What to Wear to Yoga and More

February 19th, 2011

Photos by Nelson

Vintage turquoise knit headwear, vintage turquoise/black plastic dangle earring, vintage mustard gloves-estate sales, turquoise/mustard faux pashmina-street vendor, black yoga wear foundation.

The Style Crone enjoys putting outfits together that can travel from yoga to activities before or after class. This headwear looks like short turquoise dreadlocks to me, and never fails to bring a smile to my face when it catches my eye in The Hat Room.  It stopped me in my tracks yesterday, so I knew that it needed an outing.  So I gave it two!  Yesterday it went from yoga to lunch at a friend’s home and today it did a quick coffee with friends followed by yoga and lunch with Camille.  The teacher in class spoke right to my heart with the words, ‘Unclench your jaw and soften into your struggle.’  I will take that right home with me!

Our support system is extremely important right now.  I am grateful for our generous, talented, funny, brilliant and empathetic friends!  And for the supportive, loving, kind and extraordinary comments from the readers of Style Crone that at times bring me to tears. Thank you for all that you give!

13 Responses to “What to Wear to Yoga and More”

  1. carolyn

    you are totally outrageous! Unclench your jaw and soften into your struggle. Well, okay! Love to you and Nelson. He has got to love seeing you in your dreadlock hat and attitude!

  2. Camille

    I noticed the greatness of this hat the moment you picked me up to go to yoga. I left yoga feeling uplifted and ready for the world with you and your amazing spirit at my side. Thank you for today’s outfit!

  3. deja pseu

    Oh, you look fabulous! That’s a lovely color on you and so fun!

    Sending positive and healing thoughts your way.

  4. Pam @over50feeling40

    Judith, you look fabulous..what great colors! I wish we lived in the same town so you could go vintage shopping with me! you are such a class act…
    I prayed for you and Nelson on the way to school this week! “soften into your struggle” I guess is the same as me praying for God to surround you with a cloud of comfort and peace. So many times in my life He has carried my burden for me…I pray He will do the same for you.

  5. Jean

    Before I get out of bed in the morning I check my email and check my favorite style sites. Waking up to that gorgeous jolt of color is almost better than one of my other favorite things: that first cup of tea in the morning. I had to smile and it’s a good day.

  6. Rebecca

    How lovely to see such a vibrant colorful outfit in blustery, freezing weather we
    are having here in NYC. Spring can’t be far behind!

  7. SizzleandZoom

    You look fabulous. I love turquoise. You can wear any color.

  8. LindaG

    One of my favorite color combinations so far—what am I talking about, they’re all my favorites. The exquisite pairing of colors is one of SC’s gifts. And I am awed simply by the fact that you construct these ensembles EVERY DAY. Could you talk a little about when/how you plan your outfits for each day? I would love to hear about that process; perhaps other readers would, too. I don’t know where you find the time… Truly wonderful. Sending good wishes that Nelson is comfortable today. Love.

  9. Terri

    the shawl is lovely…

    I suspect I have been clenching my jaw lately too, as I have an aching tooth. Of course, my reasons are not nearly so serious as yours. Keeping you both in my strange little prayers.

  10. Camille

    Oh and I’ve always said blue is your color! It makes your eyes pop!

  11. Paula

    Judith, you look so darling, the hat is so fun and the colors are wonderful on you! I will also learn to unclench my jaw and soften into my struggle… My thoughts and prayers are with you and Nelson.

  12. Bella Q

    I love the outfit, and am smitten with the hat. A bit sad its vintage as I was hoping it was for sale somewhere so I could have a matching one! The color is dipped in happiness? How could anyone be “blue” in turquoise? And the clever combo of the mustard yellow (don’t think I didn’t notice, SC!) bounces against the bright of the blue and I suspect could make angels sing over breakfast eggs and toast.

  13. WendyB

    That hat is wild. Love it.

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