Nelson Revealed

October 3rd, 2010

Photo by The Style Crone

Black leather Kangol newsboy cap purchased around the corner from the chihuahua dogsitting gig in the West Village NYC December ’09, black Banana Republic long sleeved T bought in the Washington Square area NYC for Camille’s Alvin Ailey student performance June ’01, black Stacy Adams shoes which carry memories of dancing many the night away at some R&B club.  Nelson can make any outfit shine!

I look upon Nelson and his beauty, inside and out, and I can’t believe or accept that we are in the midst of this medical crisis.  With grace and elegance and inspiring to all, he has endured over five and one half years of treatment: radiation; hyperthermia; PET scans and a multitude of other scans, scopes and tests; surgical procedures too numerous to count, and now the fifth (I think, because it’s difficult to keep track) series of intense and brutal chemo.  And apparently gone are the days when tumor markers obediently glided downward in response to the powerful drugs. In its place are blood test values that chaotically leap helter/skelter and our emotions follow in their path in similar unpredictability.  Yet Nelson continues to present the picture of radiant health and vitality, except for about five days after chemo (which is every two weeks).  Check out those kind and mischievous eyes that the SC has had the pleasure of looking into since 1977.  What cosmic trick is in the works?  I am immensely grateful for the many years that I have had by his side, and now sad, fearful, and helpless to change the course of what’s to come.  The feelings that I can’t seem to “yoga” away.  Or stay in the moment of this very day.  Enjoying his humor and deepness of thought, word, and deed.

7 Responses to “Nelson Revealed”

  1. Tess

    Your elegant writing and beautiful sentiments bring tears to my eyes. I’m cheering for you both. Nelson looks amazing! What style and personality. Great photo. Love to you both!

  2. Camille

    This picture is fantastic! I am so honored to have this man as my father… He is the kindest, funniest, strongest, and most determined man I will ever know. Keep fighting pops so we can see more of your outfits with the stylecrone!

  3. Pugger

    Nelson, you look incredible!
    Judith, your writing is a well-tuned instrument of your mind!
    Wow! Love you guys, including you Camille.

  4. Linda

    Nelson, Nelson, Nelson: WOW!!!!!

    linda, linda, linda

  5. Randy

    Hotsie Totsie! Bruce sends you a kiss!

  6. Suella

    Great looking guy who wears his illness very lightly in this photograph.

    The very best of luck to you and your family in these very trying times. Five and a half years is such a long time to struggle. I applaud your fortitude.

    Be gentle to yourselves and enjoy your special relationship.

    Being a style crone is a great way to keep your spirits up. I would imagine the medical facility appreciates your efforts as well.

  7. Joan Price

    I love your blog and your attitude. Both you and Nelson are amazing. I love this photo of him, and his way of inserting humor into a humorless situation. You two inspire me. Thank you also for commenting on my blog when you have so much going on in your own life.

    Joan Price

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