Nelson’s Throne

June 14th, 2011

Photos by Kelly

Before his death, Nelson informed The SC that upon his transition, ‘Just put me on my rowing machine.’ To bring that request to fruition, our talented and generous friend Bruce McInroy designed a floral arrangement accompanied by floating candles that surrounded a platform on the seat of Nelson’s rowing machine, which supported the antique Asian hand painted leather covered box containing his ashes as it was ceremonially placed at the beginning of the service.  Bruce, a floral designer atNewberry Brothers, felt Nelson’s presence as he made his inspiring plan for the rowing machine a reality.  He was assisted in this creative labor of love by his partner Randy Vetter.  As the theatre curtains opened at the beginning of the tribute, ‘Nelson’s Throne’ was alone on the stage, a masterpiece with regal beauty.  Wish granted!

20 Responses to “Nelson’s Throne”

  1. carolyn

    Splendid! It certainly ranks as one of the very best arrangements I’ve ever seen… Like everything about Nelson and his girls.

  2. SizzleandZoom

    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man.

  3. kate

    this is a lovely and beautiful tribute. i recently started reading your blog, and your love is an inspiration. thank you for your beautiful posts!

  4. Jean

    Judith, I am speechless. Thank you for sharing this. Thinking of you and will be in touch soon.

    Sending love, J.

  5. Rose

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful memorial to your dear Nelson, and including all of us in such a loving way. Sorry I haven’t been in touch, my computer was down, and just catching up now.

    Much love from England.

  6. deja pseu

    It’s breathtaking. You made everything about this memorial so personal and meaningful, which is exactly how it should be.

  7. Bella Q

    This is such a touching tribute. I’m at a loss of words to say, so I will remain silent. xo.

  8. Lonnie

    Wish granted indeed. We should all be so loved.

  9. janine

    WOW. So elegant, so unusual, so vibrant and unique and colorful yet restful/soothing to behold. How stunning. And like others have written, clearly so like the man it honors! Again, I LOVE that this was done in the AME Church-now-theatre. A typical church seems too small for someone with a spirit like Nelson’s.

    Thank you so much for sharing this photo with us.

    Thinking of you and wishing you a blessed day. I hope you can get out in this sunshine today –


  10. Rebecca

    What a fitting and wonderful tribute to this great man!

  11. WendyB

    I’m all choked up!

  12. NancyDaQ

    What an amazing tribute. It’s a beautiful piece; Bruce is really an artist with flowers.

  13. Terri

    Oh, my goodness. Nelson gave good thought to the appropriate memorial and the florist did a knock-out job.

  14. Judi

    What a tender, beautiful and amusing tribute! Sounds remarkably like the man himself.


    I am touched by your strength everytime.
    Much love, my dear friend.

  16. Debbi

    How beautiful! Thank you for sharing Nelson with us.

  17. DWanna

    This just took my breath away! What an amazing tribute to an amazing man. Much love to you.

  18. puncturedbicycle

    A delightfully personal tribute, and a beautiful arrangement…

  19. Shelley

    What a perfectly lovely idea!

  20. Joan J

    Thank you for posting these pictures. This was the most meaningful tribute I have ever seen. It is also the most beautiful.

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