Silk Satin Breakfast

February 27th, 2011

Photo by Nelson

Vintage light peachy pink silk satin dressing gown with powder blue trim and vintage light pink/powder blue silk satin head wrap-estate sales, powder blue heeled sandals-flea market.

Nelson and The Style Crone ordered ‘breakfast in’ on Saturday morning, which was a new experience for us.  We have always been practical when traveling and like the adventure of discovering new restaurants.  However, our room at the Broadmoor was so beautiful that we wanted to enjoy its splendor and it gave The SC the perfect opportunity to wear yet another gown.  Eating breakfast with Nelson in silk satin seemed the ideal thing to do on a Saturday beneath a mountain with the sun shining wildly into the sitting room with the sky blue walls and the floral upholstered chairs inviting us to lounge late into the morning with jazz playing in the background to soothe us softly as though we didn’t have a care in the world.  And at that moment we did not!

Photo by The Style Crone

The floral upholstered chair.

6 Responses to “Silk Satin Breakfast”

  1. Terri

    Gasp–this is like something from a 1940’s film. My favorite of your Broadmoor ensembles thus far.

  2. SizzleandZoom

    I love having ‘breakfast in’ but if I wore anything that beautiful I wouldn’t be going ‘out’.

  3. Rose

    I am so pleased that you have had a fabulous experience and savoured every minute of it. Of course, one wears peach satin to eat breakfast in bed! Daahling! It is SO you!!

    Talk about good medicine!!

    Much love from England

  4. Judy

    Your description is wonderful. I can actually see it.
    You look stunning. Hello to Nelson.

  5. carolyn

    What a fabulous promotion for the Broadmoor and elegance…Judith and Nelson at the Broadmoor! You should travel to all the great hotels and write about what to wear in them. Or better still, have another cup of tell and tell each other how much you are in love.

  6. Maravonda

    You are amazing….

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