaret

    How fabulous–a goal, a plan, and a wonderful rehabilitation effort for the hat industry! Can a book about this adventure be far behind?
    Let us join you on your journey as it unfolds. And come visit your fans!

  14. melanie

    Will definitely be with you every step of your journey! Your blog is a MUST for me every morning. What a great idea to plan on such a trip re something you love. Thanks for the inspiration….must make my own plan…re my garden.

  15. Susu Paris Chic

    I love the way you write about life and challenges… Your style eye is very sharp too.

  16. Shelley

    An excellent plan, containing elements of adventure and of comfort. Hats are definitely a major joy in your life and you should share that with as many people as possible. I’m looking forward to seeing where life takes you. The feathers are awesome–take flight, Judith!

  17. Bella Q

    Hello dear Judith! Feathers are really moving me, or perhaps I move them? I am glad to see you are determined to flourish. Hats- they have become a newfound obsession- I am planning to learn to make the fascinators that so fascinate me! I am planning to phase out my vintage resale and work on reworking vintage into clever toppers- so great minds think….like you. Besos! -Bella Q

  18. Rose

    Well, my dear, if you decide to come to England, we MUST visit the hat department at Harrod’s. My friend from Canada and I did, and had a whale of a time. It was only after we’d “road tested” about 20 hats that we saw the sign, “Do not try on the hats without assistance.” Well, once it was done, we couldn’t undo our adventures. I’m sure there are lots of wonderful places in London that also have hats, so if you come across the pond, I’ll meet you and do the town with you.

    Love from England,

  19. Debbi

    I have always loved feathers. Your ensemble is fabulous! You can wear hats so beautifully. Whenever I see a hat I think of you.

  20. Rosy

    Oh yay! I agree with you, hats are art which must endure over time, they heal our mind, I am happy to see your way to face life.

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