Spring Green or Purple?

April 11th, 2011

Photos by Daniel N

Green leopard print jacket-NYC flea market, vintage green and purple gloves and vintage silk green/purple Sant’ Angelo scarf-estate sales, vintage purple earrings-vintage shop, vintage black fabric hat with tassel-Joan Carney/Les Chapeaux.

The Style Crone was out and about on a gorgeous spring day looking for background for the green leopard print jacket and the quandary of whether to wear blue or green gloves presented itself.  If only life were as simple as the state of perplexity surrounding choice of glove color.  It seems a shallow decision, but at the same time comforting to be focused on an element of life with so little consequence.  So The SC went with purple, and called it a day.

12 Responses to “Spring Green or Purple?”

  1. SizzleandZoom

    I love the second photo. It really shows off that beautiful jacket. And it’s a great photo
    of you as is the bottom close-up. I like seeing the details in the hat. Lovely.


    What a fabulous mixture of colours, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so up my alley!!
    You look glorious in that spring flowery background.
    Much love to you 2.What a team you make!!!

  3. RobinDenning

    gorgeous – the leopard print jacket is wonderful beneath the glorious scarf, and the hat, of course is perfect. I love these colors together – nice background choice!

  4. Pam @over50feeling40

    I cannot tell you how much I just love this jacket and scarf!! My favorite color combo and I think the purple gloves were just right. Sometimes when life falls heavy upon us, doing the little things, like styling a look or seeking a photo background can be anything but trivial.
    I so love this outfit and you are fabulous as always!

  5. Willa

    This is one of my favorite color combinations as well. Unfortunately, the acid green color does not favor my complexion well so I always have to temper it with shades near my face that are kinder such as the purple and black.

    It is the hat, however, that makes this outfit. I adore the fabric texture, and the folds that shape the hat are genius. The tassle is the perfect accent to anchor the hat and draw attention to those marvelous folds. — Everything about your look today is cheery, like the promise of spring.

  6. NancyDaQ

    What a lovely spring outfit! I love the combination of green and purple.

  7. deja pseu

    Great colors, and so totally Spring!!

  8. Rebecca

    Dear Judith – I have to tell you what a great impression your photos and postings have had on me. I can’t stop mentioning your blog to others and what a icon you have become to me. Again, thanks!
    P.S. I love purple and green. It’s one of my favorite color combos.

  9. Jean

    I check your blog every day and I’m never disappointed! I love this post!!! I used to make my own (simple!) hats back in the 80’s and this is a couture version of one of my favorites. Then, scrolling down the delicious combination of print and color, accented by the magic of Spring, I’m hooked once again. Beauty is never inconsequential; it is Divine.

  10. WendyB

    I love how you match your surroundings!

  11. Eugeina

    Absolutely LOVE the hat! It is awe inspiringly magnificent!

  12. Terri

    The combination of green and leopard print is always surprising to me. And, I LOVE this hat and the composition of the outfit with the groundcover.

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