Silk Chiffon at the Broadmoor

February 26th, 2011

Photos by Nelson

Vintage black silk chiffon gown with black silk satin lace trimmed slip, vintage black velvet cocktail hat with burnt ostrich feathers, and jewelry-estate sales,  minus the subtly transparent fingerless gloves that were inadvertently left at home.  And I thought I had packed everything!

Nelson and The Style Crone threw caution to the wind as we ventured forth into the world of fine dining.  Layers of silk chiffon lead the way as we walked together amidst elegance.  A pillow for your back as though it’s an every day occurrence?  Yes!  Jazz band in the background playing sensuously and softly. Yes!   A server for every diner with theatrical precision?  Yes!  Over-sized deco seating with opulent chandeliers overhead?  Yes!  Beautiful vintage inspired carpet caressing our every step?  Yes! Holding hands with Nelson while flirting through feathers?  Yes!  ‘Unforgettable’ and ‘You’ve Got Me Under My Skin’ as though sung directly to us?  Yes!  We savor every bite as I inhale each endearing and memorable moment!

15 Responses to “Silk Chiffon at the Broadmoor”

  1. deja pseu

    Oh, it sounds lovely and perfect. And you, more elegant than even your surroundings I imagine.

  2. SizzleandZoom

    Black, my favorite color to wear. Very elelgant. And the hat is magnificent. I could hide
    behind it’s beautiful feathers for hours.

  3. Pam @over50feeling40

    I bet people at the Broadmoar have been talking about you all weekend….this gorgeous, stylish, classy woman and her lover walk out of modern hectic time around them into a time when lovers dined, danced, and stared into each others eyes savoring each moment. They are not aware of the craziness of the world whirling around them…they are only aware of each other. Honestly, you and Nelson would make a wonderful movie…your story is powerful….and dare I say, timeless.

  4. Couture Allure

    I daresay you were likely the most fashionable couple in the restaurant. Your ostrich feathers are very beguiling and remind me of Garbo. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  5. Vix

    How fabulous do you look? You’d definately give tonight’s Oscar nominees a run for their money with your beauty and knock-out glamour. xxx

  6. carolyn

    I think the Broadmoor should have you both come down every weekend and liven up the place! Knockout looks, great passion and the best dressed couple in decades. Bravo!

  7. lihabiboun

    …how wise you are …congratulations. Enjoy every second
    my thoughts are with you. Love from Munich.

  8. Catherine

    Gawd – you’re beautiful -inside and out!

  9. WendyB

    DRAMATIC! Love it.

  10. Jean

    And another resounding YES!!!!!!!

  11. Terri

    You look beautiful. I love the description of the evening, the giant deco chairs, the flirting through feathers. I sounds so romantic.

  12. Camille

    I am so happy you guys had a good time! I wish you had posted a picture of you both together all dressed up. I bet you were the most stunning couple they had ever seen. You desereved this trip. Love you!

  13. Paula

    Judith, you are so stunning, I love your gown! I definitely think you should do a segment on long gowns…I’m so glad you and Nelson had such a wonderful time, you two deserve it! It was so wonderful visiting with you and Nelson today!

  14. Rebecca

    How absolutely beautiful. I can just picture the elegant picture you and Nelson presented at the Broadmoor. Thanks for taking us along!

  15. LindaG

    Laying eyes on you two at the Broadmoor must have been a trip highlight for fellow hotel guests and diners. Splendor.

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