Hospice Magic

March 29th, 2011

Photo by Nelson

The Style Crone is impressed.  In less than one hour Nelson’s pain was under control and a new medication regimen has improved his disrupted sleep pattern, his symptoms have been addressed, and his energy level is at a place where he is back behind the camera with a few playful comments as an added bonus.  Now we’re talking!  This is a model for healthcare that I can believe in.  We have been treated with respect, we have expressed our opinions without retaliation, and empathy is flowing like a river through our sanctuary.  We are experienced healthcare secret shoppers with over six years of intense and intimate observations that would shock even the most seasoned observer.  So burgundy on gray is The SC’s theme for the day in celebration of a system that fits like a fine vintage leather glove during a time when a crisis can be a moment away.

18 Responses to “Hospice Magic”

  1. deja pseu

    Oh, I’m so glad you’ve found some effective medical help. The hospice folks were wonderful during my mother’s illness.

    I love the textures in your jacket and scarf!

  2. WendyB

    So glad he’s comfortable and back to his photographing ways!

  3. Terri

    Ah, how wonderful to have the photographer crack a joke and coax out your smile!

  4. Julie Daley

    It’s lovely to see the fruit of your work together, Judith.
    Love, Julie

  5. SizzleandZoom

    Oh you look beautiful. Nelson did a great job photographing you. The red and gray
    looks amazining on you.

  6. LindaG

    This one is almost a closeup! Beautiful portrait, Nelson!
    Your burgundy and grey is breathtaking, SC.
    Hope the good drugs keep doing the job.

  7. Rose

    How gorgeous you look in the burgundy and gray! No doubt the skill of the photographer had something to do with that!! I’m so glad that you have found a safe place and a level of care that you can trust. May God be with you both.

    Much love from England.

  8. puncturedbicycle

    Wonderful to hear that Nelson has been getting so much meaningful help. You look great.

  9. Judy

    In the midst of it all you look wonderful. I think your attitude is helpful to Nelson. Such love as is between you builds wonderful things. Hello to Nelson

  10. Vix

    I am pleased! You look stunning in grey and burgundy and no doubt the relief makes your smile even more beautiful. xxx

  11. Pam@over50feeling40

    You look joyful and beautiful…and of course credit goes to your amazing photographer. It is so good to hear joy in your post….may it continue for many days to come!!

  12. Willa

    The steely gray of your jacket and hat seems most appropriate!


    My dear Judith, this is the photo I was looking for, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Tell Nelso how fantastic it is, for me.
    I can see you, your face and what you are wearing.
    I am so glad that you are cared so kindly.
    You are my hero.
    Much love to both of you.

  14. Lonnie


  15. Fanny Pinkleton

    I am a seasoned observer! So good to hear you have found the right fit of support and care. I couldn’t think for anything better to wish you both. Wonderful and heartening to hear. You look dapper and joyful xx

  16. carolyn

    amazing how cocky you both get with a simple pleasure, like pain free, a little energy and lots of light and love. Let us all remember what that means. Love you both!

  17. tiny junco

    hee hee, from what i’ve heard those hospice people know their sh7t! and thank goodness they do! “We are experienced healthcare secret shoppers with over six years of intense and intimate observations that would shock even the most seasoned observer.” ay, i’ve had more than my share of experience in this arena, & you speak the truth. So it’s that much more i’m sure you appreciate your ‘magicians’!

    good lord woman, is that a peek of periwinkle lining on that jacket sleeve? as if your look could get any more outrageously gorgeous! yowie! i’m with Sacramento on this closer look – we can see the blue of your eyes poppin’, and the snaps on the collar and sleeves. so very nice! i hope you and your ‘personal paparazzo’ have a nice night, steph

  18. Judi

    Fabulous outfit and even more fabulous news. I’m glad the meds are working and that you are surrounded by the best that healthcare has to offer. You deserve it.

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