Day Off

January 13th, 2011

Photo by Nelson

Vintage coat and gloves-estate sales, multicolored scarf-Bryant Park holiday shop, hat-NYC street vendor.

Today was the first day this week without medical appointments.  Nelson and The Style Crone rushed out the door into the beautiful day before us to soak up the sun and breathe.  It’s a much different day when we don’t have to walk into a medical environment and be surrounded by the drama of chronic disease and its accessories.  A freedom that we used to take for granted and didn’t think about  for a second!  Now a day without contact with the ‘medical world’ feels like a relief and a release.  We don’t have to feel anxious about the next rush of bad news or the overwhelming surroundings of illness. Today we can just live.

4 Responses to “Day Off”

  1. Rose

    “Today we can just live.” What a wonderful, wise sentiment! How often do we all forget that simple truth. Will email you some info in the next few days. You look AMAZING! The colours SO suit you!
    Love from England

  2. NancyDaQ

    Congratulations on having a sunny day off to enjoy–you look great in the snow.

  3. Donna Nance

    The colors are lovely on you. Savor your day with Nelson, sans any medical personnel!

  4. carolyn

    even the berries and grasses compliment the crone and her gentleman. Happy Day

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