Photos by Nelson

Photos by The Style Crone

Date day is not dependent on location.  Nelson and The Style Crone spent the day in our peaceful home and were honored with visits from sweet and generous friends.  There’s been a lot of that going around lately!  In celebration of friendship, The SC hit the vintage Asian rack once again.  I could keep going for days with this magical motif, as I have only touched the surface.  Years of estate sales provided many extraordinary finds in this category and the delicate white silk kimono with intricately embroidered birds and flowers was no exception.  At separate estate sales years apart from one another I found this kimono and a white silk scarf with the exact same embroidered birds, which the brisk April wind caught and tossed across my shoulder in front of the flowering spring snow crabapple tree, making me laugh and toss my head forward with the vintage black ‘tower’ hat facing toward Nelson in a spontaneous nod.  Fun and frivolity in front of the flowering tree! For free!

15 Responses to “Silk Kimono with Birds and Flowers”

  1. Pam @over50feeling40

    This is a fabulous look for having friends come over! Beautiful….My beginning journalism class loved reading the tribute to Nelson…they feel like they know him now and that they share his love for reggae!! Perseverance is such a great lesson for teenagers and the tribute did such a wonderful job of sharing this part of Nelson’s life. Thank you for allowing us to peek in.

  2. deja pseu

    That’s a stunning kimono! Your day sounds quite lovely, at home and surrounded by friends.

  3. Debbi

    You look stunning in your vintage pieces. May I ask how you store and organize your collection?

  4. SizzleandZoom

    Another beautiful kimono! I love the earrings, the hat and the black turtleneck with it.
    Thank-you for showing us the beautiful details. I really enjoy that. This is such a treat
    that you share this collection with us.

  5. Lonnie


  6. Rosy

    Beautiful! Visiting your blog is a feast for the eyes and soul ….. Perhaps you could put some pictures of your hat room ….. I would be happy to look there …


    Wow The photos are getting bigger and better every post. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (sigh of delight).
    Nelso is so fantastic, and you, my dear Judith so beautiful.

  8. Paula

    You have a collection worthy of a museum! I must confess, I am somewhat envious~

    Enjoy the spring–Paula

  9. Terri

    Oh, I think I need to be hitting the estate sales, but it shall have to wait for summer. I love the embroidered crane.

  10. Bella Q

    I love these garments, and could never tire of, or have too many kimonos. This white silk one with matching scarf look so beautiful on you- what a wonderful celebration of love and spring! xo. -Bella Q

  11. lyrebirdgully

    How lovely to see you spread your “wings” and bow like a real dancing crane!
    The red-crowned crane is a symbol of marital fidelity and eternal wisdom. Very you and Nelson!

  12. WendyB

    Striking photos! Nelson is good!

  13. Jean

    So, so beautiful. Love to you both.

  14. Judith Boyd

    Rosy, thank you for requesting photos of the hat room. It is currently in transition because of seasonal change. I will take a photo as soon as the hats are all in their proper place for spring/summer!

  15. Judith Boyd

    Debbi, thanks for the question. I organize according to category, ie Asian vintage is in one area. I have most of my pieces in hanging canvas storage bags for protection. It is an ongoing challenge!

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